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Storage near Prichard, Alabama

20 x 10 Garage in Mobile, Alabama
Dusty's profileDusty P.

20 x 10 Garage

$89 / month

Mobile, Alabama

15 x 10 Other in Mobile, Alabama
Dusty's profileDusty P.

15 x 10 Other

$27.50 • 1st month

Mobile, Alabama

10 x 10 Bedroom in Mobile, Alabama
Kendra's profileKendra T.

10 x 10 Bedroom

$150 / month

Mobile, Alabama

8 x 20 Shed in Mobile, Alabama
Erin's profileErin H.

8 x 20 Shed

$74.50 • 1st month

Mobile, Alabama

20 x 18 Garage in Daphne, Alabama
Kazidet's profileKazidet D.

20 x 18 Garage

$80 / month

Daphne, Alabama

24 x 11 Garage in Mobile, Alabama
James's profileJames W.

24 x 11 Garage

$80 / month

Mobile, Alabama

12 x 12 Bedroom in Mobile, Alabama
Justin's profileJustin C.

12 x 12 Bedroom

$60 • 1st month

Mobile, Alabama

17 x 17 Bedroom in Mobile, Alabama
Herman Tyler's profileHerman Tyler M.

17 x 17 Bedroom

$255 / month

Mobile, Alabama

8 x 16 Shed in Fairhope, Alabama
Paul's profilePaul M.

8 x 16 Shed

$21 • 1st month

Fairhope, Alabama

15 x 15 Shed in Daphne, Alabama
Terra's profileTerra R.

15 x 15 Shed

$150 / month

Daphne, Alabama

24 x 10 Shed in Pensacola, Florida
Thomas's profileThomas G.

24 x 10 Shed

$50.50 • 1st month

Pensacola, Florida

20 x 20 Shed in Pensacola, Florida
Svetlana's profileSvetlana N.

20 x 20 Shed

$63.50 • 1st month

Pensacola, Florida

3 x 2 Closet in Pensacola, Florida
Andrew's profileAndrew H.

3 x 2 Closet

$11 / month

Pensacola, Florida

5 x 2 Closet in Pensacola, Florida
John's profileJohn G.

5 x 2 Closet

$10 • 1st month

Pensacola, Florida

19 x 11 Shed in Pensacola, Florida
James's profileJames B.

19 x 11 Shed

$100 / month

Pensacola, Florida

5 x 2 Self Storage Unit in Myrtle Grove, Florida
Marcus's profileMarcus C.

5 x 2 Self Storage Unit

$7 • 1st month

Myrtle Grove, Florida

15 x 10 Garage in Cantonment, Florida
Courtney's profileCourtney N.

15 x 10 Garage

$100 / month

Cantonment, Florida

10 x 10 Garage in Milton, Florida
Elijah's profileElijah O.

10 x 10 Garage

$65 / month

Milton, Florida

10 x 10 Bedroom in Pensacola, Florida
Megan's profileMegan H.

10 x 10 Bedroom

$100 / month

Pensacola, Florida

9 x 11 Shed in Biloxi, Mississippi
Kirk's profileKirk J.

9 x 11 Shed

$79 / month

Biloxi, Mississippi

20 x 20 Garage in Cantonment, Florida
David's profileDavid M.

20 x 20 Garage

$250 / month

Cantonment, Florida

30 x 15 Attic in Gulfport, Mississippi
Jade's profileJade H.

30 x 15 Attic

$96 / month

Gulfport, Mississippi

100 x 39 Warehouse in Foley, Alabama
Jessica's profileJessica D.

100 x 39 Warehouse

$300 • 1st month

Foley, Alabama

28 x 30 Garage in Daphne, Alabama
Wendy's profileWendy W.

28 x 30 Garage

$150 • 1st month

Daphne, Alabama

20 x 50 Self Storage Unit in Elberta, Alabama
Jon's profileJon J.

20 x 50 Self Storage Unit

$325 / month

Elberta, Alabama

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Units in Prichard, Alabama

A Prichard storage unit costs $102/month, on average, to rent. The price will vary based on the size and type of the unit you are renting.
If you're storing a vehicle, a full-sized car probably needs a 10' X 20' self storage unit, while an RV may require a storage unit as large as 10' X 30'. For reference, you'll typically need a 5' X 10' storage unit to fit the contents of a studio or 1-bedroom home. With Neighbor, you'll find Prichard storage units for rent in just about any set of dimensions.
Add your preferred location on Neighbor for a list of all storage units available for rent nearby, or you can use the map feature to help you find local self storage in Prichard. Chances are you'll see a storage space in your community, whether you are looking in Plateau, in Africatown Historic District, or in another nearby neighborhood.
Choose from several features and amenities for your affordable self storage unit in Prichard. Here is what your neighbors might offer:
  • Flexible Access: Want the flexibility of grabbing your items on your own timetable? We get it. Rent a storage unit listing on Neighbor that allows flexible access.
  • Drive-Up Access: A self storage space with drive-up access permits you to easily drop off or pick up your items right from your vehicle. These are often sheds near driveways or garages.
  • Climate Control: A climate-controlled storage unit might be either an indoor self storage unit or garage that protects your belongings from humidity and has heat and air conditioning.
  • Security: Some storage units in Prichard have security such as a padlock or access code, while some even have security cameras or 24-hour surveillance. We have the best secure storage.
  • Yes, we highly recommend you lease a climate-controlled storage unit in Prichard because winter and summer humidity levels may reach over 80%. It will also be beneficial during the summer when temps can get into the 90s.

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