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Monthly parking in South Portland, ME

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Helpful reviews from renters in South Portland, Maine

22 x 10 Parking Lot in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Verified Review

"Nick was very accommodating and great to work with, we thank him so much! Great place to park our trailer for a month."

S David M.

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Sep 5, 2022

22 x 9 Parking Lot in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Verified Review

"Perfect place to keep my car. Gave me a safe place to store my car while I was figuring out the area."

Garrett S.

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Sep 7, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Gorham, Maine

Verified Review

"My car was safely parked in the garage"

Olivia L.

Gorham, ME

Jun 27, 2023

22 x 9 Parking Lot in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Verified Review

"Great spot to keep the car! Nick is a great host, and I felt safe leaving my vehicle in the area. "

Benjamin H.

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Feb 6, 2023

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"Great secure storage spot for my car over the winter! Brett’s a great guy, very easy to work with and get ahold of :) "

Kathleen B.

Brunswick, ME

Apr 9, 2023

40 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"We had a wonderful experience storing our car and trailer at Brett’s. He was very responsive and hospitable. We weren’t familiar with the neighbor app but found it online and saw good reviews with Brett. We trailered our boat to Maine to cruise around Casco Bay and Midcoast and it was helpful and reasonable to store with Brett. Thanks so much Brett!"

Jana T.

Brunswick, ME

Aug 25, 2023

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Dover, New Hampshire

Verified Review

"Eric is a great "neighborly" person who went out of his way to accommodate me (and my car)."

Walter E.

Dover, NH

Feb 27, 2023

12 x 40 Parking Lot in Portland, Maine

Verified Review

"Good communicator. Clean and safe space."

Karl S.

Portland, ME

Sep 7, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Gorham, Maine

Verified Review

"Very easy, convenient location re: Portland Airport. Great communication from Stephen. "

Alan S.

Gorham, ME

Jun 28, 2023

20 x 14 Driveway in Gorham, Maine

Verified Review

"great space "

Daniel T.

Gorham, ME

Oct 10, 2022

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Monthly car parking garage

Monthly parking options

Navigating the streets of South Portland, Maine can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding reliable, convenient parking. Opting for monthly parking rentals in this charming yet bustling city not only saves you time on daily parking hunts but also provides a sense of security for your vehicle.

  • Residential Driveways: Nestled in the heart of local neighborhoods, residential driveways offer the unique benefit of providing a homely environment for your car's parking. These spots are typically closer to residential areas, ideal for those living in the vicinity.
  • Residential Garages: An excellent option for those seeking extra protection from the elements, residential garages offer a safe and secure location for your vehicle. With this option, you'll know that your car is tucked away from the harsh Maine winters and bustling city streets.
  • Commercial Parking Garages: These are typically located in prime city areas and provide easy access to many South Portland amenities and businesses. Commercial parking garages offer the benefits of strategic location and often, enhanced security measures.
  • Commercial Parking Lots: These spaces provide ample room for your vehicle and are usually situated near major business or shopping districts. They provide a practical solution for those who frequent the city center.
  • Unpaved Lots: For the adventurous at heart, unpaved lots offer a rustic charm that's unique to South Portland's coastal areas. These lots give your car a secured spot while you enjoy the city’s scenic beaches and waterfront locales.

Choosing the right monthly parking spot in South Portland, Maine can be an effortless endeavor when exploring different options. Find the one that best suits your routine, needs, and lifestyle to ensure a hassle-free experience in this coastal city.

Car in a parking garage

Choosing monthly parking

Searching for the ideal monthly parking space in South Portland, Maine? There are key factors to consider, ensuring your vehicle is stored safely and conveniently.

  • Proximity and Safety of the Location: The chosen parking space should not only be close to your home or workplace, but also in a safe and secure area. A well-lit setting with a good neighborhood reputation can offer peace of mind.
  • Dimensions of the Space: When contemplating the size of the parking spot, keep in mind the make and model of your vehicle. A compact car will require less space than a pickup truck or SUV. Always allow extra room for comfortably getting in and out of the vehicle, avoiding accidental scratches or dents.
  • Hours and Accessibility of Parking: If you frequently use your vehicle, the parking spot should offer round-the-clock access. Check to ensure that there are no restrictions on entry and exit times. Furthermore, the parking area should be easy to navigate, eliminating the need for complex maneuvering.

Remember, taking time to consider these factors will help optimize your parking experience.

Yellow car in parking lot

Climate considerations

In South Portland, Maine, a coastal city, it's important to consider the climate when choosing monthly parking. During peak summer, the average high temperature measures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and in winter, lows can dip to 13 degrees.

When parking in the summer, it's advisable to find a spot with shade to protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of direct sunlight and heat. Using windshield sun protectors can also help to reduce interior temperatures.

In the winter, look for a covered space or one that’s protected from the elements. This mitigates the risk of damage from ice and snow. Purchasing a weather-resistant vehicle cover can provide additional protection. You might also consider monthly spots where snow removal is included to ensure easy access to your vehicle.

Remember, climate can have a considerable impact on your vehicle's health. Therefore, it's necessary to strategize parking depending on the season while in South Portland.

Monthly parking in South Portland

South Portland, Maine is a picturesque city that offers ample opportunities for monthly parking. With a strategic location adjacent to Portland and near the beautiful coast, parking here guarantees easy accessibility to a variety of attractions.

The city is close to major landmarks such as Maine Medical Center and the University of Southern Maine, both located in nearby Portland. For those needing monthly parking options, the proximity to these renowned institutions can provide added convenience. Also, the Portland International Jetport, a key transportation hub, is another prominent landmark situated within reach of South Portland.

Renowned neighborhoods like Ferry Village, Meetinghouse Hill, and Knightville present a wealth of parking options. Cultivating a hospitable environment, these neighborhoods carry their own charm, providing a unique experience for those who choose to park their vehicles here.

In terms of customer experiences, one was delighted by an "awesome" host and hoped to return for future parking needs. Another found their parking spot to be in an "excellent" location, close to the airport, and very safe.

Moreover, another user appreciated their host as "great to work with," complimenting the perfect parking spot for their RV. A unique feature mentioned by another user was the extra assistance provided by the host in starting the car to maintain the battery, exemplifying the flexible and kind nature of hosts in South Portland.

For those needing secure parking, one user happily reported their parking spot as both "secure and covered." These words resonate with the overall comfort and confidence users have felt while renting parking in South Portland.

FAQs About monthly parking in South Portland, Maine

South Portland's monthly parking prices are affected by factors such as location, availability, size of the parking space, and additional amenities provided by the parking facility.

When selecting a monthly parking spot in South Portland, consider the dimensions of your vehicle and ensure the parking space can comfortably accommodate it, leaving ample clearance for access and maneuverability.

To prepare your vehicle for long-term monthly parking in South Portland, make sure it is properly maintained, secured, and insured. Additionally, remove any valuables, lock all doors and windows, and consider investing in an anti-theft device for added security.

Alternative Monthly Parking Options near South Portland

South Portland offers many different traditional self storage facilities for monthly parking. Traditional self storage, however, are usually more expensive, less safe, and typically farther way than Neighbor storage units.

Reference the list below for information:

U-Haul Moving & Storage at Rte 295 (2.2 miles)

411 Marginal Way

Portland, ME

Read Street Self Storage (3.7 miles)

217 Read St

Portland, ME

Life Storage (4 miles)

50 Gorham Rd

South Portland, ME

Life Storage - South Portland (4 miles)

193 Western Ave

South Portland, ME

Broadway Self Storage (4.1 miles)

2066 Broadway

South Portland, ME

Acorn Self-Services Storage (5.3 miles)

201 Larrabee Rd

Westbrook, ME

Mini-Self Storage (13.2 miles)

28 Industrial Park Rd

Saco, ME

Kennebunk Safe Storage (22.6 miles)

101 Alewive Rd

Kennebunk, ME

All Purpose Storage (22.9 miles)

331 Main St

East Waterboro, ME

Kennebunk Self Storage (24.3 miles)

99 York St

Kennebunk, ME

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Brunswick (24.3 miles)

91 Gurnet Rd

Brunswick, ME

Sanford Airport Safe Storage (29.1 miles)

1725 Main St

Sanford, ME