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Long term parking in Memphis, TN

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Helpful reviews from renters in Memphis, Tennessee

20 x 18 Carport in Memphis, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Rented for several months…everything as described, host very accommodating, parking very private. "

William R.

Memphis, TN

Dec 7, 2022

20 x 10 Driveway in Memphis, Tennessee

Verified Review

"Very friendly host. Chaz answers to messages as he has stated in his profile. The space was more that enough for our mini-van. Safe space and area."

Sabina M.

Memphis, TN

Jul 16, 2023

20 x 10 Carport in Memphis, Tennessee

Verified Review

"the very best host you can ever find! great superfast communication, friendly, just the best!!"


Memphis, TN

Dec 19, 2022

20 x 10 Garage in Memphis, Tennessee

Verified Review

"David was very kind and allowed access to my things when needed. "

Corbett B.

Memphis, TN

Mar 1, 2023

15 x 30 Unpaved Lot in Southaven, Mississippi

Verified Review

"Kevin was cooperative from the start, and made things very easy to understand. The whole thing went very smoothly- from the moment I dropped off the car till the moment I picked it up! I totally recommend!"

Adam A.

Southaven, MS

Apr 24, 2023

50 x 10 Parking Lot in West Memphis, Arkansas

Verified Review

"Your vehicle will be safe at this storage place. The owner has excellent communication. "

Patrick's profile

Patrick D.

West Memphis, AR

Sep 3, 2023

50 x 10 Parking Lot in West Memphis, Arkansas

Verified Review

"Great place to store... clean and safe... easy access!"

Terrence J.

West Memphis, AR

Nov 28, 2022

20 x 20 Garage in Southaven, Mississippi

Verified Review

"Very accommodating thank you very much!"

Eddie B.

Southaven, MS

Sep 11, 2023

70 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Southaven, Mississippi

Verified Review

"Excellent host. will use again when in Memphis. "

Greg A.

Southaven, MS

Sep 2, 2023

70 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Southaven, Mississippi

Verified Review

"Stephanie was so accommodating. I She was always available and very pleasant. "

Andrea's profile

Andrea W.

Southaven, MS

Jan 17, 2023

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Vehicle parked in a garage

Long term parking options

Securing long-term parking in Memphis, Tennessee, affords peace of mind, convenience, and accessibility. It provides a safe place for your vehicle while also eliminating the daily worry of finding transient parking.

  • Residential Driveways: In the heart of friendly neighborhoods, driveways offer a secure spot for your vehicle. The close-knit communities in Memphis foster an environment where safety is paramount, making these locations ideal for long-term parking.
  • Commercial Parking Garages or Lots: Known for their structured layout, commercial parking garages and lots are strategically located across Memphis, offering easy access to city landmarks. Keeping your car in such locations ensures proximity to must-visit sites and city events.
  • Residential Garages: Residential garages not only offer parking but also provide an extra layer of protection against the elements, helping to maintain the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. In Memphis, with its occasionally extreme weather, this can be a significant advantage.
  • Unpaved Lots: Being a city with plenty of open spaces, Memphis offers a variety of unpaved lots for rent. These spaces are perfect for drivers seeking a no-frills, uncomplicated parking solution with lots of room.

So, whether it’s proximity to local attractions, protection from weather, or a desire for simplicity, Memphis has a vast array of long-term parking solutions to meet every need. Explore these options and enjoy the city at your own pace, knowing your vehicle is safe and sound.

Long term car parking garage

Choosing long term parking

Securing a space for long-term parking in Memphis, Tennessee, involves various considerations. From identifying the adequate space size to ensuring convenient accessibility and optimal location, there are numerous factors to ponder for an ideal parking solution.

  • Size Matters: Assess the dimensions of your vehicle and ensure the chosen parking space can comfortably accommodate it. Spacious places are beneficial for larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs, while compact spots may be fitting for smaller cars or motorcycles.
  • Ease of Access: Check the hours of accessibility for your parking space. Always opt for a spot that syncs with your schedule and availability. Whether you need your vehicle early in the morning or late at night, it's vital to find a parking spot that caters to your timing needs.
  • Location Specifics: Think about the geographical location of the parking space in Memphis. Factors like the neighborhood's safety, proximity to your home or workplace, and the driving distance from the area of interest should be taken into account while making a decision. Spaces closer to the city center might cost more than those situated in the outskirts, but it may be worth it for the convenience and time saved.

Remember, a thorough planning before securing a parking space will make your parking experience seamless and stress-free.

Long term vehicle storage in a residential garage

Climate considerations

In the sizzling Memphis summer, average high temperatures can reach up to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. When looking for a long-term parking space in these conditions, the location plays a significant role. An outdoor, uncovered parking space can be quite harsh on your vehicle. Seek out spaces with some natural shade, if possible. Even in outdoor spaces, car covers are a must to protect the vehicle's paint and interior from the intense sun and heat.

In winter, Memphis experiences average lows of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. While your vehicle won't be subjected to extreme cold, it's essential to consider the effects of the chilling temperatures on your car battery. An outdoor, covered parking space can provide a buffer against the elements, but it's recommended to frequently start and run the vehicle to prevent the battery from going flat.

In either season, indoor parking would provide the best protection from the elements. However, regardless of whether you choose indoor, outdoor covered, or outdoor uncovered parking, routine maintenance checks and car covers are crucial to ensuring your vehicle stays in the best possible condition.

Whether it’s summer or winter, don’t forget to regularly give your vehicle a spin. This will help maintain its engine, battery, and tires in optimal shape.

Long term parking in Memphis

Memphis, nestled on the Mississippi River in southwestern Tennessee, is renowned for its rich music heritage, vibrant culture, and the bustling Memphis International Airport. With its heritage stretching back to the heydays of soul, blues, and rock 'n' roll, the city pulsates with a rhythm that resonates through its historic districts.

From downtown Memphis to the suburb of Germantown, residential property owners offer a variety of parking options. Whether you're seeking a spot near Beale Street's blues clubs or close to the recreational paradise of Shelby Farms Park, there are ample spaces available through trusted platforms.

In terms of user experiences, one renter, pleased with the location's proximity to transport, remarked, "Awesome place to store a car! Quick to respond, and the car is always available. Close to the airport!” Undoubtedly, convenience and swift communication are key factors for tenants seeking parking in this music city.

Several renters emphasized the cordiality and responsiveness of their hosts. Terms like "amazing to work with," "very communicative," and "awesome and very accommodating" frequently pop up. Indeed, the city's famed Southern hospitality seems to extend even to parking rentals.

Safety, too, is a critical component of the parking experience in Memphis. One user noted the comfort of having a "good parking space up and off the road," providing peace of mind during a long-term parking rental.

Overall, from the urban core to its suburban outskirts, Memphis seems to strike a harmonious note for those seeking long-term parking options. The combination of ideal locations, hospitable hosts, and secure spots make it a city well-tuned for renters.

FAQs About long term parking in Memphis, Tennessee

The cost of long-term parking in Memphis is affected by factors such as location, duration, type of parking facility (indoor/outdoor), and any additional services offered by the parking provider.

To choose the right size of long-term parking in Memphis, consider the dimensions of your vehicle, including its height, width, and length. This will help you select a suitable parking spot that accommodates your vehicle comfortably and safely.

Before utilizing long-term parking in Memphis, ensure your vehicle is ready by performing necessary maintenance, such as checking fluid levels, tire pressure, and battery health. Additionally, it is wise to secure and protect your vehicle from potential theft or damage by removing valuables, locking doors, and using a sunshade or cover if parking outdoors.

Memphis long term parking locations

Summer Ave North Highland, Memphis
N Germantown Pkwy, Memphis

Additional Tennessee long term parking locations

North Roan St, Johnson City
Gallatin Pike N, Nashville

Alternative Long Term Parking Options near Memphis

Although Neighbor usually features the more affordable, most secure, and nearest long term parking, traditional self storage units may also be another choice for long term parking in Memphis, TN.

If you'd like information about traditional storage facilities in Memphis, TN, see the below list for more information:

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390 S Front St

Memphis, TN

Public Storage (7.6 miles)

4409 Summer Ave

Memphis, TN

Mini Mall Storage (8 miles)

701 State Highway 77

West Memphis, AR

Citizen Storage (8.4 miles)

1880 Titus Rd

Memphis, TN

Public Storage (8.9 miles)

4910 Poplar Ave

Memphis, TN

Extra Space Storage (10 miles)

5675 Summer Ave

Memphis, TN

Move It Storage (12 miles)

1332 Rasco Rd W

Southaven, MS

Snapbox Self-Storage (12.9 miles)

1634 Goodman Rd W

Horn Lake, MS

Public Storage (13 miles)

1002 Goodman Rd W

Horn Lake, MS

Horn Lake Self Storage (14 miles)

5880 Tulane Rd

Horn Lake, MS

Snapbox Self-Storage (14.3 miles)

1411 Audubon Point Dr

Horn Lake, MS

Public Storage (19.4 miles)

2065 E Winchester Blvd

Collierville, TN