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Garages for rent in Clovis, CA

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Helpful reviews from renters in Clovis, California

20 x 10 Garage in Clovis, California

Verified Review

"I stored my car in the garage. The space was protected and in a safe area. The host was friendly. I got a job out of state and was staying in a hotel. The host offered to give me a ride back to my hotel after I stored my car in his garage so I would not have to pay additional money for a Lyft. "

Jerome's profile

Jerome M.

Clovis, CA

Jan 29, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Clovis, California

Verified Review

"She is a great person with great persona"

Harjot S.

Clovis, CA

Aug 10, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Clovis, California

Verified Review

"Great to work with work around my crazy work schedule "

Joseph C.

Clovis, CA

Oct 28, 2021

21 x 18 Garage in Visalia, California

Verified Review

"Really excelent host!!!! I contact him from.out of US and he help me a lot to move my truck to his garage. Thanks Tommy nice to meet you!!!"


Visalia, CA

Jul 19, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Fresno, California

Verified Review

"Jerome was were helpful and welcolming."

Nathan W.

Fresno, CA

Jul 8, 2021

20 x 18 Garage in Merced, California

Verified Review

"Excellent host and space!"

Arthur's profile

Arthur K.

Merced, CA

Aug 29, 2023

20 x 24 Garage in Turlock, California

Verified Review

"Alex was an amazing host. very kind and easy to work with. if I were ever in need I would definitely use his facility again."

Tammy's profile

Tammy R.

Turlock, CA

Feb 1, 2023

20 x 24 Garage in Turlock, California

Verified Review

"They were nice to work with and easy to coordinate for people to come by and pick up sold items. Would highly recommend the place as a secure place for storage. Had a my vehicle but then removed to get it fix and back on the road."

Joel's profile

Joel L.

Turlock, CA

Nov 15, 2021

20 x 20 Garage in Modesto, California

Verified Review

"awesome people"

David M.

Modesto, CA

Jun 21, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Hollister, California

Verified Review

"Emily and her husband are really nice, I highly recommend this place, they take care my Sons car for several months really well, thanks guys."

Agustin Z.

Hollister, CA

Jun 27, 2023

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Types of garages for rent

Looking for parking or storage in Clovis, California? Renting a garage can be an efficient solution, offering you not only convenience but also peace of mind knowing your vehicle or personal items are secure.

Private residential garages are a popular choice for renters seeking a secure, easily accessible space. These garages, tucked away in Clovis neighborhoods, provide a homely, comfortable environment for your storage needs. It's like giving your vehicle or valuables a home away from home. They also provide the benefit of being integrated into residential areas, keeping your items closer to where you live or work.

On the other hand, commercial parking garages offer a different set of benefits. Typically located in central business districts or popular areas, these garages make it easy to access your vehicle or stored items amidst the hustle and bustle of Clovis's city life. These garages are often larger, offering more space for those with larger storage needs, and are maintained by businesses, ensuring a consistent level of cleanliness and security.

Choosing between a residential or commercial garage will come down to your individual needs, but no matter your choice, you’ll find garages in Clovis can provide an ideal solution for your parking or storage needs.

Garage filled with storage

Choosing the right garage

Choosing the right garage for parking or storage in Clovis, California requires a blend of thoughtfulness and practicality. You'll need to think about the size, access, and location of your prospective garage rental:

  • Location Considerations: Weigh the convenience factor against safety. How close is the space to your home or office? Clovis, California has a diverse array of neighborhoods, so selecting a garage in a safe, accessible area that is conveniently located can make all the difference.
  • Size of the Garage Space: Ensure the garage rental can comfortably accommodate your vehicle or stored items. The dimensions should not only fit your needs but also allow for safe and easy movements within the space.
  • Accessibility and Hours: Do you need to access your items or vehicle during specific hours? An ideal garage rental should provide you with convenient access, be it early mornings or late evenings. Be sure to understand the accessibility guidelines of the garage you're considering.
Garage doors

Climate considerations

In the heart of California's Central Valley, Clovis is characterized by a semi-arid climate. The city experiences hot, dry summers, with average high temperatures soaring to around 97 degrees Fahrenheit in peak summer months. Alternatively, winters in Clovis can drop to an average low of around 38 degrees Fahrenheit during the peak winter season.

Given this, storing items or vehicles in an outdoor space in Clovis can expose them to extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Such extremes can accelerate wear and tear, especially on vehicles, potentially shortening their lifespan.

By renting a garage for storage or parking, your possessions are shielded from the elements, reducing the risk of weather-related damage. While most private garages aren't climate controlled, they provide adequate protection against the intense summer heat and cold winter conditions.

For those with especially sensitive items, some commercial garages and a few residential garages offer climate control. This can be a valuable feature, maintaining a consistent temperature and minimizing the risk of heat or cold induced damage.

Remember, how you store your items also makes a difference. Vehicles should be stored without the parking brake engaged to prevent brake corrosion. Items prone to moisture damage can be packaged with desiccants to absorb any residual moisture.

In summary, considering Clovis's climate, renting a garage provides significant protection for your items or vehicles against extreme temperatures and weather-related damage. It's not simply about a place to keep your possessions, but about extending their lifespan and maintaining their condition.

Renting garages in Clovis

Clovis, California is a city that exudes charm and vibrancy. Known for its rich history, Clovis is situated in the heart of California's Central Valley and is a hub for a variety of significant landmarks. For instance, it's close to California State University, Fresno, a major academic and cultural hub, providing ample opportunities for garage rentals in and around the university vicinity.

The city also boasts significant commercial establishments that include corporate headquarters and large hospitals like Clovis Community Medical Center. These areas yield ample opportunities for convenient garage rentals, providing easy access to these major landmarks. Furthermore, renting a garage near these establishments provides a high level of convenience for those who work or study there.

Clovis is also surrounded by numerous well-known neighborhoods like Tarpey Village and Sierra Sky Park. These areas offer an array of residential and commercial garages that cater to various needs - be it for parking or storage.

Based on experiences shared by previous renters, Clovis offers a seamless, positive rental experience. One stated, "Excellent space. Quiet neighborhood. Easy access." This speaks volume about the convenience and peace the city offers. Another renter praised the cleanliness of the space, stating, "The garage space is so clean."

Safety and security are also highly regarded here in Clovis. A renter shared, "It was always safe, secure, clean, and protected." This underlines the city’s commitment to ensuring your valuables, be it a vehicle or other items, are kept in a secure environment.

Customer service in Clovis is also top-notch. Phrases like "The host was awesome," and "I highly recommend this host’s garage," are common, reflecting how renters value their interactions with property owners.

FAQs About garages in Clovis, California

Various factors affect garage pricing in Clovis, including location, size, and additional features, such as climate control or added security measures. Garages located near popular landmarks or in high-demand areas tend to be more expensive.

The size of the garage you need will depend on the size of your vehicle and your storage requirements. To choose the right size, measure your vehicle's dimensions and consider any additional storage items you may have, such as tools or equipment.

To prepare your vehicle for long-term storage in a Clovis garage, be sure to clean and wax the exterior, inflate the tires to the recommended pressure, change the oil, fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer, and disconnect the battery. This will help prevent damage and ensure your vehicle is in good condition when you return.

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Despite the fact that storage facilities are common in Clovis, California, Neighbor storage often has lower-priced, close by and secure drive-up storage.

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