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Semi truck parking in Minneapolis, MN

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Helpful reviews from renters in Minneapolis, Minnesota

20 x 10 Garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Terrific rental, clean garage, fantastic host and very responsive! "

Doug I.

Minneapolis, MN

Apr 24, 2023

25 x 15 Driveway in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Just as advertised. Our van was safely stored and in good condition when we picked it up"

Nancy's profile

Nancy P.

Minneapolis, MN

Aug 25, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Great host. Easy to communicate with."

Jon H.

Minneapolis, MN

May 12, 2023

19 x 19 Garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Awesome guy! Let me have access to the garage whenever I needed which is exactly what I was seeking as I don’t get off until 2am. I had no problems with him."

Bri T.

Minneapolis, MN

Apr 22, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Very clean and nice space... Great rate and Kania always respond and communication was great. I will definitely use her space again and refer friends and family. Thank you so much you're the Best "

Tonisha's profile

Tonisha R.

Minneapolis, MN

Sep 20, 2023

24 x 10 Driveway in Woodbury, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Although I only utilized the parking space for a short time it was a very good experience and I would highly recommend them. They were very flexible, had excellent communication, and helped make sure everything went smoothly from start to finish. "

Elijah's profile

Elijah K.

Woodbury, MN

Aug 25, 2023

25 x 15 Driveway in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Great host !!!! Very nice"

Lane D.

Minneapolis, MN

Jun 6, 2023

25 x 15 Driveway in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Awesome communication "

Khalid S.

Minneapolis, MN

Jun 18, 2023

21 x 11 Garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Good secure one-car garage in a nice neighborhood. Lisa was a pleasure to deal with."

W J's profile

W J B.

Minneapolis, MN

Sep 3, 2023

25 x 15 Driveway in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verified Review

"Very communicative, and extremely easy to work with. The space was more than described....perfect!"

Troy N.

Minneapolis, MN

Apr 6, 2022

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Semi truck on the road

Types of semi truck parking

Driving a big rig in Minneapolis? Finding a secure and convenient spot to park your semi can be a big challenge. Trusting the streets or free, unsecured lots puts your valuable tractor, trailer, and freight at risk - it's a gamble you don't have to take.

  • Unpaved Lots: These offer the advantage of ample space, perfect for maneuvering wide loads or oversized tractor-trailers. Don’t worry about tight spots or height clearance. Plus, the Twin Cities' industrial districts offer many such lots, close to major routes.
  • Commercial Parking Lots: These spots typically offer more security than a street park or free lot. Being in commercial areas, they are often patrolled and are well-lit, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. They're also usually close to conveniences, like truck stops or repair shops.
  • Residential Driveways: Need to haul a load into a local neighborhood? A homeowner might be willing to rent their driveway to you. Though your truck may not fit in every residential driveway, it's an option worth considering, particularly in Minneapolis' spacious suburbs.
  • Backyard Spaces: Perhaps less conventional, but potentially a great option in Minneapolis' residential areas. With the city's large lot sizes, a backyard could provide adequate space for your flatbed or dry van. It’ll be out of sight, offering an added layer of security.

Remember, each of these options is subject to availability and the size of your vehicle. Always check individual listings for details on space dimensions, access times, and specific location.

Parked truck and trailer

Choosing truck parking

Choosing the appropriate parking space for your semi-truck or commercial vehicle involves various factors. These considerations include the size of the space, accessibility of the unit, and the location's convenience and safety.

  • Dimensions: Start off by assessing the size of your vehicle. Tractor-trailers, flatbeds, and dry vans all require different amounts of space. The average semi-truck length is around 70 to 80 feet, so ensure that the space you choose can comfortably accommodate your vehicle with room to spare for easy maneuvering.
  • Location: The parking space's proximity to your regular freight routes is important. Close proximity can minimize deadhead miles, or the distance traveled without carrying any freight, saving you time and fuel costs. Also, consider the safety of the neighborhood where the parking space is located. An area with low crime rates can provide peace of mind that your vehicle will be secure.
  • Access Hours: Depending on your haul schedule, you may need access to the truck at odd hours. Some parking spaces offer round-the-clock access, while others may have restricted hours. If you operate mainly during business hours, a space with limited access may be a suitable and cost-effective choice. Always align the access hours with your operational needs to avoid any inconvenience.
Semi truck storage and parking lot

Climate considerations

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the average high temperature in the peak summer month of July can reach up to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average low temperature in the peak winter month of January can fall to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This wide range of weather conditions can have an impact on semi trucks parked outside. For the summer, it's recommended to inspect tires regularly due to the hot temperatures, which can increase the air pressure inside. Tire blowouts are more likely to occur in severe heat.

During the frigid winters, the diesel fuel can gel and freeze in the tanks, leading to the tractor not starting or running properly. Using a diesel fuel additive can prevent the fuel from gelling. Also, having an engine block heater can keep the engine warm and make it easier to start in cold weather.

Parking a truck in a spot with shade can help to protect the tractor and the trailer from severe weather conditions. Regular maintenance checks are also crucial in extreme temperatures. A residential property with a large tree canopy or an overhang could provide natural protection for the vehicle in both summer heat and winter conditions.

Renting truck parking in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota, lies in the heart of the Midwest and is a central hub for the trucking industry. With major highways like I-35W, I-94, and Highway 55 intersecting the city, it is a key transit point for haulers looking to transport freight across the country.

Close to these important arteries, several neighborhoods such as North Loop, Northeast Minneapolis, and Longfellow offer a range of residential storage options for all types of commercial trucks. These areas are gaining popularity with truck owners for their convenient location and excellent highway access.

In addition to the highways, Minneapolis also boasts a bustling river port on the Mississippi. This makes neighborhoods like North Loop even more attractive for truck owners needing to transport goods to and from the port.

Customers of residential storage in Minneapolis have nothing but praise for their hosts. There's plenty of chatter about "flexibility" and how it's "easy to work with" these hosts. Some even go beyond to assist, as one semi truck owner shared about a host who "helped me a couple of times".

Storage space size is clearly not an issue in Minneapolis, with one truck owner commenting on the "more than enough space" to store his work truck. Easy and convenient access to these spaces, especially for those hauling large tractors and trailers, is another big plus pointed out by renters.

As for the overall experience, clients have only positive feedback. "Great parking" and "great host" are common sentiments. It's clear that Minneapolis hosts go the extra mile, with one even leaving a "car cover" for a work truck renter to keep.

Overall, Minneapolis offers an array of strategic and convenient locations for your parking needs, with hosts that are skilled at accommodating the unique requirements of truck owners. It's no wonder that they come highly recommended.

FAQs About semi truck parking in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The price of semi truck parking in Minneapolis can be affected by various factors, such as location, proximity to major roads or landmarks, and available amenities. Secure and well-maintained facilities typically charge higher fees than those with fewer features.

To find the right size for semi truck parking, you should consider the dimensions of your vehicle, including its length, width, and height. Additionally, you should allow some space for easy maneuvering and access to your truck.

When preparing your vehicle for long-term semi truck parking in Minneapolis, ensure it is adequately maintained, remove any valuables, and secure essential documents. It is also important to choose a reputable parking facility with proper security measures and necessary amenities to ensure the safety of your vehicle while it is parked.

Additional Minnesota truck parking locations

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Alternative Truck Parking Options near Minneapolis

Minneapolis offers many different traditional self storage options for truck parking. Traditional self storage, however, often are pricier, less secure, and typically farther way than Neighbor truck parking.

If you'd like information about traditional self storage in Minneapolis, use the list of facilities for more information:

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Minneapolis, MN

Public Storage (4 miles)

10201 Woodcrest Dr NW

Minneapolis, MN

Public Storage (5.1 miles)

8517 Xylon Ave N

Brooklyn Park, MN

Metro Self Storage (6.2 miles)

9992 Baltimore St NE

Minneapolis, MN

Extra Space Storage (8.5 miles)

5702 W Broadway Ave

Minneapolis, MN

Public Storage (8.8 miles)

5350 Industrial Blvd NE

Minneapolis, MN

US Storage Centers (9 miles)

5217 Hanson Ct N

Minneapolis, MN

Brothers Mini Storage (11.3 miles)

20070 Larkin Rd

Hamel, MN

Extra Space Storage (14.7 miles)

345 Industrial Blvd NE

Minneapolis, MN

North Star Mini Storage - Minneapolis (16.5 miles)

400 Lake St E

Minneapolis, MN

Public Storage (17.3 miles)

3245 Hiawatha Ave

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Public Storage (18.7 miles)

1144 7th St S

Hopkins, MN