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Helpful reviews from renters in Santa Ana, California

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Costa Mesa, California

Verified Review

"Simple, safe, and I really appreciated the covered parking space."

Sean D.

Costa Mesa, CA

Sep 18, 2022

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Costa Mesa, California

Verified Review

"Good covered parking space. Used for 2 months while moving. Recommended."

Danny N.

Costa Mesa, CA

Oct 25, 2022

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Fullerton, California

Verified Review

"Nicole is very easy to work with, fast response, and great parking space."

Steven I.

Fullerton, CA

Aug 30, 2023

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Fullerton, California

Verified Review

"Nicole is very easy to work with, fast response, and great parking space"

Steven I.

Fullerton, CA

Aug 30, 2023

22 x 21 Garage in Irvine, California

Verified Review

"Olin was super easy to communicate with. Garage space was secure and clean. 100% would use again. "

Jerry W.

Irvine, CA

Aug 23, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Irvine, California

Verified Review

"Awesome person and greatest garage ever"

David E.

Irvine, CA

Jan 28, 2023

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Pasadena, California

Verified Review

"Nice parking garage, safe and well lit."

Joan C.

Pasadena, CA

Nov 12, 2022

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Fullerton, California

Verified Review

"I was very pleased with the covered parking place and the service that I received from Paul. He was professional, responsive and friendly. He will be the first on my list to check if I ever need to rent a parking space in future. Thank you Paul. Thank you Neighbor. "

Shoja A.

Fullerton, CA

Aug 14, 2023

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Pasadena, California

Verified Review

"Tami was super helpful throughout my stay, parking garage was secure. "

Sean M.

Pasadena, CA

Apr 8, 2023

20 x 10 Parking Garage in Long Beach, California

Verified Review

"Secure parking, quick at communicating, no issues!"

Bekah P.

Long Beach, CA

Mar 25, 2023

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Types of garages for rent

Renting a garage in Santa Ana, California offers numerous benefits. This can range from securing a safe spot for your vehicle, to having extra storage space for your possessions. The convenience and accessibility of these rental spaces are hard to beat.

There are two main types of garage spaces available: residential and commercial. Residential garages, typically part of private homes, offer a secure, quiet space. These garages often provide a sense of comfort and privacy. In a bustling city like Santa Ana, this can be a great way to assure your belongings or vehicle are stored away from busy public areas.

Commercial parking garages, on the other hand, are typically larger, accommodating more vehicles or storage items. These facilities are usually located in close proximity to local businesses and attractions. This makes commercial garages a practical option if you're often in the city center. Plus, their position often means easy access to major roads and highways within Santa Ana, adding to the convenience factor.

Remember, Santa Ana has its own unique charm. The city's vibrant neighborhoods, scenic attractions, and bustling business centers make it a wonderful place to live, work or visit. And whether you choose a residential or commercial garage, both options offer a convenient, secure solution for your parking and storage needs.

Garage filled with storage

Choosing the right garage

Finding the right garage space to rent in Santa Ana, California, whether residential or commercial, requires careful consideration of a few key factors. Here are the primary elements you need to bear in mind during your search:

  • Evaluating Garage Space Dimensions: Remember to measure the items or vehicle you plan to store. The garage should be spacious enough to accommodate your needs, be it a car, truck, boat, or personal belongings. It's important that there's enough room for you to move around easily and safely without risking damage.
  • Accessibility of the Garage: Not all garages have the same access hours. Make sure that the space you choose provides access at times that work with your schedule. Also, consider how easy it is to get in and out of the garage with your stored items or vehicle.
  • Location Matters: Choosing a garage in a safe and convenient location is crucial. Consider its proximity to your home or workplace. Safety of the neighborhood and ease of commuting should be kept in mind as you browse different options.

By taking into account these key factors - size, access, and location, you can find a garage rental that suits your specific needs in Santa Ana, California.

Garage doors

Climate considerations

When seeking a garage for storage or parking in Santa Ana, California, it's important to consider the city's unique weather conditions. Santa Ana hosts a warm, semi-arid climate, with summer temperatures reaching an average high of 83.9°F. To protect your vehicle from the harsh sun and keep its paint job in good condition, indoor parking can be beneficial.

Winters in Santa Ana are mild, with an average low temperature of 47.7°F. Humidity can also be a factor, averaging around 73% throughout the year. Dry storage in a garage can help prevent any moisture-related damage to your vehicle or other items.

Not all garages are climate-controlled, but for the majority of items and vehicles, the natural, dry conditions of Santa Ana are usually sufficient. Only very sensitive materials may require a temperature-controlled environment, which is occasionally offered in both commercial and some residential garages.

Remember, when storing in a garage, placing items in durable, sealable containers can add an extra layer of protection against dust and fluctuating temperatures.

Renting garages in Santa Ana

Santa Ana, California, is a vibrant city in Southern California. Known for its rich history, cultural diversity and dynamic city life, Santa Ana provides an ideal setting for parking and storage.

The city is home to a number of prominent landmarks, including Santa Ana College, Downtown Santa Ana, and the Santa Ana Zoo. These locations increase the demand for parking and storage in surrounding areas, making it an excellent choice for those considering renting a garage.

As for the accessibility of renting parking spaces, reviews from users are glowing. "Excellent space. Quiet neighborhood. Easy access" is a common sentiment. This highlights the convenience of renting in Santa Ana, renowned for its notable neighborhoods such as Floral Park and West Garden Grove.

Other users appreciate the cleanliness of the rented spaces. "Garage space is so clean," and "The garage was clean" are keywords that reflect the satisfaction of users with the hygiene and maintenance of the rented garages.

The personal approach of the hosts in Santa Ana is another commendable point. "The host was awesome," "The host is very polite," and "The host was VERY helpful" are some of the phrases reflecting the friendly and supportive nature of the hosts.

Indeed, parking and storage in Santa Ana come with the added benefit of a "very large space," which is perfect for different needs like storing a car, boat, or other items.

Finally, the feeling of security and safety is a crucial factor. "Always safe, secure, clean, and protected" is what a user felt when storing a boat in a rented garage.

To sum it up, Santa Ana, with its notable landmarks, friendly hosts, clean and spacious garages, and secure environment, offers a rewarding experience for those looking to rent a garage for parking or storage.

FAQs About garages in Santa Ana, California

The price of garages in Santa Ana can be affected by various factors, such as location, size, security features, and amenities offered. Proximity to popular landmarks and the length of the rental contract are also factors to consider when determining the cost.

To determine the suitable garage size for your needs in Santa Ana, consider factors such as the type of vehicle you own, the number of vehicles you will be storing, the amount of storage space you need for additional items, and whether you require extra space for working or other purposes.

To prepare your vehicle for long-term storage in a Santa Ana garage, perform routine maintenance such as an oil change and topping off fluids. In addition, clean and wax your vehicle, fill the gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer, and disconnect the battery. It's also a good idea to cover your vehicle with a protective cover and periodically check on it to ensure everything is in proper order.

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Alternative Drive-up Storage Options near Santa Ana

Santa Ana offers many different traditional self storage facilities for drive-up storage. Traditional self storage facilities, however, are often more expensive, less safe, and farther from home than Neighbor storage units.

See the list below for information:

A-1 Self Storage (2.4 miles)

2555 S Main St

Santa Ana, CA

CubeSmart Self Storage (2.6 miles)

2828 W 5th St

Santa Ana, CA

Extra Space Storage (2.6 miles)

280 N Sullivan St

Santa Ana, CA

Public Storage (4.5 miles)

2200 E McFadden Ave

Santa Ana, CA

Public Storage (5.2 miles)

17952 Gothard St

Huntington Beach, CA

Mini U Storage - Newport 1 (5.6 miles)

1177 Camelback St

Newport Beach, CA

CubeSmart Self Storage (6.3 miles)

681 S Tustin St

Orange, CA

Public Storage (6.5 miles)

601 N Main St

Orange, CA

Extra Space Storage (8.5 miles)

6401 Oak Cyn

Irvine, CA

Storage Etc. Anaheim (10.2 miles)

900 E Orangethorpe Ave

Anaheim, CA

CubeSmart Self Storage (15.9 miles)

20484 El Toro Rd

Mission Viejo, CA

Extra Space Storage (17 miles)

2101 E Carson St

Long Beach, CA