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Helpful reviews from renters in Madison, Wisconsin

22 x 20 Garage in Middleton, Wisconsin

Verified Review

"Very responsive and good at communicating, you just need to give notice ."

Zane M.

Middleton, WI

Dec 6, 2021

50 x 25 Other in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Verified Review

"I stored a car there for the winter. Space was clean, dry and safe. Micah, the host, was responsive and provided a good location. I highly recommend him and his space."

John G.

New Berlin, WI

Apr 29, 2023

20 x 10 Other in Marengo, Illinois

Verified Review

"You would be very fortunate if all of your hosts were as kind and accommodating as Dan. The space was great for my needs, but just too far away. Strongly recommend Dan and the space."

Amanda's profile

Amanda M.

Marengo, IL

Sep 17, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Verified Review

"Great guy to do buisness with. Heated garage in a safe area. Would Highly recommend Anthony to anybody needing extra storage space!"

Jared T.

Crystal Lake, IL

Dec 8, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Lindenhurst, Illinois

Verified Review

"Great to work with. Clean, safe garage. "

Denise's profile

Denise R.

Lindenhurst, IL

Aug 31, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Rockford, Illinois

Verified Review

"Great host and very responsive."

Richard B.

Rockford, IL

Apr 30, 2023

24 x 10 Other in Marengo, Illinois

Verified Review

"Dan was a great communicator. We appreciate him!"

P L W.

Marengo, IL

Sep 19, 2023

34 x 12 Garage in Barrington, Illinois

Verified Review

"Thank you for renting your garage for my boat. If anyone is looking for a storage no other better place. Wont last long."

Dariusz S.

Barrington, IL

May 21, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Greenfield, Wisconsin

Verified Review

"Noel was a most gracious and accommodating host. The spot was weather protected and easily accessible. "

Muyi A.

Greenfield, WI

May 11, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Antioch, Illinois

Verified Review

"My honest was excellent."

Kathy S.

Antioch, IL

Aug 1, 2022

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Woman sitting next to storage boxes

Types of garages for rent

Madison, Wisconsin, with its bustling urban lifestyle and demanding climate, presents unique challenges for parking and storage. Opting for a garage rental can solve these issues, offering you convenient, protected space for your vehicle or belongings.

With numerous residential garages available for rent across Madison, you get the luxury of choosing a location that best fits your needs. Residential garages often come with the advantage of more privacy and the potential for easier access. Situated in tranquil, residential neighborhoods, these garages provide a low-traffic environment, ideal for storage security and peace of mind.

On the other hand, commercial parking garages are typically located in downtown Madison, near business centers and popular attractions. This can make them a more convenient option if you work downtown or regularly visit these areas. Commercial garages are built to accommodate multiple vehicles and are often equipped with features to ensure your vehicle's safety. They usually offer easy accessibility and higher traffic flow, making these garages a great choice for daily parking needs.

Whether you're considering a private residential garage or a commercial parking garage, both options present unique benefits that cater to the diverse storage and parking needs in Madison.

Garage filled with storage

Choosing the right garage

Choosing the right garage space for storage or parking in Madison, Wisconsin, requires careful consideration. The size, access, and location of the garage are key factors to take into account.

  • Location of the Garage: The location of the garage should conveniently suit your needs. If you live or work in downtown Madison, a central location might be beneficial. If you're in a suburban area, a garage closer to your home or place of work might be a better fit. Consider safety too. Look for well-lit areas and neighborhoods that feel secure.
  • Accessibility of the Garage: The hours of access to your rented garage space should match your schedule. Think about when you'll need to retrieve your items or use your vehicle. If you're a night owl, a garage that offers 24-hour access might be a top priority. Consider also the ease of access. If you're storing larger items or a vehicle, ensure the garage has a wide entrance and ample space for navigation.
  • Size of the Garage Space: Understanding the dimensions of your items or vehicle is critical in selecting the right garage size. Make sure the garage space is spacious enough for your belongings or vehicle to fit comfortably. You will also need room to move around and manage your items without causing any damage. Some garages may seem large enough at a glance, but remember to account for items such as side mirrors on a vehicle or the swing of opening a car door.
Garage doors

Climate considerations

In Madison, Wisconsin, considering the city's temperate and humid continental climate, renting a garage for storing a vehicle or other items can be an excellent choice. The city experiences warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters, making the protection offered by a garage particularly valuable.

In summer, the average high temperature is 82°F (28°C). Parking your vehicle or storing goods in a garage can protect them from potential damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight. In the winter, the average low temperature can go down to 13°F (-10°C). Storing in a garage can also safeguard your belongings from freezing temperatures and snow.

While garages may not usually offer climate control, they provide a stable, temperature-moderated environment relative to the outdoors. In some cases, commercial garages or select residential ones might provide climate-controlled spaces.

When storing items, it's essential to take certain precautions. Make sure the items are clean and dry before storage. For vehicles, it's recommended to keep the fuel tank full to prevent condensation and to disconnect the battery to prevent drainage.

Renting garages in Madison

Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin! Home to renowned landmarks like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Wisconsin State Capitol, and the sprawling University Hospital and Clinics. With these prominent establishments drawing large numbers of visitors, the city's need for convenient and secure parking and storage spaces is ever-growing.

You're likely to find suitable parking or storage options scattered across the city's popular neighborhoods. Take the isthmus area, for instance, where the city's downtown is situated, or the near-west side, known for its quiet residential neighborhoods. And don't forget about the vibrant and bustling east side that's home to the city's hippest breweries and eateries.

Turning your attention to the user experiences can help illustrate the advantages of renting a garage in Madison. Drawing from a plethora of positive reviews, you can expect "excellent spaces" in "quiet neighborhoods" that offer "easy access". Madison hosts are frequently praised as "awesome to work with", providing "clean" garages where renters have "access whenever" they want.

Emphasizing the capacity for a variety of storage needs, one user raved about a "very large space" that was "perfect for my needs". Not just limited to cars, garages in Madison have also accommodated larger items like boats during the winter season. Complete with the assurance that their possessions were always "safe, secure, clean, and protected", users have been more than satisfied with their experience in Madison.

FAQs About garages in Madison, Wisconsin

The price of garages in Madison can be affected by various factors, including the garage's size, location, and available features such as security measures and accessibility.

The size of the garage you need depends on the amount of space you require for your vehicle, storage, and any additional workspace. Consider the dimensions of your vehicle, as well as any tools or equipment you may need to store.

To prepare your vehicle for long-term storage in a Madison garage, clean it inside and out, ensure it is properly maintained, fill the gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer, check the tire pressure, disconnect the battery, and cover the vehicle with a protective cover.

Alternative Drive-up Storage Options near Madison

Madison offers many different traditional storage facilities for drive-up storage. Traditional self storage units, however, are usually pricier, less secure, and more removed than storage on Neighbor.

If you'd like information about self storage facilities in Madison, reference the below facilities for more details:

Extra Space Storage (2.8 miles)

2712 Ski Ln

Madison, WI

Freeport Storage (4 miles)

1903 Freeport Rd

Madison, WI

Stock-N-Lock (4.2 miles)

251 N Fair Oaks Ave

Madison, WI

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Warner Park (4.4 miles)

2701 Packers Ave

Madison, WI

Red Dot Storage (4.9 miles)

5258 Anton Dr

Fitchburg, WI

Mammoth Self Storage (5.1 miles)

5328 Verona Rd

Fitchburg, WI

Store More Storage (5.8 miles)

4800 Terminal Dr

Mcfarland, WI

RDL, LLC Self Storage (9.2 miles)

408 S Nine Mound Rd

Verona, WI

A+ Storage - Sun Prairie (11.7 miles)

691 Commercial Ave

Sun Prairie, WI

A+ Storage (12.3 miles)

580 Park St

Sun Prairie, WI

Roxbury Self Storage (16.7 miles)

6904 Pape Rd

Sauk City, WI

Valley View Stor-All (18.2 miles)

918 S Blue Mounds St

Mt Horeb, WI