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Climate Controlled Storage near Madison, Wisconsin

10 x 10 Bedroom in Middleton, Wisconsin
McLain's profileMcLain G.

10 × 10 Bedroom

$71 / month

Middleton, Wisconsin

5.7 miles

7 x 5 Closet in Madison, Wisconsin
Cheyenne's profileCheyenne P.

7 × 5 Closet

$20 • 1st month

Madison, Wisconsin

7 miles

10 x 10 Basement in Verona, Wisconsin
Jennifer's profileJennifer C.

10 × 10 Basement

$75 / month

Verona, Wisconsin

9.9 miles

15 x 20 Basement in Madison, Wisconsin
Abby's profileAbby J.

15 × 20 Basement

$60 • 1st month

Madison, Wisconsin

7.5 miles

15 x 20 Basement in Madison, Wisconsin
Theodore's profileTheodore B.

15 × 20 Basement

$175 / month

Madison, Wisconsin

5.5 miles

20 x 20 Basement in DeForest, Wisconsin
Kayla's profileKayla C.

20 × 20 Basement

$120 / month

DeForest, Wisconsin

11.9 miles

16 x 12 Basement in Columbus, Wisconsin
Hannah's profileHannah T.

16 × 12 Basement

$35 • 1st month

Columbus, Wisconsin

25.3 miles

12 x 6 Other in Rockford, Illinois
Charte's profileCharte W.

12 × 6 Other

$23 • 1st month

Rockford, Illinois

59.2 miles

10 x 10 Bedroom in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Kenneth's profileKenneth W.

10 × 10 Bedroom

$40 / month

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

30.1 miles

5 x 4 Self Storage Unit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Devon's profileDevon S.

5 × 4 Self Storage Unit

$15 • 1st month

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

66.5 miles

20 x 10 Garage in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Kenneth's profileKenneth W.

20 × 10 Garage

$60 / month

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

30.1 miles

10 x 10 Bedroom in Rockford, Illinois
Mark's profileMark W.

10 × 10 Bedroom

$56 / month

Rockford, Illinois

55.7 miles

10 x 10 Basement in Janesville, Wisconsin
Blake's profileBlake H.

10 × 10 Basement

$57 / month

Janesville, Wisconsin

32.5 miles

4 x 2 Closet in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Mark's profileMark P.

4 × 2 Closet

$11 / month

Waukesha, Wisconsin

58.1 miles

20 x 30 Other in Rockford, Illinois
Bradford's profileBradford H.

20 × 30 Other

$150 / month

Rockford, Illinois

57.5 miles

20 x 10 Garage in Cambridge, Wisconsin
Toni's profileToni S.

20 × 10 Garage

$139 / month

Cambridge, Wisconsin

18.7 miles

10 x 10 Basement in Rockford, Illinois
Jason's profileJason W.

10 × 10 Basement

$60 / month

Rockford, Illinois

59.7 miles

5 x 5 Self Storage Unit in Hartland, Wisconsin
Justin's profileJustin H.

5 × 5 Self Storage Unit

$49 / month

Hartland, Wisconsin

51.3 miles

16 x 12 Bedroom in Cherry Valley, Illinois
Ganeshkumar's profileGaneshkumar N.

16 × 12 Bedroom

$125 / month

Cherry Valley, Illinois

61.2 miles

14 x 14 Basement in Rockford, Illinois
Pascal's profilePascal P.

14 × 14 Basement

$250 / month

Rockford, Illinois

60.1 miles

10 x 10 Basement in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Kenneth's profileKenneth W.

10 × 10 Basement

$130 / month

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

30.1 miles

7 x 5 Self Storage Unit in Waukesha, Wisconsin
Armstrong Relocation's profileArmstrong Relocation L.

7 × 5 Self Storage Unit

$75 / month

Waukesha, Wisconsin

58.1 miles

10 x 10 Garage in Loves Park, Illinois
Kyle's profileKyle M.

10 × 10 Garage

$100 / month

Loves Park, Illinois

55.2 miles

30 x 30 Basement in Brodhead, Wisconsin
Derik's profileDerik H.

30 × 30 Basement

$50 • 1st month

Brodhead, Wisconsin

30 miles

31 x 25 Basement in Madison, Wisconsin
Kelly's profileKelly H.

31 × 25 Basement

$270 / month

Madison, Wisconsin

4.1 miles

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FAQs about climate controlled storage in Madison

On average a Neighbor climate controlled storage unit in Madison costs $83 per month.

15x15 spaces are the most frequently booked climate controlled storage type in Madison.

Based off ratings from real Neighbor customers, the best climate controlled storage providers in Madison were McLain G, Cheyenne P, and Jennifer C.

On a large screen, our map view can help you find climate controlled storage space just down the street.

Our comprehensive list of available Neighbor climate controlled storage spaces in Madison is a great place to start.

As a rule of thumb, a 5x5 will fit one piece of furniture or several boxes, a 5x10 will fit the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment, a 10x10 will fit the contents of a small home, a 10x15 will fit the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home, a 10x20 will fit the contents of a 4 bedroom home, and a 20x20 will fit a lot more.

Motorcycles and other small vehicles generally require a 5x10 storage space while most cars and trucks will fit within a 10x20. For larger trailers, RVs, and other vehicles you will likely need to pull out the measuring tape as they can require anywhere from 10x40 to 20x60 spaces.

We recommend climate controlled storage for most electronics, collectibles, personal items (books, clothing, and photos), and sensitive materials (glass, leather, and metal).

If you live in a dry climate, climate control isn't as much of a concern, though you should still consider temperature's effect on your items.

If you expect freezing temperatures during the period that you plan to store your vehicle, you should definitely consider winterizing your vehicle before storing to prevent unecessary harm to your vehicle.

Climate controlled storage near Madison, Wisconsin

Many types of sensitive items need to be stored in climate controlled storage units to avoid damage. Types of items may include art, wine, antiques, wood or fabric furniture, books, documents, electronics, media, medication, medical supplies, musical instruments, mattresses and more.

Protect your items by storing them in your Madison neighbor's climate controlled storage unit. Doing so will keep humidity and temperature variations from damaging your stored items. Climate controlled storage in Madison, Wisconsin could include bedrooms, basements, offices, heated garages or warehouses, or other storage spaces.

With Neighbor, you’ll find the cheapest, closest and safest climate controlled storage units!

Climate Controlled Storage Options

Neighbor offers a variety of climate controlled storage units near Madison to meet the needs of different customers. These units are designed to help protect your belongings from extreme temperatures, humidity, and other environmental factors that can cause damage over time.

Neighbor offers indoor climate controlled units. These units are located inside a residential or commercial space and are typically air-conditioned and heated to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level.

Another type of climate controlled storage units are exterior, drive-up access spaces. These options are accessible from the exterior of the building but are still climate controlled to protect your belongings, such as a warehouse or premium garage.

Overall, Neighbor offers a range of storage options with climate and humidity control to meet diverse storage needs.

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Alternative Climate Controlled Storage Options near Madison

Even though Neighbor.com climate controlled storage has the least expensive, more secure, and nearest climate controlled storage, traditional storage units could also be a potential option for climate controlled storage in Madison, WI.

Reference the list of climate controlled storage facilities for details:

Stock-N-Lock (2.9 miles)

251 N Fair Oaks Ave

Madison, WI

Extra Space Storage (3.4 miles)

2520 Ski Ln

Madison, WI

Monona Self Storage (4.1 miles)

6301 Copps Ave

Monona, WI

FreeUp Storage Madison (5.5 miles)

4019 Marsh Rd

Madison, WI

Discovery Storage (6.2 miles)

5237 Verona Rd

Fitchburg, WI

Mammoth Self Storage (6.4 miles)

5328 Verona Rd

Fitchburg, WI

Extra Space Storage (6.5 miles)

6817 Seybold Rd

Madison, WI

All-Store (8.5 miles)

6468 Lake Rd

Windsor, WI

Token Storage (8.9 miles)

3807 State Road 19

Sun Prairie, WI

Roxbury Self Storage (17.2 miles)

6904 Pape Rd

Sauk City, WI