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Garages for rent in Pensacola, FL

20 x 20 Garage in Pensacola, Florida near [object Object]

20’ × 20



Pensacola, Florida

4.3 mi

near 2044 Pin High Dr

Locked Area

Smoke Free

No Stairs

$175/ mo

20 x 10 Garage in Milton, Florida near [object Object]

20’ × 10


Milton, Florida

12.5 mi

near 4010 Bell Ln

Private Entrance

Security Camera

Locked Area


  1st month

$107/ mo

15 x 10 Garage in Cantonment, Florida near [object Object]

15’ × 10


Cantonment, Florida

14.6 mi

near 294 CR-297A

Private Entrance

Locked Area

Smoke Free

$100/ mo

12 x 18 Garage in Milton, Florida near [object Object]

12’ × 18


Milton, Florida

15.6 mi

near 4770 Anna Simpson Rd

Private Entrance

Locked Area

Smoke Free

$180/ mo

20 x 20 Garage in Crestview, Florida near [object Object]

20’ × 20


Crestview, Florida

51.3 mi

near 3621 Grady Ln

Private Entrance

Security Camera

Locked Area


  1st month

$215/ mo

20 x 15 Garage in Panama City, Florida near [object Object]

20’ × 15


Panama City, Florida

93 mi

near 2800 Jamedon Dr

Private Space

Locked Area

Smoke Free


  1st month

$159/ mo

12 x 20 Other in Bonifay, Florida near [object Object]

12’ × 20


Bonifay, Florida

94.5 mi

near 1950 S Chance Rd

Private Entrance

$110/ mo

27 x 22 Garage in Mobile, Alabama near [object Object]

27’ × 22


Mobile, Alabama

54 mi

near 1451 California St

Private Entrance

Security Camera

Locked Area

$250/ mo

30 x 10 Garage in Valparaiso, Florida near [object Object]

30’ × 10


Valparaiso, Florida

43.8 mi

near 240 S Bayshore Dr

Private Entrance

Locked Area

No Stairs

$400/ mo

20 x 10 Garage in Mobile, Alabama near [object Object]

20’ × 10


Mobile, Alabama

65.2 mi

near 9675 Oak Forrest Dr

Private Entrance

Security Camera

Locked Area

$200/ mo

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Valparaiso, Florida (43 mi)
Niceville, Florida (44 mi)
Crestview, Florida (45 mi)
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Lynn Haven, Florida (94 mi)
Panama City, Florida (95 mi)

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Pensacola, FL







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Extra Space Storage

Pensacola, FL (9 miles)






U-Haul Moving & Storage of North Pensacola

Pensacola, FL (6 miles)






Out O' Space Storage

Pensacola, FL (2 miles)






Helpful reviews from renters in Pensacola, Florida

28 x 10 Garage in Hammond, Louisiana

Verified Review

"He is a great person to rent from, and I give him an enthusiastic 5 stars!"

Norm K.

Hammond, LA

Dec 11, 2022

10 x 20 Parking Garage in Smyrna, Georgia

Verified Review

"My host Nancy was awesome and very responsive."

Chris S.

Smyrna, GA

Apr 3, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Hueytown, Alabama

Verified Review

"Highly recommend."

Ryan's profile

Ryan R.

Hueytown, AL

Jul 2, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in South Fulton, Georgia

Verified Review

"or any problems at all!"

Lucy G.

South Fulton, GA

Sep 15, 2023

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Private, residential garages and commercial parking garages both offer unique advantages. Explore which type is best for you below.

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Climate considerations

When considering garage rentals in Pensacola, Florida, it's important to factor in the seasonal weather conditions that could potentially affect your belongings or vehicle. The city experiences a subtropical climate, meaning summers are typically hot and humid, with average high temperatures reaching 90°F in peak summer months. In contrast, winter months are generally cooler, with an average low of around 44°F during peak winter.

Storing your items or vehicle in a garage can provide valuable protection from these extremes. For instance, during the hot summer months, a garage can shield your car or other items from the intense heat and humidity, preventing damage such as fading paint or leather interiors in cars, or warping in certain materials.

Even during the cooler winter months, a garage can offer protection from the elements. Specifically, it can prevent potential damage caused by exposure to fluctuating temperatures, moisture accumulation, or even freeze-thaw cycles that can cause some materials to crack or break.

While most residential garages aren't climate controlled, they still offer sufficient protection for most items and vehicles. For those requiring a more consistent environment, select commercial garages or residential spaces may offer climate-controlled options. These can be beneficial for more sensitive items that could be negatively impacted by extreme temperatures or fluctuations.

Garage storage in Pensacola can offer valuable protection, regardless of the season. By considering the specific climate and weather conditions, you can ensure your possessions remain in good condition year-round.

Renting garages in Pensacola

Tucked in the Florida Panhandle and blessed with over 50 miles of waterfront, Pensacola offers an array of opportunities for parking or storage needs. It's a city abundant with local hubs, such as the University of West Florida, Baptist Hospital, Pensacola Beach, and the Cordova Mall, all of which are surrounded by residential and commercial areas perfect for securing a parking spot or storage space.

Areas like East Hill, Cordova Park, and Perdido Key are known for their quiet neighborhoods, flexible access to parking, and hosts who respect privacy. From the quaint streets of Downtown to the suburban tranquility of Scenic Heights, Pensacola's neighborhoods cater to a vast variety of needs and preferences.

A review from one user states, "Awesome host, clean garage, smooth process," a testament to the high-quality service Pensacola hosts provide. Another user commends the polite host and the easy access in a quiet neighborhood.

Yet another user hails the space as "perfect" for their needs, describing it as a "very large space." The feedback doesn't stop there; "Safe, secure, and clean," says one vehicle owner who rented a garage for boat storage during the winter.

In Pensacola, users have found that hosts truly care about making sure things are safe and renters have access whenever they want. The city's accommodating environment, coupled with its variety of neighborhoods and landmarks, makes it an attractive choice for those looking for parking or storage solutions.

FAQs About garages in Pensacola, Florida

The price of garages in Pensacola can be affected by factors such as location, size, duration of stay, and any additional amenities or services provided at the garage facility.

To determine the right garage size in Pensacola, consider the dimensions of your vehicle, the available space for maneuverability, and any extra storage requirements you may have.

For long-term garage storage in Pensacola, prepare your vehicle by ensuring it's clean, well-maintained, and adequately protected from elements such as humidity, pests, and potential damage from nearby vehicles or objects.

Alternative Drive-up Storage Options near Pensacola

Pensacola offers many different storage options for drive-up storage. Traditional self storage facilities, however, are often pricier, less secure, and farther from home than Neighbor units.

If you'd like information about traditional storage facilities in Pensacola, see the below list for more information:

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Downtown Pensacola (2.1 miles)

2817 N Pace Blvd

Pensacola, FL

Out O' Space Storage (2.3 miles)

540 E Fairfield Dr

Pensacola, FL

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Pensacola-Bellview (4.3 miles)

4921 Mobile Hwy

Pensacola, FL

Life Storage (5 miles)

2807 W Michigan Ave

Pensacola, FL

Extra Space Storage (5.4 miles)

15 McClure Dr

Gulf Breeze, FL

U-Haul Moving & Storage of North Pensacola (6 miles)

7835 N Davis Hwy

Pensacola, FL

Storage King USA (6.2 miles)

551 S Fairfield Dr

Pensacola, FL

iStorage (6.4 miles)

6551 Mobile Hwy

Pensacola, FL

Extra Space Storage (8.6 miles)

7859 Pine Forest Rd

Pensacola, FL

Blue Angel Mini Storage (9.3 miles)

10281 Sorrento Rd

Pensacola, FL

Fort Storage & U-Haul (13.8 miles)

4114 Avalon Blvd

Milton, FL

Dogwood Storage & U Haul (18.9 miles)

6121 Dogwood Dr

Milton, FL