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Helpful reviews from renters in Amarillo, Texas

20 x 22 Garage in Del City, Oklahoma

Verified Review

"Ron has been the best host so far, looking forward to continuing to have a great tenancy! thank you!"

Ashlie's profile

Ashlie M.

Del City, OK

Aug 6, 2023

17 x 9 Garage in Pueblo, Colorado

Verified Review

"Excellent host. Always available when needed. Location secured. "

Peter C.

Pueblo, CO

Aug 17, 2022

12 x 9 Basement in Pueblo, Colorado

Verified Review

"Luke was a wonderful & reliable host, would recommend his services!"

Kethrys B.

Pueblo, CO

May 31, 2023

18 x 12 Shed in Pueblo West, Colorado

Verified Review

"Very responsive and helpful. Looked out for my property."

Gerald C.

Pueblo West, CO

Jul 30, 2022

22 x 32 Garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Verified Review

"Danny is very accommodating & his garage is the most luxurious & largest garage you're ever going to find. I moved my life from California & had secured a place outside Santa Fe. Squatters invaded the casita I was to move into so I immediately went online to this website & found a garage big enough to house the contents of a 26 ft. truck & at a reasonable price. THANK YOU, DANNY! "

LeAnn B.

Albuquerque, NM

Aug 7, 2022

19 x 20 Garage in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Verified Review

"Hello, Jerry's space was excellent. Clean, spacious and the host was always accommodating. You will get a garage door opener for your added convenience. This rental is an A+. Thanks for Hosting it Jerry!"

Jason Z.

Rio Rancho, NM

Jan 24, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Verified Review

"Good space in central location."

Scott G.

Albuquerque, NM

May 23, 2023

10 x 5 Bedroom in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Verified Review

"Awesome neighborhood and absolutely wonderful host! Exactly what I wanted. I appreciate the months I needed Chris’ and am thankful!"

Cristal's profile

Cristal S.

Albuquerque, NM

Sep 29, 2022

16 x 9 Garage in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Verified Review

"I left my car with Zachary in Albuquerque NM for 4 months. I give him 5 stars - he was prompt and courteous with our communications and took excellent care of my car. I have zero misgivings about this as a storage choice and will use it and hopefully Zach's place again in the future. Thanks for giving us such great service!"

Dea T.

Albuquerque, NM

Apr 2, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Fort Worth, Texas

Verified Review

"Very friendly, available and helpful!"

Chuck L.

Fort Worth, TX

Dec 11, 2022

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Types of storage units

Looking for storage solutions in Amarillo, Texas? Renting a storage unit can provide you with a safe, secure place to store your belongings, offering an easy way to create additional space in your home, garage or office.

  • Climate-Controlled Interior Units: These indoor units offer the perfect environment for storing delicate items. Texas weather can be unpredictable, but these units ensure your valuables will stay at a consistent temperature, protecting them from potential heat or cold damage.
  • Drive-Up Storage Units: These units provide direct vehicular access for easy loading and unloading. Given Amarillo's wide open spaces, these units are popular for their convenience and easy accessibility.
  • Outdoor Parking Spaces: For larger items such as RVs, boats, or trailers, outdoor parking is an excellent solution. With Amarillo's adventure-friendly locale, these storage options can be perfect for storing your gear between expeditions.
  • Non Climate-Controlled Interior Units: For items that are less sensitive to temperature fluctuations, these interior storage units offer a cost-effective solution. They provide a protected environment against dust, wind and rain, making them a safe bet in Amarillo's variable weather conditions.
Woman with stack of storage boxes

Choosing a storage unit

Deciding on the best storage unit for your needs in Amarillo, Texas, involves considering key factors like the size of the unit, accessibility, and location. With these elements in mind, you’ll be sure to find the right storage solution.

  • Size of the Storage Space: Consider the amount of items you plan to store. Make room for everything without crowding, to avoid potential harm to your items. Give thought to some extra space for ease of access and organization within the unit. Remember, a cramped storage unit can lead to difficulty in finding items and possible damages.
  • Access to the Unit: Look at what time and how often you’ll need to access your storage. Units with 24/7 access might suit your needs if you have inconsistent or long work hours. Make sure the location can accommodate your vehicle if you will be loading or unloading large items frequently.
  • Location of the Unit: Consider how close the storage unit is to your home or office. A unit closer to you can save time and travel expenses. Also, think about the safety of the neighborhood where the storage unit is located. A safer location can give you peace of mind about the security of your stored items.
Neighbors greeting each other while moving storage boxes

Climate considerations

Amarillo, Texas is known for its summer highs and winter lows. Climate can vary dramatically with July temperatures averaging at 91.9°F and January temperatures dropping to around 23.3°F. Thinking about these figures can be beneficial in deciding what type of storage to choose.

A climate-controlled unit can offer advantages for temperature-sensitive items. For example, paper documents may need a stable environment to prevent yellowing or fading from heat. Likewise, antique wooden furniture can benefit from climate control to prevent warping.

However, non-climate-controlled storage can offer excellent value. Consider packing items in sturdy plastic containers for added protection against the elements. For electronics, use silica gel packets to control humidity.

Remember, storage in Amarillo provides an opportunity to take advantage of the city's mild seasons. Sturdy items like metal furniture or gardening equipment can easily withstand the climate in a traditional, non-climate-controlled unit.

Renting storage in Amarillo

Nestled in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo stands as a vibrant, bustling city teeming with residential spaces that double as rental storage for those requiring extra room. Known for its rich, western heritage, Amarillo also boasts impressive landmarks such as West Texas A&M University, the energy corporation Xcel Energy, and the highly-regarded Baptist St. Anthony’s Hospital, making it easy for individuals to find storage near these locations.

The city is segmented into several distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own charm and unique storage options. Among these, the communities of Puckett, Sleepy Hollow, and Wolflin stand out for their accessibility and large number of available spaces.

Puckett is a friendly, comfortable neighborhood offering a vast selection of storage options. Here, one user found a "friendly and very helpful" host, with a space that was "just as described".

Over in Sleepy Hollow, another user recounted an equally positive experience. They were "grateful" to have found storage space, thanks to a communicative and responsive host who was "fantastic" to work with.

Wolflin, the city's oldest neighborhood, is another popular location for those seeking storage. Known for its friendly residents and its reputation for being a "super safe" neighborhood, Wolflin stands out as a preferred storage choice. One user described their host as "extremely nice, friendly, and very quick to respond".

Amarillo continues to impress with Ricardo's storage options in the city's central area, where one user highlighted the "friendly, accommodating and trustworthy" host, offering a "variety of options of space for storage".

Every corner of Amarillo is brimming with a sense of community and security, making the city a prime location to consider when searching for rental storage spaces.

FAQs About self storage in Amarillo, Texas

The cost of self storage in Amarillo can be affected by factors such as location, unit size, facility features, and the duration of storage usage.

To find the right storage unit size in Amarillo, consider the number and dimension of items you wish to store, and whether you'll require additional space for future items or accessibility.

When preparing your belongings for long-term self storage in Amarillo, it is important to clean and dry all items, pack fragile items with appropriate padding, and use sturdy storage containers to protect them from dust, moisture, and pests.

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Alternative Self Storage Options near Amarillo

Amarillo offers many different storage options for self storage. Traditional self storage units, however, are pricier, less secure, and more removed than self storage on Neighbor.

If you'd like information about traditional storage facilities in Amarillo, check out the below list for more information:

U-Haul Moving & Storage of North Amarillo (1.8 miles)

2100 SW 6th Ave

Amarillo, TX

SecurCare Self Storage (3.2 miles)

3999 E I-40

Amarillo, TX

SpareBox Storage (4.5 miles)

4430 Canyon Dr

Amarillo, TX

SecurCare Self Storage (4.5 miles)

6620 Lowes Ln

Amarillo, TX

Amarillo Storage Station (4.5 miles)

4907 S Washington St

Amarillo, TX

Westgate Self Storage (7.8 miles)

10800 W Interstate 40

Amarillo, TX

Longhorn State Storage (10.4 miles)

11650 S Coulter St

Amarillo, TX

Stater's Acres RV & Storage (12 miles)

14301 Interstate 27

Amarillo, TX

Another Attic - I-27 At Canyon (12.9 miles)

15620 Interstate 27

Amarillo, TX

Sparefeet Self Storage - Canyon (16.3 miles)

73 Hunsley Rd

Canyon, TX

Rockin R Self Storage (17.9 miles)

1205 23rd St

Canyon, TX