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20’ × 15



Orem, Utah

3.3 mi

near 730 E 400 S

Private Entrance

Security Camera

Locked Area

$100/ mo

20’ × 10


Provo, Utah

1 mi

near 255 E 100 S

Private Entrance

Security Camera

Locked Area


 1st month

$84/ mo

20’ × 10


Spanish Fork, Utah

7.6 mi

near 561 Mitchell Dr

Security Camera

Locked Area

Smoke Free


 1st month

$85/ mo

30’ × 10


Spanish Fork, Utah

7.6 mi

near 561 Mitchell Dr

Security Camera

Locked Area

Smoke Free


 1st month

$104/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Provo, Utah

22 x 12 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"John was an Awesome host and this garage was perfect for my needs. Very large and definitely would use again. Thanks John"

Carlo S.

Provo, UT

May 25, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"she is an awesome her space is clean and when you call her she usually home to let you get into the space"

Kevin M.

Provo, UT

Feb 1, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Owner is a helpful and lovely person. She delivered on every promise. It was a clean garage with plenty of space and she was readily available for us to drop off our vehicle and pick it up. Would definitely rent from her again if needed."

Leslie P.

Provo, UT

Jan 5, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Julia is awesome. I stored a very car in her garage for several months and it was so smooth. I highly recommend renting from her. The garage space is clean you can eat off it."

Chad C.

Provo, UT

Mar 21, 2022

14 x 24 Garage in Provo, Utah

Verified Review

"Great size space. Accommodating and professional."

Marcus's profile

Marcus H.

Provo, UT

May 17, 2019

30 x 20 Warehouse in American Fork, Utah

Verified Review

"We loved having Marco store our boat. We felt very safe where it was at."

Trisha's profile

Trisha A.

American Fork, UT

May 11, 2020

12 x 20 Garage in American Fork, Utah

Verified Review

"Derrick was VERY helpful with renting his 3rd car garage to store my boat in during the winter. It was always Safe, Secure, Clean, and Protected. "

Kevin S.

American Fork, UT

Mar 14, 2018

11 x 19 Warehouse in Orem, Utah

Verified Review

"Thank you!"

Jaeden J.

Orem, UT

May 2, 2023

20 x 15 Garage in Orem, Utah

Verified Review

"Marissa was crazy easy to get along with and was always responsive when I needed her. I highly recommend their garage space!"

Spencer C.

Orem, UT

Jul 28, 2023

11 x 19 Warehouse in Orem, Utah

Verified Review

"It was a space I needed for my small side business. It has electrical and a good area for work. If I had to, I would use again. "

Michael's profile

Michael B.

Orem, UT

Oct 1, 2022

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What type of boat storage is best for you?

When storing your boat, you can either choose dry boat storage (out of the water) or marina boat storage (in the water). Both types require different preparation for your boat.

Dry outdoor boat storage
Dry-docked boats stored outdoors

Dry outdoor is the most popular boat storage option. It is safe, local, and by far the cheapest way to keep your boat protected.

Most affordable option

Usually fenced or gated

Easily accessibly

See outdoor storage
Dry indoor boat storage
Dry-docked boats stored indoors

Storing your boat indoors ensures that it will be protected from wind, rain, and UV damage.

Locked for your protection

Protected from the elements

Convenient storage for smaller boats

See indoor storage
In-water outdoor boat storage
Boat docked at marina

Marina slip storage is convenient for boat owners who live in an area where temperatures don’t fall below freezing.

No need to use a boat trailer

No delay in getting boat season started

Ability to socialize with other boat owners

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Tips on how to prepare your boat for storage

Properly preparing your watercraft for indoor storage protects it from damage and ensures your next boating trip is hassle-free.

Clean the boat

Remove any dirt, debris, or saltwater residue from both the interior or exterior. This helps prevent damage.

Drain water systems

Drain boat water systems, including the bilge, live wells, plumbing, and other water areas.

Perform maintenance

Change the oil and filter, stabilize the fuel. If needed, winterize the engine and plumbing systems.

Remove belongings

Take out any personal belongings, electronics, or valuables from the boat to reduce the risk of theft.

Protect against pests

Use pest repellents, rodent traps, and seal and potential entry points to keep pests out.

Use a boat cover

Even inside, covering your boat can still protect against dust, debris, or any potential scratches.

Support the boat

Use a trailer meant for your make and model to cradle the hull. Properly inflate tires or use jack stands.

Store in a safe spot

Look for a storage spot with proper security measures to protect your boat.

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Types of boat storage

The city of Provo, located in the heart of Utah, presents an ideal environment for indoor boat storage. With the region's hot summers and cold, snowy winters, indoor storage keeps vessels safe from harsh weather conditions and UV rays which can cause damage to the boat's exterior. Compared to outdoor or covered storage, indoor facilities provide the utmost protection against dust, pollutants, and potential theft, ensuring peace of mind for boat owners.

Different types of boat storage that can be rented within residential and commercial properties include:

  • Boat Yards: Boat yards offer a spacious area to store a vessel. These properties are great for owners who need easy access to their boat for off-season maintenance or even just for spontaneous fishing trips in the waters of Provo River. Boat yards are typically found within residential properties with ample outdoor space.
  • Indoor Self Storage: Based in residential or commercial buildings with sufficient space, this type of storage provides a sheltered and secure area for the boat. With self storage, there's the added convenience of accessing a boat whenever needed, perfect for the spontaneous late summer sails on Utah Lake.
  • Dry Stack Storage: Often housed inside large warehouses or barn-like structures, dry stack storage is a great option for smaller watercraft. Boats are stacked on racks, maximizing space efficiency. This is a great option for those with speedboats or fishing boats looking to navigate Provo's waterways during summer months.
  • Wet Storage: Wet storage, also referred to as slip rental or marina storage, is an ideal choice for larger vessels or sailboats. Although it's more exposed to the elements than the other options, boats remain docked in the water, which many boat enthusiasts prefer. Many residential properties backing onto Provo's waterways could offer this type of storage.

Each type of storage option has its own unique benefits and is tailored to suit different boat types and owner preferences. Regardless of the choice made, be it a boat yard, self storage, dry stack or wet, boat owners in Provo, Utah have a multitude of quality options to safeguard their prized vessels.

Indoor boat storage in a garage

Choosing indoor boat storage

Choosing the right indoor boat storage location in Provo, Utah, requires consideration of several factors. How big is your boat? What kind of access do you require? And how far are you willing to travel to get to the storage spot? Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Considerations on Size of the Storage Space:* First and foremost, think about the dimensions of your boat, including the trailer, if you have one. Does the storage space have enough area for your boat to comfortably fit without any risk of damage? Don't just think about the length and width, but also the height of the storage space – especially if you have a sailboat with a mast. Additionally, consider whether you may need extra storage space for boating gear or other equipment.

Location Factors:* The proximity of the storage location to your residence, as well as your favorite sailing or fishing spot, is a key point to consider. You don't want to spend more time driving to and from your storage location than you do on the water. In addition, consider the safety of the neighborhood where the storage facility is located. Is the area safe, both for you and for your boat?

Accessibility Aspects:* How often will you need access to your boat? If you're an avid boater, you'll want a location where you can access your boat whenever the mood strikes – whether that's early in the morning or late at night. Check the access hours and see if they align with your boating schedule. Also, ensure the access to the storage space is easy and hassle-free, to make the process of getting your boat in and out of storage as smooth as possible.

Empty garage to store a boat

Climate considerations

When seeking indoor boat storage in Provo, Utah, it's crucial to note that the climate can vary greatly throughout the year. In summer, the average high temperature can reach up to 92°F, while in winter it can drop to an average of 23°F. These temperature fluctuations can impact your watercraft, especially when it comes to materials such as wood and fiberglass.

For this reason, it's recommended to seek a climate-controlled storage space, particularly for your speedboats, fishing boats, and sailboats. This will help protect your boat against the extreme temperatures and possible condensation that could lead to mold and mildew.

During the colder months, boats should be thoroughly winterized to prevent damage to engines and other sensitive parts due to freezing temperatures. Similarly, a quality boat cover is crucial to protect the vessel from dust and potential pests.

During the hotter months, ventilation within the storage space is important to prevent overheating and potential damage to the boat's components. Every small step to safeguard your boat will ensure its longevity and usability for many seasons to come.

Renting indoor boat storage in Provo

Provo, Utah isn't just known for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, it's also a city that appreciates the joy of boating. Nestled snug between the waters of Utah Lake and Provo River, this city offers a myriad of opportunities for water enthusiasts. Whether you own a speedboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or any other watercraft, indoor boat storage options are conveniently located and abundant.

Situated within the city, you can find storage spaces in prominent neighborhoods such as the River Bottoms and Franklin. Even if your preference lies in nearby cities, options in Springville and Orem are readily available.

Imagine the convenience of storing your boat in a location that assures you easy access to the water whenever you want to sail, fish or just relax on the water. The storage options are not only close to the water but also other attractions like Brigham Young University and Provo City Center Temple.

A user review emphasizes, "Convenient location, safe place to store, easy to put stuff in and take out." Another boater, after storing their boat, expressed sentiments that reinforce the safety and convenience of these storage spaces by stating, “We felt very safe where it was at."

The hosts are not just offering space; they are providing solutions tailored to boaters’ storage needs. Their exceptional service is reflected in reviews: "Top-notch communication. The host’s garage is clean & super easy to get into,” and "The host was very accommodating to ever-changing needs, and the space was very safe, clean, and secure."

Storing your boat in Provo, Utah, is not just about finding a space—it’s about finding the right space. It's a community of hosts committed to providing secure, clean, and easy-to-access storage options for your precious watercraft.

FAQs About boat storage in Provo, Utah

The price of boat storage in Provo is affected by various factors such as location, type of storage (indoor, outdoor, or covered), facility amenities, and the size of the storage unit. More accessible and secure facilities with additional services may have higher rates.

To find the right size of boat storage, measure your boat's length, width, and height. Ensure that the storage unit has enough room for these dimensions, in addition to space for extra accessories and equipment. Inquire with Provo storage facilities for their specific unit sizes and recommendations.

Preparing your boat for long-term storage in Provo involves a few crucial steps, such as cleaning the boat thoroughly, performing proper maintenance like changing the oil and applying a protective wax coating, and removing any personal belongings. Additionally, cover your boat to protect it from dust and weather elements, and ensure it is securely stored to avoid potential damage.

Additional Utah boat storage locations

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Old Highway 91, Mona
125 North, Morgan
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Pacific Ave, North Salt Lake
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Alternative Indoor Boat Storage Options near Provo

Even though indoor boat storage on has the lower-priced, more secure, and nearest indoor boat storage, traditional storage facilities could also be a potential option for indoor boat storage in Provo, UT. Look at the list of indoor boat storage facilities for details:
Provo Self Storage LLC (0.6 miles)

472 E 500 S Provo, UT

TurnKey Storage- Provo (1.1 miles)

1201 W Center St Provo, UT

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Bulldog Blvd (1.3 miles)

551 Columbia Ln Provo, UT

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Provo River (1.5 miles)

1380 N State St Provo, UT

Bear River Storage, South Provo (1.9 miles)

1544 S State St Provo, UT

Hillside Storage (2.8 miles)

2067 Ironton Blvd Provo, UT

Extra Space Storage (9 miles)

81 N 1800 W Lindon, UT

GTO Storage (9.1 miles)

151 W 500 S Spanish Fork, UT

Safe & Secure Self Storage (9.3 miles)

426 N 2000 W Lindon, UT

Extra Space Storage (10 miles)

582 W 220 S Pleasant Grove, UT

GTO Storage (12 miles)

150 E 400 N Salem, UT

Stor'em Self Storage (16.9 miles)

1985 N Pointe Meadow Dr Lehi, UT