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3551 Bessemer Super Hwy, Bessemer, AL 35020

(205) 425-5599

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    9:30 am - 6:00 pm

  • Tuesday

    9:30 am - 6:00 pm

  • Wednesday

    9:30 am - 6:00 pm

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    9:30 am - 6:00 pm

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    9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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About Life Storage

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Facility Overview

Life Storage in Bessemer can be found along the Bessemer Super Highway, a central location in Bessemer, Alabama. The facility provides a significant convenience for those living or working in the vicinity of Bessemer. Notably, it serves residents from nearby cities such as Hueytown, Pleasant Grove, and Brighton. Traveling to and from the premises is straightforward, thanks to its strategic placement along a major roadway.

The amenities at the Life Storage facility are designed to meet a variety of users' needs. With numerous unit sizes available, it caters to anyone looking for extra space, from students to homeowners to businesses. Additional features, such as climate-controlled units and vehicle storage options, are provided to ensure the optimal preservation and security of stored items.

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Units available at nearby locations

5'×5' and up

starting at $23

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10'×10' and up

starting at $38

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10'×20' and up

starting at $75

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Recommended storage units near Bessemer

20 x 10 Garage in Hueytown, Alabama

20×10 Garage


Hueytown, Alabama

6.2 miles

Christopher's profile

Christopher W.

Verified Host

18 x 12 Other in Birmingham, Alabama

18×12 Other

Birmingham, Alabama

3.4 miles

Albert's profile

Albert B.

Verified Host

10 x 10 Bedroom in Bessemer, Alabama

10×10 Bedroom

Bessemer, Alabama

1.2 miles

Shayla's profile

Shayla M.

Verified Host

13 x 9 Bedroom in Birmingham, Alabama

13×9 Bedroom

Birmingham, Alabama

2.7 miles

James's profile

James M.

Verified Host

10 x 15 Basement in Birmingham, Alabama

10×15 Basement

Birmingham, Alabama

5.9 miles

Teka's profile

Teka T.

Verified Host

13 x 9 Bedroom in Birmingham, Alabama

13×9 Bedroom

Birmingham, Alabama

2.7 miles

James's profile

James M.

Verified Host

7 x 15 Basement in Birmingham, Alabama

7×15 Basement

Birmingham, Alabama

5.8 miles

Teka's profile

Teka T.

Verified Host

9 x 8 Bedroom in Birmingham, Alabama

9×8 Bedroom

Birmingham, Alabama

10.8 miles

Malik's profile

Malik J.

Verified Host

12 x 10 Shed in Birmingham, Alabama

12×10 Shed

Birmingham, Alabama

9.8 miles

Megan's profile

Megan J.

Verified Host

10 x 6 Other in Birmingham, Alabama

10×6 Other

Birmingham, Alabama

10.5 miles

Jake's profile

Jake W.

Verified Host

10 x 10 Shed in Birmingham, Alabama

10×10 Shed

Birmingham, Alabama

6.1 miles

Anastasia's profile

Anastasia M.

Verified Host

10 x 8 Shed in Birmingham, Alabama

10×8 Shed

Birmingham, Alabama

11.4 miles

Michaela's profile

Michaela B.

Verified Host

40 x 8 Shipping Container in Mount Olive, Alabama

40×8 Shipping Container

Mount Olive, Alabama

18.6 miles

Jimmy's profile

Jimmy A.

Verified Host

7 x 14 Self Storage Unit in Center Point, Alabama

7×14 Self Storage Unit

Center Point, Alabama

21 miles

Harold's profile

Harold F.

Verified Host

10 x 10 Closet in Birmingham, Alabama

10×10 Closet

Birmingham, Alabama

16.2 miles

Josh's profile

Josh R.

Verified Host

6 x 8 Shed in Gardendale, Alabama

6×8 Shed

Gardendale, Alabama

16.5 miles

Angela's profile

Angela S.

Verified Host

25 x 10 Garage in Birmingham, Alabama

25×10 Garage


Birmingham, Alabama

22.1 miles

Donovan's profile

Donovan W.

Verified Host

3 x 3 Self Storage Unit in Hoover, Alabama

3×3 Self Storage Unit

Hoover, Alabama

8.3 miles

Miya's profile

Miya W.

Verified Host

20 x 24 Garage in Huntsville, Alabama

20×24 Garage

Huntsville, Alabama

96.4 miles

Christina's profile

Christina R.

Verified Host

20 x 10 Garage in Birmingham, Alabama

20×10 Garage

Birmingham, Alabama

16.2 miles

Donna's profile

Donna C.

Verified Host

15 x 15 Bedroom in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

15×15 Bedroom

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

36.9 miles

Stephen's profile

Stephen E.

Verified Host

24 x 24 Garage in Calera, Alabama

24×24 Garage

Calera, Alabama

24.3 miles

Quanecia's profile

Quanecia R.

Verified Host

30 x 20 Warehouse in Anniston, Alabama

30×20 Warehouse

Anniston, Alabama

66.1 miles

Russell's profile

Russell D.

Verified Host

8 x 12 Shed in Wetumpka, Alabama

8×12 Shed

Wetumpka, Alabama

72.2 miles

Darian's profile

Darian M.

Verified Host

12 x 12 Shipping Container in Morris, Alabama

12×12 Shipping Container

Morris, Alabama

25.6 miles

Brittany's profile

Brittany W.

Verified Host

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