South Holland Rentals in Holland, MI

4298 Blue Star Hwy, Holland, MI 49423

(616) 340-0398

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    8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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    8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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    8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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    8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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South Holland Rentals

Holland, MI








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About South Holland Rentals

Amenities & Features


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Available Sizes

  • 10x10

Facility Overview

South Holland Rentals is a storage facility located in Holland, Michigan along the busy Blue Star Hwy. The facility is conveniently situated and easily accessible from several prominent neighborhoods and nearby cities. Residents of surrounding areas, such as Saugatuck to the north, Zeeland to the east, and Hudsonville to the southeast, will find the proximity of this facility to their homes to be a useful resource for their storage needs.

The South Holland Rentals storage facility offers a variety of amenities that cater to the needs of their clientele. While details about specific offerings may vary, important factors to consider when selecting a storage facility typically include availability of unit sizes, security measures, and climate-controlled options. By identifying these features and comparing them to individual needs, prospective renters can make an informed decision regarding which facility is best suited for them.

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10 x 6 Basement in Holland, Michigan

10×6 Basement

Holland, Michigan

4 miles

Naresh's profile

Naresh T.

Verified Host

16 x 10 Basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan

16×10 Basement

Grand Rapids, Michigan

24.4 miles

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10 x 7 Shed in Grand Rapids, Michigan

10×7 Shed


Grand Rapids, Michigan

27.4 miles

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22 x 22 Garage in South Bend, Indiana

22×22 Garage


South Bend, Indiana

73.4 miles

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6 x 8 Basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan

6×8 Basement


Grand Rapids, Michigan

29.3 miles

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5 x 5 Attic in South Bend, Indiana

5×5 Attic

South Bend, Indiana

71.4 miles

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15 x 20 Basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan

15×20 Basement

Grand Rapids, Michigan

27.7 miles

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20 x 10 Warehouse in Zion, Illinois

20×10 Warehouse


Zion, Illinois

92.4 miles

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28 x 24 Garage in Webberville, Michigan

28×24 Garage


Webberville, Michigan

97.2 miles

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20 x 10 Garage in Holt, Michigan

20×10 Garage

Holt, Michigan

80.7 miles

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15 x 15 Attic in Lincolnwood, Illinois

15×15 Attic

Lincolnwood, Illinois

96.5 miles

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20 x 10 Garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

20×10 Garage

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

97.1 miles

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11 x 7 Basement in Mishawaka, Indiana

11×7 Basement


Mishawaka, Indiana

74.3 miles

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23 x 20 Garage in Chicago, Illinois

23×20 Garage


Chicago, Illinois

98 miles

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20 x 12 Garage in Morton Grove, Illinois

20×12 Garage


Morton Grove, Illinois

97 miles

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14 x 15 Basement in Grand Rapids, Michigan

14×15 Basement

Grand Rapids, Michigan

28.6 miles

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15 x 10 Attic in Chicago, Illinois

15×10 Attic


Chicago, Illinois

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20 x 15 Garage in Zion, Illinois

20×15 Garage


Zion, Illinois

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10 x 10 Basement in La Porte, Indiana

10×10 Basement

La Porte, Indiana

81 miles

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20 x 15 Garage in Lansing, Michigan

20×15 Garage


Lansing, Michigan

80.1 miles

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20 x 20 Garage in Chicago, Illinois

20×20 Garage

Chicago, Illinois

93.8 miles

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8 x 8 Closet in Lansing, Michigan

8×8 Closet

Lansing, Michigan

77 miles

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8 x 12 Basement in Ionia, Michigan

8×12 Basement

Ionia, Michigan

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13 x 28 Basement in Chicago, Illinois

13×28 Basement

Chicago, Illinois

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20 x 10 Garage in Elkhart, Indiana

20×10 Garage

Elkhart, Indiana

73.6 miles

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