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Helpful reviews from renters in Summerdale, Alabama

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Verified Review

"As advertised. Great area to park your vehicle or trailer. Easily accessible and extremely convenient location in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The bike path was a bonus from the location which was marvelous. Most importantly it is a very safe area to store any vehicle or trailer without worry. 10 Stars for this location!!!"

Armando M.

Gulf Shores, AL

Nov 4, 2022

30 x 10 Driveway in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"This looked like a very secure site for our camper trailer, and host was very communicative and responsive and friendly. Would gladly use this space should we need it in the future!"

Russell C.

Pensacola, FL

Jul 8, 2021

25 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Milton, Florida

Verified Review

"Richard was a great host & the storage area was huge & easy to get in & out of. Only reason I’m leaving is I sold my boat. "

Rick G.

Milton, FL

Oct 29, 2022

25 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Melvin was great! He had a very safe space. I would not have a problem using him again. "

Brenden D.

Pensacola, FL

Aug 27, 2022

30 x 10 Parking Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Excellent space to rent convenient and safe."

Stacey S.

Pensacola, FL

Dec 30, 2022

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Summerdale, Alabama

Verified Review

"Awesome to work with! "

Sandra M.

Summerdale, AL

Aug 19, 2022

50 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Foley, Alabama

Verified Review

"great host. great communication "

Melissa H.

Foley, AL

Feb 2, 2023

40 x 12 Parking Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"They were a great host."

Craig E.

Pensacola, FL

Feb 20, 2023

40 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Excellent host! Always attentive to any of our requests & needs!"

Casey T.

Pensacola, FL

Jun 27, 2023

20 x 20 Parking Lot in Pensacola, Florida

Verified Review

"Responsive, as advertised. Happy with the rental space."

Ashley H.

Pensacola, FL

Jul 17, 2022

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Types of boat storage

Renting outdoor storage for your boat in Summerdale, Alabama, can offer convenience and protection for your watercraft without the higher costs commonly associated with indoor or covered storage. This sunny town in the Heart of Dixie experiences mild winters, making outdoor storage an ideal choice. Additionally, the local community's strong boating culture encourages a wealth of options for outdoor storage solutions.

Below is a list of various types of boat storage options:

  • Self Storage: This category provides flexibility as you can access your boat at your convenience. Homeowners with spacious properties often rent out their unused areas which can include driveways, backyards, or open fields. With self storage, you can perform regular maintenance checks or quick visits without any hassle.
  • Boat Yards: Boat yards are outdoor storage facilities specifically designed for storing boats. They typically offer ample space, making it a good choice for larger vessels such as sailboats or fishing boats. Boat yards in Summerdale are typically located near water bodies, cutting down travel time when you decide to sail.
  • Dry Stack Storage: If you own a smaller watercraft, dry stack storage could be a great option. Here, boats are stored in a rack system, keeping them off the ground and protected from floods or heavy rainfall. These systems can often be found in commercial properties with larger vertical space.
  • Wet Storage: Ideal for speedboats and other small watercraft, wet storage keeps your boat in the water at a dock or marina. This allows for immediate access to the water whenever you feel like cruising the Alabama waterways. Some residential properties near the coast or riverbanks may have private docks that can be rented out.

Remember, each storage option comes with its own unique benefits. Consider your boating habits, the size and type of your vessel, and your personal preferences when selecting the ideal storage type for your watercraft in Summerdale, Alabama.

Pulling boat out of water onto trailer

Choosing outdoor boat storage

Selecting the right outdoor boat storage location for you in Summerdale, Alabama, can be straightforward and stress-free when you consider these key factors. Check out the essential aspects to assess before securing a spot for your treasured vessel.

  • Dimensions of the Space: Consider not only the size of your boat but also the trailer that it sits on. It's essential to ensure that the area you choose can comfortably accommodate both, including any additional space needed for maneuvering and access. In addition, you might want to think about any extra marine gear, such as life jackets, trolling motors, or fishing equipment that you might want to store with your watercraft.
  • Accessibility & Hours: It’s not just about where you store your boat, but also how easy it is to access it. To get the most out of the sailing season, consider a location that offers flexible access hours, ideally at times that suit your schedule. Also, look for a storage site that is easy to access with your vehicle, making launching and retrieving your boat a breeze.
  • Location & Safety: Proximity to your home or your preferred boating spot can greatly influence your choice of storage location. Ideally, you would want a location that reduces the time and cost of transporting your boat. Safety is another critical factor. Look for residential storage spaces in neighborhoods with a good reputation for security. A well-lit, secure area can help ensure peace of mind that your boat is safe when not in use.
Available boat parking on driveway

Climate considerations

Weather in Summerdale, Alabama, can greatly impact the condition of your watercraft during storage. This town experiences a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters.

In the peak of summer, temperatures can soar up to an average high of 91°F. Such heat can cause damage to your boat's exterior. It's crucial to invest in a high-quality, UV-resistant cover to protect your boat's surfaces from fading and cracking.

In contrast, the winter temperatures in Summerdale average around 39°F in the coldest months. Although this is not freezing, it's still essential to winterize your watercraft as it can experience damage from moisture and the occasional frost. Draining fuel and water systems, adding antifreeze, and taking care of your battery are simple steps that can be taken to effectively winterize your boat.

Renting outdoor boat storage in Summerdale

Summerdale, Alabama is a charming town nestled in Baldwin County. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, it's a haven for boating enthusiasts with close proximity to the Gulf Coast's serene waters. The nearby Fish River provides a perfect spot for fishing, while the scenic Gulf Shores houses numerous marinas for sailboats and speedboats alike.

There's likely no shortage of residential boat storage opportunities near these local landmarks. Emphasize the convenience of renting in a city surrounded by such boating hotspots.

Finally, consider the ease of access to other prominent cities. Summerdale's strategic location in close proximity to Foley, and the bustling city of Mobile, means you'll have plenty of options when looking for the perfect storage spot.

Let's take a moment to hear from some satisfied boaters who've successfully rented spaces in Summerdale. One user noted the "nice neighborhood" and how they "felt secure leaving my boat" there. This sentiment is echoed by another satisfied boater who praised the "excellent area" and found it "very easy to get in and out with my boat".

A different boater highlighted the supportive and accommodating nature of their host, saying they were "always willing to help me with anything and everything." Indeed, many users speak highly of their hosts with phrases like "super knowledgeable", and "great guy" being used to describe them.

The final endorsement comes from a boater who said the "space was perfect for what we needed." The satisfaction and trust that these boaters have found in their Summerdale storage rentals speaks volumes about the quality and convenience of the service.

FAQs About boat storage in Summerdale, Alabama

The cost of boat storage in Summerdale, Alabama, is influenced by factors such as the size of the storage unit, location, length of rental, and additional amenities or services provided at the storage facility.

To determine the right boat storage size in Summerdale, Alabama, you should measure the dimensions of your boat, including its length, width, and height. Ensure that the storage unit size accommodates these dimensions, along with some extra space for ease of movement and storage of other items, if necessary.

To prepare your boat for long-term storage in Summerdale, Alabama, you should clean the boat's interior and exterior, ensure that the engine is properly winterized, disconnect and remove the battery, cover the boat securely, and choose a suitable storage facility, ideally one that offers climate-controlled units to protect against humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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Even though traditional storage facilities are offered in Summerdale, Alabama, Neighbor.com typically features the most affordable, more secure, and nearest outdoor boat storage.

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Summerdale, AL

Claymark Self Storage 48 (1.1 miles)

18701 County Road 48 South

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Southern Storage of Robertsdale - Climate Controlled (2.6 miles)

18265 State Highway 104

Robertsdale, AL

Robertsdale Mini Storage (2.9 miles)

22289 Pine St

Robertsdale, AL

U-Lock-It Mini Storage (3.8 miles)

16291 County Road 55

Summerdale, AL

Southern Storage of Foley (6.7 miles)

721 N McKenzie St

Foley, AL

Knockout Storage (8.4 miles)

19940 State Highway 181

Fairhope, AL

Stone Creek Self Storage (8.4 miles)

18880 State Highway 181

Fairhope, AL

CubeSmart Self Storage (8.7 miles)

9985 Gayfer Road Ext

Fairhope, AL

Highway 181 Mini Storage LLC (8.9 miles)

16925 AL-181

Fairhope, AL

County Road 64 Storage (10 miles)

10870 County Road 64

Daphne, AL

Hey! Storage-Daphne (14.7 miles)

6384 Bayfront Park Dr

Daphne, AL