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Boat storage in Port Huron, MI

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Helpful reviews from renters in Port Huron, Michigan

21 x 10 Garage in Warren, Michigan

Verified Review

"she's the best host, the best attention, my stuff was always safe and in place, really recommended"

Alfonso M.

Warren, MI

Jun 13, 2022

40 x 20 Warehouse in Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan

Verified Review

"Rented the space for year and never had any issues. Was able to come and go as needed."

Joe's profile

Joe M.

Fort Gratiot Township, MI

May 29, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Orion Township, Michigan

Verified Review

"Brooke is such a nice person. Very accommodating !! She responds quickly and kept my car safe. Highly recommend renting from her"

Sandra A.

Orion Township, MI

Oct 15, 2022

60 x 80 Unpaved Lot in Richmond, Michigan

Verified Review

"Great to work with and plenty of space! Very accommodating. Would store with him again! "

Keaton W.

Richmond, MI

Jul 11, 2023

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Detroit, Michigan

Verified Review

"Great space to rent, my trailers were safe, never had a issue . The host Ebony is a sweet lady and always kept a line of communication open . "

James's profile

James B.

Detroit, MI

Jan 4, 2023

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in New Baltimore, Michigan

Verified Review

"I appreciate Jack and his services!"

Jason M.

New Baltimore, MI

Nov 10, 2022

40 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Chesterfield, Michigan

Verified Review

"Jack is an awesome host!!! Great communicator, super accomodating and a really nice guy. Highly recommend him!"

Elise H.

Chesterfield, MI

Nov 1, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Northville, Michigan

Verified Review

"Anish was a great person to rent storage from. Always friendly, available for me to access my boat almost always. His storage location is in a safe area also. Highly recommend."

John L.

Northville, MI

Aug 6, 2023

10 x 20 Garage in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Verified Review

"Easy to communicate with, very accomadating. Clean space. Very reliable and helpful. "

Jasleen A.

Rochester Hills, MI

Aug 7, 2022

25 x 15 Street Parking in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Verified Review

"very great host! thank you!"

Bana M.

Sterling Heights, MI

Jun 9, 2023

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Types of boat storage

When it comes to boat storage in Port Huron, Michigan, renters are spoilt for choice. The city's geographical location along the St. Clair River provides easy access to the water, and its abundance of residential properties offer diverse storage solutions. Whether you're looking for outdoor, covered, or indoor storage, Port Huron has you covered.

Storage options vary widely, including:

  • Boat yards: These open-air facilities can accommodate any size of watercraft, from speedboats to sailboats. Having your boat in a yard means it's ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice. Properties with large yards or acreages are most suitable for this type of storage.
  • Dry boat storage: This type of storage is often the cheapest option and can facilitate easy repairs and winterization. If you're looking to store your boat on a budget, consider residential properties with spacious garages or barns.
  • Self-storage: Looking for a secure spot to store your fishing boat or jet ski? Self-storage on a residential property – whether in a garage, basement, or dedicated storage shed – provides a safe and secure environment for your watercraft.
  • Wet storage: While not as common for residential properties, some homes in Port Huron do have private docks or slips along the St. Clair River. This sort of setup offers the ultimate convenience for boat owners, making it possible to go from the backyard to the open water in no time.

Each of these options has its unique benefits, so consider what type of storage would best serve your needs and the specific requirements of your boat. Whether you prioritize convenience, cost-savings, or the condition of your boat, Port Huron's vast variety of storage spaces can accommodate your needs.

Boat parked at pier

Choosing boat storage

Selecting the right boat storage in Port Huron, Michigan, centers around three primary factors: the dimensions of the storage space, its accessibility, and its location. The following points are key to consider when looking to store a speedboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or other watercraft.

  • Dimensions of the Storage Space: First, evaluate the size of your boat and calculate how much space will be needed for its safe and secure storage. Include additional space for the trailer, and remember to consider the height of the storage unit as well. Boats come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to measure accurately. Extra space may be desirable for storing equipment such as life jackets, fishing gear, or sails.
  • Accessibility to the Storage Space: Next, think about when and how often you will need to access the stored boat. It's not all about storage hours; consider the ease of accessing the storage space, too. Can you get to your boat easily and at the hours that work best for you? Is the storage space on the ground floor or will you need to navigate stairs or elevators?
  • Location of the Storage Space: Finally, consider the proximity of the storage space to your home or the water. A storage unit that is conveniently located can save valuable time during boating season. Also, take into account the safety of the area where the storage unit is located. You want to feel confident that your watercraft will be secure and ready for your next adventure on the beautiful waters around Port Huron.
Indoor boat storage in a garage

Climate considerations

Climate plays a vital role in determining the storage needs for watercraft in Port Huron, Michigan. The city experiences warm summers, with peak temperatures averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and cold winters, with average lows hitting about 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Speedboats, fishing boats, and other watercraft can withstand these fluctuations, but it's essential to take protective measures. Outdoor storage can work perfectly fine with the right preparation. During summer months, a sturdy, waterproof cover can shield your boat from heat and precipitation. This will prevent unnecessary wear and tear due to weather exposure.

In wintertime, however, simply covering a boat isn’t sufficient. Before storing it, one should winterize their vessel to protect the engine from freezing temperatures. Drain all water from the engine, replace fluids with antifreeze, and thoroughly clean and dry the interior to prevent mildew and mold.

For sailboats, similar precautions apply. However, due to the delicate nature of sails and rigging, it may be beneficial to dismantle and store these components separately. This reduces the risk of damage from harsh winter climates and prolongs the life of these vital parts.

Remember, every boat is unique. Take time to understand the specific care instructions for your boat, and it will be ready for the next season of water adventures in Port Huron.

Renting boat storage in Port Huron

Nestled on the bank of the St. Clair River, Port Huron, Michigan is an ideal location for boat storage. Known as the "Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes", Port Huron is a bustling harbor city, teeming with options for safe and secure boat storage. Its proximity to Lake Huron, one of the five Great Lakes, makes it a prime location for both experienced sailors and recreational boaters alike.

The city is full of residential storage spaces that cater to all kinds of watercraft - from speedboats to sailboats. In particular, the neighborhoods around Black River and Fort Gratiot Township are known for their residential storage options. Even nearby cities like Marysville offer ample storage facilities for boats.

Boat owners who have rented storage spaces in Port Huron have often praised the experience. One tenant called attention to the host's vigilance, commending, "A watchful eye on our boat." Another mentioned the spaciousness of the storage area, saying, "Plenty of room to back the boat into its spot." This assurance of security and ample space for maneuvering have been synonymous with renting boat storage in Port Huron.

Moreover, hosts in Port Huron have repeatedly been praised for being flexible and accommodating, as signaled by one reviewer's reference to "great communication." Another user appreciated the added security provided by the host and wrote, "Put my own lock on it." This level of personal care and attention has made the storage experience in Port Huron, Michigan truly rewarding for boat owners.

Boat Storage in Port Huron: FAQs

Boat storage prices in Port Huron are $81 on average per month.

The size of boat storage you need depends on the boat type. For example, Class 2 boats should have at least a 20 X 40 storage space, while Class A boats may fit in a 10 X 15 storage unit. Make sure to measure your boat's clearance if you rent indoor or covered boat storage.

You can find boat storage options all throughout Port Huron. Access the list view, use the map, or type in your zip code to locate convenient boat storage throughout your community.

Check out a few popular features for boat storage:

  • Access any time: Rent boat storage near Port Huron that has access 24/7, perfect for getting to your boat on your own time frame.
  • Security: Guarantee that your boat has the most secure storage possible with a listing that offers security such as a padlock, 24/7 surveillance, security cameras, or an access code.
  • Here's how to prepare your boat for long-term storage:

  • Perform any necessary maintenance.
  • If you go with dry vs. wet storage, disconnect the battery. If you go with wet boat storage, leave the battery on board and connected.
  • Flush the engine and store it vertically, if possible.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.
  • Spray vinyl with a protective spray.
  • To prevent tire damage for long-term boat trailer storage, put wood blocks under the wheels.
  • Use a vented boat cover or boat wrap, if you choose outdoor boat storage, which can often be found at your local boating store.

    Port Huron winter temps can get below 35, so you should winterize your boat. First, flush and drain the engine, and protect it from corrosion by adding lubricant. Drain the fuel lines or, if keeping gas in the tank, add a fuel stabilizer. Replace the engine filters and check belts, hoses, clamps, and the oil. Drain the coolant and use antifreeze. Clean and wipe down the exterior and interior of the boat to remove moisture. Finally, plug exhaust outlets to prevent rodents from entering.

    Avoid storing a boat outside in the winter. Port Huron's high humidity in the winter can increase the opportunities of mold and mildew developing in your boat. If you need to rent outdoor boat storage, use a vented boat cover. Climate-controlled boat storage offers the most protection against high humidity.

    Yes, you should have insurance. Check your renter's or homeowner's insurance policy to confirm that it covers potential theft or damage while your boat is in storage.

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    While traditional storage options are commonly available in Port Huron, Michigan, Neighbor.com usually has the least expensive, safest, and closest boat storage.

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