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Self storage units in Jacksonville, AR

13 x 12 Bedroom in Jacksonville, Arkansas near [object Object]

13’ × 12


Jacksonville, Arkansas

1.3 mi

near 1404 Johnson St

Smoke Free

Climate Controlled

Smoke Detectors

$50/ mo

20’ × 19


Cabot, Arkansas

8.3 mi

near 303 Duren Pl

Private Space

Locked Area

Smoke Free


 1st month

$102/ mo

11 x 11 Bedroom in Little Rock, Arkansas near [object Object]

11’ × 11


Little Rock, Arkansas

14.6 mi

near 3478 S Elm St

Private Space

Locked Area

No Stairs


 1st month

$50/ mo

14 x 12 Bedroom in Little Rock, Arkansas near [object Object]

14’ × 12


Little Rock, Arkansas

14.6 mi

near 3478 S Elm St

Private Space

Locked Area

No Stairs


 1st month

$60/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Jacksonville, Arkansas

20 x 20 Garage in Southaven, Mississippi

Verified Review

"Very accommodating thank you very much!"

Eddie B.

Southaven, MS

Sep 11, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Memphis, Tennessee

Verified Review

"David was very kind and allowed access to my things when needed. "

Corbett B.

Memphis, TN

Mar 1, 2023

20 x 13 Garage in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Verified Review

"Perfect for car storage. Jeremy even offered to turn on my engine every week and let it run for 15-20 minutes so my battery will not drain. As the result, the car was in perfect drivable condition when I came back from my four-month trip. Will book again. "

Vincent L.

Fayetteville, AR

Sep 5, 2023

20 x 12 Garage in Lowell, Arkansas

Verified Review

"William was great! Worked with us on drop off and pick up. Great person as well"

Christopher C.

Lowell, AR

Oct 6, 2021

20 x 10 Garage in Bentonville, Arkansas

Verified Review

"Super host! Nice and clean garage. Super easy to access."


Bentonville, AR

Oct 20, 2022

10 x 12 Shed in Memphis, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Lakendrick is very nice and professional¹ and responds quickly. He even honored the price of the unit upon my inquiry as opposed to the $10 increase a week later. I'm sure his unit might have been nice, but I have now been charged through this app fo r 2 months of storage that I have never used. After renting the space and getting the exact location, it turned out to be 25 minutes away from me instead of 10. I had to put my 20 year old dog down the day after renting the space and did not remember to cancel the unit within the 24 hour time frame. I messaged Lakendrick about the situation and distance confusion, assuming he would refund the money since I couldn't use his space. However I have now been charged twice and needed that money to pay for the storage unit i had to get that is closer to my house. "

Kelly H.

Memphis, TN

Jan 3, 2023

21 x 14 Garage in Springfield, Missouri

Verified Review

"Young man was very nice and easy to work with."

Henry M.

Springfield, MO

Nov 1, 2022

20 x 20 Garage in , Mississippi

Verified Review

"Audra was great. Communicated with me as I was having dorm items shipped to her garage. Space was clean and dry. First time using the website and it saved me."

Diane's profile

Diane R.

, MS

Aug 13, 2023

20 x 10 Warehouse in Jackson, Mississippi

Verified Review

"super clean place, very friendly and very professional host, I highly recommend this host"

Patrick D.

Jackson, MS

Feb 9, 2023

13 x 15 Garage in Bixby, Oklahoma

Verified Review

"Pratik was very helpful while taking my stuff in with my car and also while taking them back from his property, My car was safe without scratches and no damage at all. I totally recommend him as a great host."

Miguel E.

Bixby, OK

Jul 8, 2021

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Woman sitting next to storage boxes

Types of storage units

Locating a storage unit in Jacksonville, Arkansas, can be a practical solution to anyone in need of extra space. With the city's vibrant communities and diverse population, there's an increasing demand for convenient storage solutions. Flexible storage options can accommodate the varied needs of Jacksonville residents, providing safe and readily available spaces for different kinds of belongings.

  • Drive-up storage units: These are typically the most accessible type of storage. With the ability to drive directly up to the unit, they are ideal for easy loading and unloading. This is particularly useful considering Jacksonville's warm summers, as it minimizes exposure to the heat during moving.
  • Interior storage units without climate control: These units are great for items that are not sensitive to temperature or humidity variations. They're perfect for sturdy items like tools or patio furniture. Given Jacksonville's temperate winters, these units can be an excellent choice for storing items for short to mid-term durations.
  • Interior storage units with climate control: These provide a stable temperature environment, protecting valuable or sensitive items from the city's weather fluctuations. Jacksonville residents could consider this option for artwork, electronics, and important documents.
  • Outdoor parking storage spaces: Ideal for storing larger items like boats or RVs, these outdoor spaces can be a much-needed solution in a city like Jacksonville. With easy access to bodies of water like Big Rock Quarry and Gravel Ridge, many residents appreciate having a secure place to store their recreational vehicles, especially during off-season months.

In choosing a storage solution, it's important to consider the specific needs of what is being stored, the climate, and the ease of access. In Jacksonville, there's certainly a storage option to suit any requirement.

Woman with stack of storage boxes

Choosing a storage unit

Choosing the right self storage unit in Jacksonville, Arkansas can be a stress-free experience when you know what to look for. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Accessibility: Consider how often and when you'll need to access your storage space. Some storage spaces are accessible 24/7, while others may have limited hours. Look for a storage unit that provides easy and convenient access to your belongings.
  • Location: It is crucial to consider the location of your storage unit. You may prefer a location close to home or work, making it easy to drop off or pick up items. Safety is also a key factor, choose a unit in a safe neighborhood or a community that appears well-maintained and secure.
  • Space Dimensions: It's crucial to select a storage unit with enough space for your belongings. Think about everything you plan to store and how it can be organized efficiently. Keep in mind that a cluttered space can be hazardous, so make sure to choose a size that accommodates easy movement and safe stacking of items.
Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Climate considerations

When seeking storage options in Jacksonville, Arkansas, the local climate is a factor worth considering. The town experiences an average high of around 93°F in the peak of summer, and a chilling average low of 31°F in winter.

Climate-controlled storage can be a beneficial choice for some items during these temperature shifts. It ensures a consistent temperature, safeguarding sensitive items like antiques, electronic equipment, and important documents, even in the height of summer or the depth of winter.

However, non-climate-controlled storage holds significant value as well. These units can offer ample protection from the elements for a broad range of items. With appropriate packing materials and good organization, items such as furniture, books, and everyday household goods can safely survive the Jacksonville seasons.

Remember, though, no matter which type of storage you choose, it’s essential to pack your items securely. Bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and moisture-absorbing packets can do wonders in protecting your possessions. That way, both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units can serve your storage needs effectively throughout the year.

Renting storage in Jacksonville

The pleasant city of Jacksonville, Arkansas is a location that can offer abundant residential storage opportunities. Known primarily for its close proximity to Little Rock Air Force Base, Jacksonville also offers attractions like Dupree Park, a dreamland for outdoor enthusiasts, and the Jacksonville Museum of Military History, a must-visit for history buffs.

Finding storage in Jacksonville can be a seamless experience, especially with the variety of options in different neighborhoods. The Midtown neighborhood, a bustling area filled with local businesses, is one such area where you could find the right storage space. Another area noted for its residential storage spaces is the Northlake neighborhood, characterized by its serene and calm environment. Those living near the Base neighborhood, closely situated near the Air Force Base, can also find convenient storage options.

Quote: "My host was friendly and very helpful. The space was just as described, I’m really happy. Highly recommend." In Jacksonville, friendly and helpful hosts are the norm, not the exception. Their spaces are as described, promising a satisfying experience for renters.

Quote: "I am very grateful I found the host’s storage!" The sentiment of gratitude shared by this renter points to the reassurance and convenience offered by the hosts in Jacksonville.

Quote: "Highly recommend him. He’s a fantastic host and is very communicative and responsive!" Responsiveness and fantastic communication make the hosts stand out in Jacksonville, making the storage process incredibly smooth and efficient.

Quote: "She is the best host you can imagine! Her place is huge, clean, and super safe." The emphasis on cleanliness, safety, and spaciousness spotlights the high-quality storage environments that can be expected in Jacksonville.

Finally, as noted by a pleased renter: "Ricardo is friendly, accommodating and trustworthy with a variety of options of space for storage." This encapsulates the overall experience in Jacksonville - friendly, accommodating hosts offering a variety of storage spaces to meet every need.

FAQs About self storage in Jacksonville, Arkansas

The price of self storage in Jacksonville is influenced by factors such as unit size, location, demand, facility amenities, and lease duration.

To figure out the right storage unit size, consider the number and size of items you plan to store, as well as any potential future needs. You can also consult with storage facility staff for guidance.

For long-term self storage in Jacksonville, it is essential to clean and dry your items thoroughly, pack them properly with appropriate packing materials, and use sturdy boxes. Additionally, label the boxes clearly and create an inventory list for easy reference.

Alternative Self Storage Options near Jacksonville

While self storage on Neighbor.com often features the lower-priced, safest, and nearest self storage, self storage facilities are also a potential option for self storage in Jacksonville, AR.

Look at the facilities below for information:

Budget Self Storage Jacksonville (0.5 miles)

405 S James St

Jacksonville, AR

North Pulaski Storage (3.9 miles)

14708 Highway 107

Jacksonville, AR

USA Security Storage (3.9 miles)

15711 Highway 107

Jacksonville, AR

American Mini Storage Inc (4 miles)

4807 Rixie Rd

North Little Rock, AR

A-Lotta Storage Too (5.8 miles)

3090 AR-294

Jacksonville, AR

Apple Valley Mini Storage (6.5 miles)

7920 Highway 107

Sherwood, AR

Sherwood U Storage (6.8 miles)

7225 Highway 107

Sherwood, AR

440 Storage (8.7 miles)

8888 Faulkner Lake Rd

North Little Rock, AR

Downtown Cabot Mini Storage (9.4 miles)

803 W Elm St

Cabot, AR

Campground Storage (9.5 miles)

1420 Campground Rd

Cabot, AR

Little Rock Downtown Storage (12 miles)

823 Main St

Little Rock, AR

U-Haul Moving & Storage at 65th St (16.8 miles)

4809 W 65th St

Little Rock, AR