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Storage near Boone, North Carolina

10 x 10 Basement in Lenoir, North Carolina
Cindi's profileCindi R.

10 × 10 Basement

$36.50 • 1st month

Lenoir, North Carolina

21 miles

16 x 14 Attic in Lenoir, North Carolina
Daniel's profileDaniel C.

16 × 14 Attic

$42.50 • 1st month

Lenoir, North Carolina

21 miles

7 x 9 Bedroom in Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Harvey's profileHarvey S.

7 × 9 Bedroom

$25 • 1st month

Wilkesboro, North Carolina

23.1 miles

12 x 20 Garage in Banner Elk, North Carolina
Josh's profileJosh M.

12 × 20 Garage

$150 / month

Banner Elk, North Carolina

11.8 miles

20 x 10 Garage in Laurel Springs, North Carolina
Courtney's profileCourtney D.

20 × 10 Garage

$100 / month

Laurel Springs, North Carolina

21.1 miles

30 x 10 Other in West Jefferson, North Carolina
Jalil's profileJalil H.

30 × 10 Other

$110 / month

West Jefferson, North Carolina

16.4 miles

8 x 12 Shed in Bristol, Tennessee
Jon's profileJon F.

8 × 12 Shed

$29.50 • 1st month

Bristol, Tennessee

40.9 miles

4 x 4 Self Storage Unit in Bristol, Virginia
Thorn's profileThorn B.

4 × 4 Self Storage Unit

$10 • 1st month

Bristol, Virginia

39.7 miles

10 x 11 Bedroom in Granite Falls, North Carolina
Steven's profileSteven M.

10 × 11 Bedroom

$52 / month

Granite Falls, North Carolina

31.4 miles

10 x 15 Shed in Elizabethton, Tennessee
Shawn's profileShawn S.

10 × 15 Shed

$36 • 1st month

Elizabethton, Tennessee

33.2 miles

10 x 10 Attic in Hickory, North Carolina
Britney's profileBritney A.

10 × 10 Attic

$70 / month

Hickory, North Carolina

32.8 miles

20 x 16 Basement in Hudson, North Carolina
Jennifer's profileJennifer G.

20 × 16 Basement

$64 / month

Hudson, North Carolina

26.8 miles

12 x 12 Other in Hudson, North Carolina
Jefd's profileJefd H.

12 × 12 Other

$68 / month

Hudson, North Carolina

26.5 miles

4 x 8 Closet in Hickory, North Carolina
Joseph's profileJoseph H.

4 × 8 Closet

$28 / month

Hickory, North Carolina

35.6 miles

10 x 10 Warehouse in Morganton, North Carolina
Paul's profilePaul M.

10 × 10 Warehouse

$73 / month

Morganton, North Carolina

31 miles

2 x 1 Shed in Stony Point, North Carolina
Tomi's profileTomi S.

2 × 1 Shed

$11 / month

Stony Point, North Carolina

43.4 miles

12 x 10 Other in Granite Falls, North Carolina
Dillon's profileDillon C.

12 × 10 Other

$80 / month

Granite Falls, North Carolina

30.6 miles

10 x 14 Shed in Morganton, North Carolina
Amanda's profileAmanda S.

10 × 14 Shed

$80 / month

Morganton, North Carolina

34.7 miles

14 x 25 Garage in Hampton, Tennessee
Rickie's profileRickie P.

14 × 25 Garage

$115.50 • 1st month

Hampton, Tennessee

28.7 miles

15 x 15 Warehouse in Connelly Springs, North Carolina
Danielle's profileDanielle B.

15 × 15 Warehouse

$100 / month

Connelly Springs, North Carolina

36 miles

20 x 10 Garage in Conover, North Carolina
Diago's profileDiago F.

20 × 10 Garage

$120 / month

Conover, North Carolina

40.4 miles

24 x 24 Shed in Bakersville, North Carolina
Karen's profileKaren W.

24 × 24 Shed

$920.50 • 1st month

Bakersville, North Carolina

28.9 miles

20 x 10 Shed in Piney Flats, Tennessee
Robert's profileRobert B.

20 × 10 Shed

$300 / month

Piney Flats, Tennessee

42.9 miles

60 x 20 Basement in Morganton, North Carolina
JACOB's profileJACOB C.

60 × 20 Basement

$374 / month

Morganton, North Carolina

35.1 miles

40 x 60 Warehouse in Johnson City, Tennessee
Todd's profileTodd M.

40 × 60 Warehouse

$1,500 / month

Johnson City, Tennessee

39.1 miles

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Units near Boone, NC

On average, a Boone self storage unit costs $73 a month to rent. Prices vary based on the type and size of the unit.
You'll generally want a 10' X 15' self storage unit to fit the contents of a 2- to 3-bedroom home, while a 20' X 20' self storage space in Boone will comfortably fit belongings from a home with several bedrooms. Make sure you measure your belongings before you book.
Add your desired location on Neighbor to get a list of all the storage unit rentals nearby, or use our map view to help you find local storage units near Boone. Chances are you'll see a storage space in your community, whether you're looking in Panorama Estates, in Mill Ridge, or in another neighborhood close by.
You'll find several features and amenities for your secure storage unit near Boone. Here is what your neighbors might offer:
  • Flexible Access: Rent a storage unit listing on Neighbor that provides flexible access. You might even find storage units offering 24/7 access, perfect for accessing your items any moment of the day.
  • Drive-Up Access: Self storage units with drive-up access, usually garages or sheds near driveways, permit for easy drop-offs or pick-ups of your items right from your vehicle.
  • Climate Control: Climate-controlled storage might be either a garage or indoor storage unit that protects your belongings from humidity and has heat and air conditioning.
  • Security: Some storage units in Boone have security features such as a padlock or access code, while some even provide all-day surveillance or alarm systems. Neighbor has the best safe storage.
  • Yes, we highly suggest you rent a climate-controlled storage unit in Boone because humidity levels in the winter and summer can reach over 80%. It will also be beneficial during these seasons when temperatures can get extreme.

    Storage Units in Boone, NC

    With a dynamic city like Boone, NC, it's no surprise that you have decided to call it home. But your house may not have all the room you need to store your RV, extra belongings, or large furniture. We are here to help.
    We are the best self storage solution because we are cheaper, easier, and safer than traditional self storage near Boone.

    Types of Boone Storage Units

    Here are the storage types you'll find on Neighbor:
  • Indoor storage units: Indoor storage near Boone, particularly one with temperature control, offers more protection from the area's high summer temperatures. This is also the most secure storage unit type.
  • Outdoor storage units: If you're storing a RV, boat, or car, your best bet will be outdoor storage near Boone. These are usually parking pads, driveways, or other outdoor areas. This type of storage is the most affordable choice and not suggested for personal belongings or furniture.
  • Covered storage: Sports equipment, heavy tools, outdoor furniture, RVs, cars, or trucks will often do well in covered self storage units. While still technically outdoors, these Boone storage units shield your items from precipitation or sun damage.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Boone

    Boone humidity can get very high in the winter and summer, so many items, such as important files, electronics, clothing, antique furniture, musical instruments, and books, might need a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent mold or mildew from developing. And because Boone can experience extreme heat in the summer and frosty temps in the winter, climate-controlled storage will further protect your belongings. If you don't go with climate-controlled storage, check on your belongings routinely. Make sure your items are completely dry before storing, pack small items in plastic storage bins, and consider purchasing a humidity monitor to measure moisture levels.

    From the Neighbor Blog

    The Neighbor Blog covers everything you need to know about storage, moving, packing, passive income opportunities, organization techniques and community information. Learn more about life near Boone, North Carolina.

    Alternative Self Storage Options near Boone

    Although traditional storage options are available in Boone, North Carolina, Neighbor storage features lower-priced, close by and secure self storage.

    If you'd like information about traditional storage facilities nearby, check out the below list for more information:

    Alpine Storage (0.8 miles)

    649 Greenway Rd

    Boone, NC

    Bamboo Mini Storage (0.9 miles)

    268 Bamboo Rd

    Boone, NC

    Boone Self-Storage (3.2 miles)

    1567 NC Highway 105 Byp

    Boone, NC

    U-Haul Moving & Storage of Boone (3.7 miles)

    849 NC Highway 105 Byp

    Boone, NC

    Village Storage (4.9 miles)

    176 W Cornish Rd

    Blowing Rock, NC

    Drop N Roll Storage (15.5 miles)

    1992 NC Highway 163

    West Jefferson, NC

    Steelsafe Storage Lenoir Llc (21.6 miles)

    518 Virginia St SW

    Lenoir, NC

    CubeSmart Self Storage (21.7 miles)

    1023 Morganton Blvd SW

    Lenoir, NC

    Cajah's Mountain Self Storage (25 miles)

    749 Pleasant Hill Rd

    Lenoir, NC

    Hideaway Self Storage (27.3 miles)

    1900 NC-18

    Morganton, NC