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Storage near Macon, Georgia

10 x 10 Shed in Macon, Georgia
Brenda's profileBrenda J.

10 x 10 Shed

$35 • 1st month

Macon, Georgia

10 x 12 Bedroom in Macon, Georgia
Danyun's profileDanyun R.

10 x 12 Bedroom

$42.50 • 1st month

Macon, Georgia

10 x 10 Bedroom in Macon, Georgia
Vashaan's profileVashaan C.

10 x 10 Bedroom

$30 • 1st month

Macon, Georgia

8 x 10 Shed in Macon, Georgia
Jayte's profileJayte J.

8 x 10 Shed

$29.50 • 1st month

Macon, Georgia

20 x 10 Garage in Macon, Georgia
Antonio's profileAntonio B.

20 x 10 Garage

$50 / month

Macon, Georgia

12 x 10 Warehouse in Macon, Georgia
Benjamin's profileBenjamin M.

12 x 10 Warehouse

$45 • 1st month

Macon, Georgia

8 x 7 Shed in Macon, Georgia
David's profileDavid W.

8 x 7 Shed

$70 / month

Macon, Georgia

10 x 10 Bedroom in Warner Robins, Georgia
Morris's profileMorris P.

10 x 10 Bedroom

$29.50 • 1st month

Warner Robins, Georgia

20 x 10 Garage in Warner Robins, Georgia
Jonnie's profileJonnie M.

20 x 10 Garage

$90 / month

Warner Robins, Georgia

15 x 15 Attic in Warner Robins, Georgia
Valencia's profileValencia M.

15 x 15 Attic

$60 • 1st month

Warner Robins, Georgia

12 x 12 Bedroom in Forsyth, Georgia
Sarah's profileSarah R.

12 x 12 Bedroom

$82 / month

Forsyth, Georgia

40 x 15 Garage in Bonaire, Georgia
Stephen's profileStephen D.

40 x 15 Garage

$285 / month

Bonaire, Georgia

12 x 12 Bedroom in Fort Valley, Georgia
Dreshana's profileDreshana C.

12 x 12 Bedroom

$87 / month

Fort Valley, Georgia

12 x 10 Shed in Jackson, Georgia
Mahogany's profileMahogany J.

12 x 10 Shed

$50 • 1st month

Jackson, Georgia

35 x 12 Garage in Bonaire, Georgia
Stephen's profileStephen D.

35 x 12 Garage

$260 / month

Bonaire, Georgia

20 x 15 Bedroom in Milledgeville, Georgia
KCE's profileKCE C.

20 x 15 Bedroom

$51 • 1st month

Milledgeville, Georgia

24 x 16 Garage in Barnesville, Georgia
Melinda's profileMelinda H.

24 x 16 Garage

$76 • 1st month

Barnesville, Georgia

20 x 10 Warehouse in Cochran, Georgia
Perlean's profilePerlean W.

20 x 10 Warehouse

$70.50 • 1st month

Cochran, Georgia

10 x 20 Garage in Monticello, Georgia
Laquita's profileLaquita H.

10 x 20 Garage

$120 / month

Monticello, Georgia

20 x 10 Garage in Jackson, Georgia
Steven's profileSteven C.

20 x 10 Garage

$120 / month

Jackson, Georgia

20 x 12 Other in Locust Grove, Georgia

20 x 12 Other

$100 / month

Locust Grove, Georgia

24 x 24 Garage in Locust Grove, Georgia
Jennyfer's profileJennyfer C.

24 x 24 Garage

$350 / month

Locust Grove, Georgia

10 x 10 Closet in Griffin, Georgia
Destini's profileDestini P.

10 x 10 Closet

$85 / month

Griffin, Georgia

36 x 22 Garage in Macon, Georgia
Chanute's profileChanute L.

36 x 22 Garage

$122.50 • 1st month

Macon, Georgia

40 x 50 Garage in Macon, Georgia
Blessing's profileBlessing O.

40 x 50 Garage

$419 / month

Macon, Georgia

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FAQs About Storage Units near Macon, GA

On average, a Macon self storage unit costs $92 a month to rent. The larger the storage unit, the more you'll pay.
If you're storing a vehicle, a full-sized car most likely needs a 10' X 20' self storage unit, while an RV may need a storage unit as large as 10' X 30'. For reference, you'll typically want a 20' X 20' storage unit to comfortably fit items from a 4-bedroom house or larger. With Neighbor, you can find Macon storage units in just about any set of dimensions.
Use Neighbor's map view to help you find local self storage in Macon, or enter your preferred location in the search bar for a list of all storage units available for rent nearby. We bet you'll discover a storage space in your community.
Choose from quite a few amenities and features for your affordable self storage unit near Macon. Here is what you may find:
  • Flexible Access: Need the flexibility of getting to your belongings on your own time frame? No prob. Book a storage unit listing on Neighbor that allows flexible access.
  • Drive-Up Access: Self storage spaces with drive-up access, usually garages or sheds near driveways, allow for easy drop-offs or pick-ups of your items right from your vehicle.
  • Climate Control: Provide your possessions the most protection by choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. Generally, these have either a humidifier or temperature control熔r both.
  • Security: Many storage units in Macon provide protection like a padlock or access code, while some even provide alarm systems or 24-hour surveillance. We have the best safe storage.
  • Yes, we highly suggest you get a climate-controlled storage unit in Macon because humidity levels in the winter and summer may climb to over 80%. It will also be beneficial during the summer when temperatures can get into the 90s.

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