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Helpful reviews from renters in Las Cruces, New Mexico

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Verified Review

"Jackie has been the greatest host! My truck was stored safely for 11 months, Jackie went above and beyond with kindness, and even went as far as sending pictures for updates! Would 100% recommend! Thanks Jackie!"

Claire M.

Las Cruces, NM

Jan 5, 2023

20 x 10 Driveway in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Verified Review

"Great host! Very helpful and professional. "


Las Cruces, NM

Apr 22, 2023

30 x 10 Parking Lot in , New Mexico

Verified Review

"The place was great. John helped me with all my needs.Place was secure and I had no concerns about it. I left because I bought property and moved my trailer to it. Very happy with the service and storage place. Thank You John."

Jim A.

, NM

Jun 17, 2022

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Canutillo, Texas

Verified Review

"My Experience at this storage area was Flawless. Host was quite Accommodating. I would recommend this spot for others who need to store any kind of vehicle. Safe and Secure Location!! Thanks Again!"

Steven O.

Canutillo, TX

Nov 30, 2022

10 x 30 Unpaved Lot in El Paso, Texas

Verified Review

"communication was great and my car was kept safe!"

Priscilla P.

El Paso, TX

Feb 7, 2023

35 x 10 Parking Lot in , New Mexico

Verified Review

"John was a great host "

Tony S.

, NM

Jun 22, 2023

26 x 20 Garage in El Paso, Texas

Verified Review

"Great spot! Perfect sized garage at a good price and the host is very friendly and available. Definitely recommend"

Luis C.

El Paso, TX

Apr 25, 2023

50 x 15 Driveway in El Paso, Texas

Verified Review

"Gracious and nice hosts. Always responsive and easy to work with. It was simple to store with them and we’d do it again in the future if the need arises. "

Kristy M.

El Paso, TX

Aug 6, 2022

25 x 20 Carport in El Paso, Texas

Verified Review

"Donald is a great host who is very responsive, and respectful. The space is very big, and it’s also a covered parking spot. And another plus is that he keeps the area locked"

Mickey E.

El Paso, TX

Jan 21, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in El Paso, Texas

Verified Review

"Very communicative, honest, kind and a really cool guy. First experience on this app couldn’t have been any better. "

Abraham G.

El Paso, TX

Jan 7, 2023

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People jumping off a boat

Types of boat storage

Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a great place to store your watercraft. Its dry climate ensures minimal damage from weather elements, while a wide range of storage options cater to different needs and preferences.

Let's consider some of these storage alternatives:

  • Self Storage: Ideal for smaller watercraft, self storage offers unmatched convenience and flexibility. It's perfect for residential properties with extra garage space or backyard areas. One can easily access their boat when required, reducing the need for extra transit time.
  • Boat Yards: These areas are specifically designed and dedicated exclusively for boat storage. Besides ample space, they provide the opportunity to store your boat in a location with similar watercraft, contributing to a sense of community. Often, these can be found in industrial or commercial zones with large open areas.
  • Dry Stack Storage: As the name implies, boats are stored in a dry area, stacked with other boats. This proves to be a space-efficient solution and is ideal for residential properties with large storage buildings or warehouses. The dry climate of Las Cruces complements this kind of storage.
  • Wet Storage: Although this might need a large body of water nearby, it's a convenient option for boat owners who regularly take their watercraft out on the water. Waterfront properties with private docks could offer this sort of storage. It's as simple as mooring up after a long day on the water.
Boat parked at pier

Choosing boat storage

Choosing the right storage location for your boat in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is critical to ensure its safety and longevity. Here are some key points to consider when making your decision:

  • Location of Storage: While you might find a space that perfectly suits your boat's dimensions, its geographical location is equally crucial. You will want to consider how far the storage site is from your place of residence and the port or dock where you usually launch your watercraft. An optimally located storage site would minimize the time and fuel spent on transportation. Also, pay attention to the safety and security features of the neighborhood. A low-crime area with well-lit streets would be an ideal choice.
  • Access to Storage Unit: Depending on how often you plan to use your boat, the accessibility of the storage unit is another factor to consider. You may prefer a location that offers around-the-clock access, so you are not restricted by business hours. Check if the site is easily accessible by road and whether large trailers can maneuver around the property without hindrance.
  • Size of the Storage Space: Finally, the size of the space should accommodate your boat and possibly allow additional storage. The size of the storage unit should be proportional to the size of your boat, as a tight fit might result in damages. Make sure to measure the boat's length, width, and height, including the trailer, any additions like the motor or t-top, and don't forget to allow for clearance space. If you intend to store additional items like life jackets, tackle boxes, or other gear, consider a slightly larger storage area.
Indoor boat storage in a garage

Climate considerations

Las Cruces, New Mexico, has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and mild winters. In the peak summer months of June to August, average high temperatures can soar to 94°F. Under these conditions, boats can be susceptible to damage from the intense sun and heat. To protect your watercraft, consider high-quality boat covers that protect against UV radiation and excessive heat, or opt for shaded storage space.

During winter months from December to February, the average low temperature hovers around 29°F. Although Las Cruces doesn't usually have heavy snowfall, it's still crucial to prepare your boat for these cooler conditions. Winterizing your boat, which includes draining the engine, fuel system, and water tanks, while using antifreeze where necessary, is recommended. Covering your boat to protect against frost and the occasional snowfall is also critical. These considerations will serve to protect your boat while stored in various types of outdoor storage spaces.

Renting boat storage in Las Cruces

Nestled in the fertile Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces, New Mexico offers an ideal location for boat storage. With direct access to the Rio Grande, a historical river, and Elephant Butte Reservoir, a popular boating destination nearby, Las Cruces makes a convenient spot for storage. Its cherished neighborhoods like Sonoma Ranch, Alameda Depot District, and Mesilla offer ample opportunities to find residential storage solutions for your watercraft.

What makes Las Cruces an exceptional choice is the sense of security and accessibility the city offers. Sifting through user reviews, one finds comments such as, "Watchful eye on our boat," which echoes the sense of security renters feel about the area. This can indeed turn your boat storage renting experience into a fantastic one.

The hosts in Las Cruces are known for their amicability and responsiveness, with reviews affirming spaces that "worked very well for my boat." The cooperation and ease of communication with hosts make the storage experience seamless for boat owners.

A noteworthy mention from a user was the ample room for a 30' boat, indicating that Las Cruces doesn't compromise on space, a vital factor when storing boats. The feeling of safety and security is often repeated, underscoring this as a key advantage of storing your boat in Las Cruces.

Boat owners also appreciate the safe and secure outdoor storage opportunities, with facilities allowing custom locks for added security. Such freedom gives renters peace of mind, knowing their boats are secure.

Finally, what stands out in Las Cruces is the hosts' dedication and their effort to make your boat available whenever needed. A testament to this is the review that highlights "great communication" and the feeling that their equipment was always "safe and looked after."

FAQs About boat storage in Las Cruces, New Mexico

The price of boat storage in Las Cruces can be affected by various factors, including location, storage type, facility amenities, and the size of the storage unit.

To determine the correct size of boat storage in Las Cruces, measure the dimensions of your boat, taking into account its height, length, and width. You should also consider any accessories or equipment that need storage, such as a trailer or safety gear.

Prior to long-term boat storage in Las Cruces, you should perform routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the exterior and interior, draining fuel and water systems, disconnecting the battery, and protecting your boat's engine and electrical components with appropriate coverings and lubricants. Additionally, using a high-quality boat cover can help preserve the condition of your boat during storage.

Alternative Boat Storage Options near Las Cruces

Even though Neighbor has the cheapest, more secure, and nearest boat storage, traditional storage units could also be a potential option for boat storage in Las Cruces, NM.

See the below options for details:

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Las Cruces, NM

Roadrunner Self Storage (1.7 miles)

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Discount Self Storage on Bataan (5.6 miles)

5395 Bataan Memorial W

Las Cruces, NM

A+ East Mesa Self Storage (8.8 miles)

8590 Bataan Memorial E

Las Cruces, NM

Extra Space Storage (29.7 miles)

7099 S Desert Blvd

Canutillo, TX