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Helpful reviews from renters in Saint Joseph, Missouri

24 x 11 Garage in Olathe, Kansas

Verified Review

"Very clean place and Jennifer was great to work with. I highly recommend this place."

Mike M.

Olathe, KS

Sep 6, 2022

20 x 20 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"This was my first time using neighbor and it was a wonderful experience. My host open the space up whenever I needed in and made me feel very safe about storing there. Also really great hospitality. I would recommend "

Matt L.

Kansas City, MO

Sep 12, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Shawnee, Kansas

Verified Review

"Laura has been great, but like all great relationships, it must come to an end. She needs her space back and I have found alternative storage in a family member's commercial building. Thanks, Laura. If things change and your space is available at that time, we would be happy to come back. "

Randell P.

Shawnee, KS

Jul 10, 2022

7 x 7 Shed in Independence, Missouri

Verified Review

"Great communication. Very helpful"

Kyra Beth's profile

Kyra Beth M.

Independence, MO

Jul 22, 2022

17 x 12 Garage in Prairie Village, Kansas

Verified Review

"Very responsive and provided detailed information."

Daniel's profile

Daniel O.

Prairie Village, KS

Oct 6, 2021

20 x 20 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"Extremely easy to work with"

Eric B.

Kansas City, MO

Oct 26, 2022

20 x 11 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"My hosts were very accommodating and the space they provided was exactly as described. It was safe and dry, and easily accessible. I highly recommend them."

Andrew D.

Kansas City, MO

Oct 17, 2022

20 x 11 Garage in Kansas City, Missouri

Verified Review

"Wonderful to work with!"

Bruce J.

Kansas City, MO

Aug 21, 2022

24 x 11 Garage in Olathe, Kansas

Verified Review

"Perfect host. Good communication and the space is exactly as described. Highly recommend. "

James's profile

James M.

Olathe, KS

Apr 8, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Olathe, Kansas

Verified Review

"Vikrim was very cooperative and helpful and had a great garage to store my vehicle."

Wade` N.

Olathe, KS

Mar 16, 2022

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Types of storage units

Discover the advantages of finding self storage in Saint Joseph, Missouri. By securing a storage space, you can declutter your living or workspace, safely store valuable items, or simply carve out extra space for your hobbies or seasonal items.

  • Interior with Climate Control: Enjoy optimal preservation of your items with temperature controlled units. These are perfect for protection against Missouri's varied climate, safeguarding your items from heat, cold, and humidity.
  • Outdoor Parking: Have an RV, boat, or extra car? Outdoor parking storage can be a great solution. Given Saint Joseph's location along the Missouri River, this can be especially beneficial for boat owners.
  • Drive-up Units: Ease and accessibility are the key benefits of drive-up units. They're perfect for heavy and bulky items, or if you frequently need to access your stored items, especially in a city like Saint Joseph where convenience is valued.
  • Interior without Climate Control: These units offer a budget-friendly self-storage solution. They can comfortably hold your less climate-sensitive items, making them ideal for storing many things in the typically moderate weather of Saint Joseph.
Woman with stack of storage boxes

Choosing a storage unit

When searching for the perfect storage unit in Saint Joseph, Missouri, there are a number of factors to consider. It's essential to think about the dimensions of the unit, the accessibility of the location, and the location's safety and proximity to your home or place of business.

  • Taking into Account Unit Size: Visualize the quantity and size of your items to establish a rough estimate of how much storage space is necessary. Ensure there is sufficient room to arrange items in a logical manner that allows for easy access. Keep in mind that an overcrowded storage unit may lead to harmed items or potential personal injury.
  • Hours and Accessibility: Consider the time and frequency you'll need to access your stored items. Some storage spaces provide 24-hour access, while others have specific operating hours. Always select a storage unit that aligns with your schedule to prevent inconvenient situations. An ideal storage unit should offer easy accessibility to make the process of adding or retrieving items less strenuous.
  • Location and Safety Considerations: Proximity to the storage unit can influence your choice. Pick a location that is not too far from your residence or workplace for convenience. Also, check the safety measures in place. A secure storage unit should have measures such as surveillance cameras and secure locks to ensure the protection of your belongings. Keep in mind that residential areas can provide familiar, comfortable environments for storage.

Remember that these considerations can help you navigate your options and choose a storage unit that suits your needs perfectly.

Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Climate considerations

When seeking to rent a storage unit in Saint Joseph, Missouri, understanding the area's weather patterns can be beneficial. This city experiences a wide range of temperatures, with an average high of 88 degrees in the summer and an average low of 19 degrees in the winter.

For items such as electronics, wooden furniture, and sentimental keepsakes, a climate-controlled unit can be a good option. It provides protection against extreme temperatures and keeps your valuables stable in Saint Joseph's varying climates.

On the other hand, non-climate-controlled storage offers substantial value. In fact, these units can provide excellent protection for various items, provided you take some precautions. For instance, using durable, plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes can shield your items from potential moisture and temperature changes.

Also, placing pallets on the floor of your unit can prevent cold from seeping into your belongings in winter. Similarly, covering your items with breathable cloth can protect them from dust and light heat damage in the summer.

Overall, both climate and non-climate-controlled units offer sound options for storage in Saint Joseph, depending on what you're storing and how you prepare your items for storage.

Renting storage in Saint Joseph

Nestled in the north-western part of Missouri, Saint Joseph is a city steeped in rich history and dynamic culture. It's known for its robust network of residential and commercial properties that offer storage spaces, making it a favorable destination for those who need to safely tuck away their belongings.

The city is home to Missouri Western State University, Heartland Regional Medical Center, and the corporate headquarters of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. These significant landmarks are not only a testament to Saint Joseph's active community but are also places where storage spaces are likely available.

Storage seekers can find plenty of choices in Saint Joseph's prominent neighborhoods such as Midtown, Ashland Avenue, and the historic Downtown area. These communities have a reputation for friendly residents who have made their excess storage available to others.

A few words from previous renters underscore the convenience and comfort of renting storage through this peer-to-peer platform. One user appreciates the warm reception from hosts, stating their "host was friendly and very helpful." Adding to this sentiment, another user felt immensely satisfied and "grateful" to have found their host's storage.

A bevy of hosts have garnered high praise for their outstanding service and communication skills. One user found their host to be "very communicative and responsive”, while another appreciated the hands-on assistance, noting the host went "out of his way to help".

It's not uncommon for renters to find their hosts extraordinarily accommodating. One user lauded their host as "friendly, accommodating and trustworthy". Another was deeply impressed by their host's quick response, clean premises, and strong sense of security, declaring this host to be "the best host you can imagine".

FAQs About Storage Units near Saint Joseph, Missouri

It costs $113 per month, on average, to rent a storage unit in Saint Joseph. The price will vary depending on the size and type of the unit.

If you're storing a vehicle, an RV may require a storage unit as large as 10' X 30', while a full-sized car probably needs a 10' X 20' self storage unit. For reference, you'll generally need a 5' X 10' storage unit to fit the contents of a studio or 1-bedroom home. With Neighbor, you can find Saint Joseph self storage spaces in almost any set of dimensions.

Add your desired location on Neighbor to get a list of all the storage unit rentals nearby, or use our map feature to help you find local self storage in Saint Joseph. We're confident you'll find a self storage space in your community.

Depending on what, where, and the amount of time you are storing, different amenities and features might be essential. Check out some of our most popular offerings:

  • Flexible Access: Need the flexibility of accessing your items on your own time frame? We get it. Rent a Neighbor storage unit that offers flexible access.
  • Drive-Up Access: Self storage spaces with drive-up access, often garages or sheds near driveways, allow you to easily drop off or pick up your belongings right from your car.
  • Climate Control: Climate-controlled self storage might be an indoor storage unit or garage that has heat and air conditioning and a humidifier.
  • Security: Several storage units near Saint Joseph have security like an access code or padlock, while some even have alarm systems or 24/7 surveillance. Neighbor offers the best in secure storage.
  • Yes, we suggest you rent climate-controlled self storage in Saint Joseph, where summer humidity levels can reach over 80%. It will also be beneficial during winter and summer when temps can get extreme.

    To prepare items for long-term storage, it's important to clean them properly to prevent damage over time. Use quality storage materials, such as boxes and covers, to ensure that sensitive items are well protected. It may also be wise to invest in moisture absorbers to prevent mold and mildew.

    Alternative Self Storage Options near Saint Joseph

    Even though Neighbor.com self storage has the least expensive, more secure, and nearest self storage, traditional facilities could also be a potential option for self storage in Saint Joseph, MO.

    Reference the list of self storage facilities for details:

    E & M Storage (17.9 miles)

    3121 NW 169 Hwy / P.O. Box 251

    Gower, MO

    Red Dot Storage (2.7 miles)

    405 N Woodbine Rd

    St Joseph, MO

    Double Diamond Storage Elwood (2.2 miles)

    510 S 8th St

    Wathena, KS

    Sun Valley Mini Storage (8.5 miles)

    16617 US-71-BR

    Savannah, MO

    St. Joseph Self Storage - Gene Field Rd (2.9 miles)

    3729 Gene Field Rd

    St Joseph, MO

    Red Dot Storage (2.7 miles)

    3805 Sherman Ave

    St Joseph, MO

    HWY 169 Storage (24.9 miles)

    1501 US-169

    Gower, MO

    Red Dot Storage (3.2 miles)

    3416 Pear St

    St Joseph, MO

    Central Self Storage (29.3 miles)

    2700 NW Prairie View Rd

    Platte City, MO

    U-Haul Moving & Storage of Saint Joseph (2.6 miles)

    1717 N Belt Hwy

    St Joseph, MO

    U-Haul (2.3 miles)

    903 N 36th St

    St Joseph, MO

    Sunvally Mini Storage (8.4 miles)

    16617 Highway 71

    Savannah, MO