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Helpful reviews from renters in Derry, New Hampshire

50 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Exeter, New Hampshire

Verified Review

"Excellent RV storage at a fair price. "

Ed G.

Exeter, NH

May 12, 2023

10 x 50 Unpaved Lot in Exeter, New Hampshire

Verified Review

"The space was exactly as expected. Chris was very friendly and accommodating when we needed access to our camper. "

Kathryn W.

Exeter, NH

Oct 11, 2022

20 x 10 Driveway in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"Great communications; great experience. My pop-up camper was safe and out of my way all sesson"

Neil's profile

Neil H.

Chelmsford, MA

Sep 27, 2022

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Amesbury, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"Very nice good place to park your car "

Robinson P.

Amesbury, MA

Apr 30, 2023

10 x 50 Unpaved Lot in Exeter, New Hampshire

Verified Review

"The lot was flat with easy access to store our camper for the winter. Chris is quick to respond and very helpful! Highly recommend!"

Carl M.

Exeter, NH

Mar 25, 2023

24 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"Great storage for my RV. Never had any issue with access. Stored in a secure location. "

Ron M.

Chelmsford, MA

Sep 22, 2022

30 x 10 Driveway in Westford, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"This was a fantastic place for my RV. The host is completely accommodating and kind"

Dianne C.

Westford, MA

Jul 28, 2022

20 x 10 Driveway in Peabody, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"Safe area , easy to park ,good communication and handled very quick"

Emre S.

Peabody, MA

Dec 30, 2021

30 x 22 Driveway in Saugus, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"I stored my 24 foot RV with Laura for 8+ months. It was a perfect storage spot and Laura was a great host. I'd highly recommend storing your car/rv with Laura. "

Jim A.

Saugus, MA

Jun 29, 2023

20 x 10 Parking Lot in Medford, Massachusetts

Verified Review

"Host was very responsive and helpful. Great spot to park our car."

Christian E.

Medford, MA

Aug 3, 2023

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Family driving in an RV

Types of RV storage

Looking to store your RV in Derry, New Hampshire? Consider renting a storage unit tailored to meet the unique needs of storing your travel trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheels or pop-up campers.

Outdoor RV Storage offers the advantage of easy accessibility. You might consider driveway spaces, or even large backyards. Even though this option doesn't provide a shelter, it might be an ideal choice if the RV's weatherproofing is robust or if you're planning on regular use.

Covered RV Storage is a great middle ground. Carports and open-sided sheds are examples of these spaces. These units protect your camper from the elements, such as Derry's snow in the winter or harsh sun in the summer, while still providing easy access.

Finally, Indoor RV Storage offers the ultimate protection. Think of oversized garages, barns or even commercial buildings. While often more costly, they offer the utmost protection from the weather and the added security of enclosed spaces. They also provide flexibility as they can accommodate different sizes of RVs, from compact pop-up campers to large Class A motorhomes. This option is best if you plan on storing your RV for an extended period, especially during Derry's off-season months.

Motorhome parked in the outdoors

Choosing the best RV storage

Choosing the right storage solution for your RV in Derry, New Hampshire is crucial. It's essential to consider the space size, accessibility, and location to ensure your travel trailer, camper, or motorhome is stored safely and conveniently.

  • Consider the Size: The size of the storage space is paramount. It's important to measure your RV, including its length, width, and height, to ensure it fits comfortably within the storage space. Don't forget to accommodate for slide-outs or overhangs! You might also want to think about extra space for any additional camping accessories or gear that may accompany your vehicle.
  • Accessibility Matters: You'll want to verify the times and days you can access your RV. It's crucial to understand whether you'll have 24/7 access to your motorhome or if there are only specific access hours. The entrance and pathway to the storage should also be wide and tall enough for hassle-free navigation with your RV.
  • Location and Safety: The proximity of the storage location to your home or your frequent travel routes is another key factor. A close, convenient location could save you considerable time and fuel expenses. Additionally, consider the safety measures in place. Look for locations with good lighting, secure fencing, and possibly even surveillance cameras to keep your camper safe and secure. Ensuring your storage location is in a safe neighborhood is also a good idea.
RV parked on the side of a house

Climate considerations

When considering storage for your RV, travel trailer, or motorhome in Derry, New Hampshire, it's crucial to take into account the seasonal changes. Derry's peak summer temperatures average around 83° F. To prevent any potential damage from the sun's rays during this period, it's recommended to use protective covers over your vehicle. Not only will these covers protect the paint job, but they also help to keep the interior temperature down.

On the other hand, Derry winters can become quite chilly, with average low temperatures reaching a mere 10° F. To safeguard your RV or camper from the frosty chill, consider investing in a properly insulated indoor storage space. This will protect your vehicle's internal systems and prevent freezing. Indoor storage not only offers protection from extreme cold but also shields your RV from snowfall and ice buildup, which can lead to rust and other damaging conditions.

Renting RV storage in Derry

Nestled in the heart of New Hampshire, Derry is a charming city known for its vibrant neighborhoods and easy proximity to natural landmarks. It's an ideal environment for RV enthusiasts, offering plenty of picturesque locales to park your travel trailer or motorhome.

Pop-up campers and fifth wheels are a common sight around East Derry, a beautiful community that's just a stone's throw away from the sparkling Beaver Lake. Users often mention "easy" and "convenient" when talking about storing their RVs here, speaking to the overall accessibility of the area.

In the bustling borough of Derry Village, RV storage is made even more desirable by the nearby presence of Ballard State Forest. Here, an RV owner spoke of a "perfect spot" for parking, highlighting the area's suitability for long-term storage.

Don't overlook the historic district of Downtown Derry, either. A user praised their storage experience as "the best," lauding the "safe" location and proximity to home. It's no surprise that RV owners are keen to return to this secure and convenient locale.

Tucked between these delightful neighborhoods, you'll find plenty of residential storage options. One user commended the "plenty of room to maneuver" and "very secure" storage location. It's clear that Derry is a city that takes the needs of RV owners into account.

Finally, it's worth noting the cleanliness and orderliness of these storage areas. One traveler used the keywords "very clean and easy to park" to express satisfaction with their RV storage experience in Derry.

Across the board, users agree: storing your motorhome in Derry is an excellent choice.

Derry RV Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

The average RV storage cost in Derry is $184 each month.

The RV storage unit size depends on the class of vehicle. For example, a Class C RV should have between a 20- and 40-foot-long, 15-foot-high storage unit, while a small travel trailer will require at least a 10 X 10 storage unit.

You can find RV storage nearby by typing your city into the search bar or by zooming into your desired areas on the map feature. You'll see easy-to-find RV storage units in various neighborhoods throughout Derry, NH.

Here's what you might find:

  • 24-Hour access: Want the flexibility of getting to your vehicle at any time of day? No problem. Rent a Derry RV storage unit that allows flexible access.
  • Top-notch security: Several types of RV storage in Derry have security features like a padlock or access code, while some even have 24/7 surveillance or alarm systems. Neighbor offers the best in safe Derry RV storage.
  • Start and run your engine once a month if you're storing your RV for an extended period.

    Here's what to do if you need to store your RV long-term: Clean the inside and defrost the refrigerator, patch any cracks or holes to prevent rust, clean the exterior and use an RV cover, and start the engine every month.

    When temps inch toward the low 30s, you should winterize your RV. Put antifreeze in the pipes, remove and store batteries and replace A/C filters, and keep rodents from getting in by patching up any holes or cracks.

    It's not suggested to store a RV outside in the winter. Decrease potential weather damage with a climate-controlled RV storage unit in Derry.

    If you need to store your RV outside during the summer heat, make sure you follow these steps. Open air vents slightly; wash and wax the outside; clear out, clean, and defrost the fridge; drain water tanks; and put on tire and window covers and an RV cover.

    Rent indoor, climate-controlled RV storage to prevent mold and mildew from growing and prevent wood finishes from cracking.

    Yes, you should have insurance. Check your renter's or homeowner's insurance policy to confirm that it covers potential damage or theft while your RV is in storage.

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    Alternative RV Storage Options near Derry

    Despite the fact that storage facilities are common in Derry, New Hampshire, Neighbor storage often has inexpensive, close by and secure RV storage.

    If you'd like information about traditional storage units nearby, use the below list of RV storage facilities for more details:

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    Derry, NH

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    Derry Self Storage (1.5 miles)

    23 Ashleigh Dr

    Derry, NH

    Life Storage - Derry (3.6 miles)

    230 Rockingham Rd

    Derry, NH

    102 Self Storage (7.8 miles)

    220 Derry Rd

    Hudson, NH

    Life Storage (9.2 miles)

    4 Benning Ct

    Merrimack, NH

    All American Self Storage (9.6 miles)

    255 Hampstead St

    Methuen, MA

    Morgan Self Storage (10.4 miles)

    400 Bedford St

    Manchester, NH

    RAJ Realty Self Storage (12.6 miles)

    11 Pine St

    Methuen, MA

    U-Haul Moving & Storage at Pheasant Lane Mall (13.4 miles)

    286 Daniel Webster Hwy

    Nashua, NH

    Century Space (15.1 miles)

    371 Market St

    Lawrence, MA

    Devon Self Storage (18.7 miles)

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