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Helpful reviews from renters in Orem, Utah

20 x 15 Garage in Orem, Utah

Verified Review

"Marissa was crazy easy to get along with and was always responsive when I needed her. I highly recommend their garage space!"

Spencer C.

Orem, UT

Jul 28, 2023

30 x 15 Garage in Orem, Utah

Verified Review

"The host Kenneth is awesome and the space is super clean, nice, and convenient. I would definitely rent the space out again. "

David C.

Orem, UT

Apr 24, 2023

20 x 9 Garage in Orem, Utah

Verified Review

"Sweet family and flexible! Great size space for all our apartment furnishing"

Aitana's profile

Aitana V.

Orem, UT

Sep 23, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Julia is awesome. I stored a very car in her garage for several months and it was so smooth. I highly recommend renting from her. The garage space is clean you can eat off it."

Chad C.

Provo, UT

Mar 21, 2022

21 x 20 Garage in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Verified Review

"Tyson was awesome to work with! The garage was clean, and I loved having access when I wanted! I highly recommend Tyson's garage. His wife and him truly care about making sure your things are safe."

Stacy O.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Sep 24, 2021

22 x 12 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"John was an Awesome host and this garage was perfect for my needs. Very large and definitely would use again. Thanks John"

Carlo S.

Provo, UT

May 25, 2022

38 x 19 Garage in West Jordan, Utah

Verified Review

"Excellent space. Quiet neighborhood. Easy access. Garage has power. Host very polite and respects your privacy."

Dave's profile

Dave W.

West Jordan, UT

Sep 17, 2018

20 x 10 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Owner is a helpful and lovely person. She delivered on every promise. It was a clean garage with plenty of space and she was readily available for us to drop off our vehicle and pick it up. Would definitely rent from her again if needed."

Leslie P.

Provo, UT

Jan 5, 2023

23 x 16 Garage in Alpine, Utah

Verified Review

"Our host was very accommodating and kind. They made the space available whenever we needed access by giving us a key. Being able to use the garage was an enormous help for our move to our new home and eliminated a lot of the stress that inevitably accompanies moving."

August's profile

August B.

Alpine, UT

Apr 2, 2020

21 x 10 Garage in Murray, Utah

Verified Review

"Great host and very tall garage!"

Todd's profile

Todd T.

Murray, UT

Sep 26, 2022

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Types of garages for rent

Are you searching for a secure place to park your vehicle or store your items in Orem, Utah? Discover the convenience and peace of mind that comes from renting a garage for storage or parking.

There are two main types of garage locations you can explore: private residential garages and commercial parking garages.

Private residential garages offer a unique mix of benefits. Typically located within quiet and safe neighborhoods of Orem, these garages offer a serene environment ideal for your storage or parking needs. You'll appreciate the reduced hustle and bustle compared to busier commercial areas, as well as the easy access from nearby residential streets.

On the other hand, commercial parking garages provide their own set of advantages. These facilities are often strategically located near commercial districts in Orem. This can be a real asset if you work or frequently visit these areas. Access to your vehicle or stored items can be just a short walk away, making it a time-saving solution for busy routines. Plus, these garages are designed with ease of access in mind, typically featuring larger spaces to accommodate a variety of vehicles and storage needs.

Choosing between a residential or a commercial garage boils down to your specific needs, whether it's proximity to your home, your workplace, or the tranquility of a residential neighborhood. In Orem, both options offer secure and convenient solutions for your parking and storage needs.

Garage filled with storage

Choosing the right garage

Looking for the perfect garage to rent for parking or storage in Orem, Utah? Here are some key factors to keep in mind while making your decision:

  • Examine the Location: The location of your garage can greatly affect your experience. Be sure to choose a location that is convenient for you, whether it's close to your home, work, or other frequented areas. Always check the safety of the neighborhood and ensure that the area is reasonably secure.
  • Assess the Garage Size: The size of the garage is a crucial factor to consider. Evaluate the space you'll need to store your belongings or park your vehicle. Remember to account for some extra space to comfortably move around or to add additional items in the future.
  • Look into Access Details: Not all garages have the same access rules. Some might have specific hours while others might offer 24/7 access. Select a garage that caters to your schedule and accessibility needs, ensuring you can retrieve or add to your belongings at your convenience.
Garage doors

Climate considerations

In Orem, Utah, considering the seasonal conditions is vital when planning to rent a garage for parking or storage. The city experiences an average high temperature of about 93°F in peak summer, and an average low of around 18°F in peak winter. Storing items or vehicles inside a garage can help protect them from these extreme temperatures.

During the hot summers, a garage can provide a cooler environment for your vehicle or items, helping to prevent potential heat damage. Similarly, in the brutal winter months, a garage provides a sheltered space, keeping your belongings safe from freezing temperatures and snowfall - which Orem can receive up to 21 inches in a month.

While most private garages may not be climate controlled, for many vehicles and items, this may not be a necessity. However, certain commercial garages or some residential garages might offer this feature, providing an extra layer of protection against extreme temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to take specific precautions to safeguard your possessions against temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, especially for any items sensitive to such changes.

Renting garages in Orem

Nestled in the heart of Utah County, Orem is an integral piece of the vibrant greater Provo area. Known for its friendly residents, spectacular mountain views, and a host of remarkable landmarks, it's a city that exudes comfort and invites exploration. From the educational hub of Utah Valley University to the corporate wonderland of Adobe Systems, Orem is a city humming with activity. Stroll through the charming neighborhoods, and you'll find a variety of residential and commercial garages available for storage or parking.

Perhaps you're thinking about storing your vehicle or need some extra space. In Orem, you'll be in good company. One user lauded their experience with a local host, noting the 'awesome' service and 'clean' garage where they stored their car for several months.

Orem is not just about spectacular views and bustling activities; it's about the people. The city's neighborhoods, like Windsor South or Lakeview, are known for their quiet and easy access. 'Excellent space. Quiet neighborhood. Easy access,' remarked one user about their rental experience.

And if you're looking for a community that respects your privacy while providing secure storage options, look no further. Another user recounted their experience in renting a garage, describing their host as 'awesome' and appreciating the 'safe, secure, clean, and protected' space for their boat storage during the winter.

In Orem, you can expect a seamless experience that brings together the cozy charm of a small town with the convenience of a city. From the large, private garages to the hosts that are known for being 'very helpful', Orem is simply the perfect place for your parking or storage needs.

FAQs About garages in Orem, Utah

The price of garages in Orem can be affected by various factors, such as location, size, and other amenities available. For instance, garages near local landmarks like Utah Valley University or Orem Recreation Center might differ in cost when compared to other areas in the city.

To identify the right garage size for your requirements, consider the dimensions of your vehicle along with any extra storage needs, such as tools or equipment. Assessing your individual requirements and comparing them to available garage sizes will help you determine the best fit in Orem.

To prepare your vehicle for extended storage in an Orem garage, it is recommended to clean and wax the exterior, vacuum and air out the interior, check and top off fluid levels, change the oil, inflate tires, and disconnect the battery. Additionally, consider using a car cover to protect your vehicle from dust and other debris.

Additional Utah garages locations

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Alternative Drive-up Storage Options near Orem

Even though traditional storage facilities are offered in Orem, Utah, Neighbor.com typically features the lower-priced, more secure, and nearest drive-up storage.

Look at the list of drive-up storage facilities for details:

High Horizons Self Storage (0.2 miles)

130 S State St

Orem, UT

Orem Storage (1.4 miles)

1080 S State St

Orem, UT

Public Storage (1.4 miles)

1024 N State St

Orem, UT

Storage Corner 400S (1.9 miles)

1456 W 400 S

Orem, UT

Alpine Storage - Orem (1.9 miles)

720 N 1340 W

Orem, UT

Alamo Business Park & Storage (2.1 miles)

986 Industrial Park Dr

Orem, UT

Public Storage (2.1 miles)

321 S Vineyard Rd

Orem, UT

Stor'em Self Storage (2.2 miles)

1450 W 800 N

Orem, UT

Public Storage (2.3 miles)

1042 S Geneva Rd

Orem, UT

Storage Corner 1200W (2.3 miles)

1275 N 1200 W

Orem, UT

Bear River Storage, South Provo (6.6 miles)

1544 S State St

Provo, UT

I-15 Self Storage (11.1 miles)

2376 N 200 E

Spanish Fork, UT