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Globe, AZ


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20’ × 10

Unpaved Lot

Globe, Arizona

0.4 mi

near Unidentified Rd

Security Camera

No Stairs


 1st month

$136/ mo

20’ × 10

Unpaved Lot

Globe, Arizona

0.4 mi

near 984 S Mayss St

Private Space

$124/ mo

50’ × 11

Unpaved Lot

Globe, Arizona

1.4 mi

near 7760 S Six Shooter Canyon Rd

Security Camera

Locked Area

$200/ mo

20’ × 10


Peridot, Arizona

20.7 mi

near Geronimo Dr

Security Camera

$120/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Globe, Arizona

40 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Florence, Arizona

Verified Review

"Very good host. Could not have asked for a better space. Great guy I just don’t own the camper anymore. "

Larry M.

Florence, AZ

Oct 30, 2022

40 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Mesa, Arizona

Verified Review

"FANTASTIC hosts while our 45ft, 5th wheel was on their lot. Not only is it a large, fenced in lot but their house is on the property. They have everything locked and if needed, provide the code to get in. They were so wonderful with us, we had many trips to make to unload items, they always had the gate opened and ready for us to come in. Just the best experience and highly recommend. "

Wendy M.

Mesa, AZ

Jul 28, 2022

30 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Scottsdale, Arizona

Verified Review

"Easy to use and helpful assistance in finding a storage place for my 5th wheel."

Dennis M.

Scottsdale, AZ

May 18, 2023

50 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Mesa, Arizona

Verified Review

"Brian was super-helpful and always available for when I needed access. Huge lot with plenty of space to maneuver my RV into the spot. Would rent again from Brian any time!"

Greg N.

Mesa, AZ

Apr 17, 2023

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Mesa, Arizona

Verified Review

"Good, safe spot to park your trailer. Chris couldn’t be nicer and is very accommodating. The only reason we are leaving is because we found storage with family. "

Becky V.

Mesa, AZ

Aug 7, 2022

40 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Gilbert, Arizona

Verified Review

"Brian was very easy to communicate with and the lot was very secure and we felt our RV was extremely safe while here for three months. "

Sherry S.

Gilbert, AZ

May 18, 2023

50 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Gilbert, Arizona

Verified Review

"This was a great experience. The host, Derek was helpful and made everything easy. He offered to park our rig if needed. The space is very secure. It is a great location. Good space."

Katherine S.

Gilbert, AZ

Mar 7, 2023

50 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Gilbert, Arizona

Verified Review

"Derek was so great- very prompt with communication, friendly, helpful! Thank you so much for letting us store our rv in your space- if we ever need a space in the area again we will for sure contact you!"

Lora S.

Gilbert, AZ

Jan 29, 2023

10 x 25 Parking Lot in Chandler, Arizona

Verified Review

"Chad was really helpful with many of the small additions I made to secure my camper. Chad did all he could to make my experience pleasant. Thank you Chad!"

Joanne B.

Chandler, AZ

Nov 30, 2022

25 x 20 Unpaved Lot in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Verified Review

"Grant was great, he was very helpful."

Kevin M.

San Tan Valley, AZ

Apr 19, 2022

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Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes

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Due to their large size, outdoor or covered storage is often necessary to accommodate the length and height of Class A motorhomes.

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Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes

Indoor or outdoor storage

Class B motorhomes, with their compact size, can often fit into indoor storage with height and length restrictions.

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Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes

Outdoor storage

Class C motorhomes typically have a size that only allows for outdoor storage options.

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Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

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The storage needs of travel trailers can vary depending on their size. Smaller travel trailers can often fit indoors, while larger models may require outdoor storage.

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Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels

Outdoor storage

Due to their taller height and substantial length, fifth wheels generally require outdoor storage arrangements.

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Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers

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Similar to fifth wheels, toy haulers typically necessitate outdoor storage due to their larger size.

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Small Campers

Small Campers

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Small campers, being more compact, can often fit into indoor storage units with size restrictions.

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Pop-up Trailers

Pop-up Trailers

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Truck Campers

Truck Campers

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Truck campers, designed to be mounted onto a pickup truck bed, can usually fit indoors which helps protect the camper from the elements and provides added security.

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Tips to prepare your RV for storage

Properly preparing an RV for short or long-term storage prevents damage, maintains its value, saves on costs and makes pick-up easier

Clean & declutter

Ensure a fresh and organized RV; remove personal items and tidy up the space for storage.

Drain water systems

Prevent potential plumbing damage by thoroughly emptying water tanks to eliminate any moisture.

Clean appliances

Empty and clean all RV appliances, including the refrigerator, microwave, and stove.

Pest protection

Safeguard your RV against unwelcome critters and pests during storage by sealing any openings.

Perform maintenance

Prioritize tasks including oil changes, fluid checks, lubrication, and battery inspections, etc.

Tire maintenance

Inspect tires for signs of damage or wear, and consider the use of tire covers for extra protection.

RV cover

Shield your RV from dust, harmful UV rays, and weather elements by investing in an RV cover.

Disconnect batteries

Prevent battery drain and potential electrical issues by disconnecting the batteries and power connections.

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Family driving in an RV

Types of RV storage

Consider the possibility of renting RV storage for your camper or motorhome right here in Globe, Arizona. As an RV owner, you understand the importance of proper storage to protect your investment and ensure it's ready for your next adventure.

There are three main types of storage options available for your travel trailer or motorhome. These are:

  • Covered storage offers an intermediate level of protection against weather elements. These storage spaces often include carports, RV canopies, or other roof-covered areas. This option can provide ample protection from sun damage, which is a significant concern in areas such as Globe, where UV rays can be intense and damaging.
  • Indoor storage is the premium choice for your RV. These enclosed spaces could be large garages, barns, or warehouses. They offer the best level of protection from weather, theft, and pests. Indoor storage is particularly suitable for the cold winter months in Globe, when freezing temperatures can negatively affect an RV's plumbing systems and batteries.
  • Outdoor storage spaces typically include driveways, oversized parking spaces, or backyards. They offer a cost-effective solution for RV owners. While they don't provide as much protection from the elements, your RV will still be secured on the property. This would be an ideal option for those who live in the milder climates of Globe, and are not overly concerned about weather-related damage.

Each storage type has its own benefits, and the choice largely depends on the type of protection you want for your RV. Remember, the storage space needs to not only fit your RV, but also the unique requirements of Globe, Arizona's geographical and climatic conditions.

Motorhome parked in the outdoors

Choosing the best RV storage

Choosing the right storage location for your camper, motorhome, or travel trailer involves careful consideration of several factors. Here is a list of key points to ponder:

  • Location of the Storage Unit: Consider the convenience of the storage location. It must be easily reachable from your home in Globe, Arizona, especially if you plan frequent trips with your RV. Additionally, assess the safety of the location. A safe, residential neighborhood would be an ideal choice for storing your mobile home.
  • Access and Hours: Another crucial aspect to consider is the accessibility of the storage unit. Check the hours of access. Is it available round the clock, or only at specific times? Can you reach your travel trailer or motorhome easily, or does it involve complex procedures? These factors can have a significant impact on the usability of the storage space.
  • Dimension of the Storage Space: Your camper or trailer size will dictate the size of the storage space you need. Keep in mind the vehicle’s length and width while deciding on the unit size. Remember, you should have enough room to move around comfortably without damaging your vehicle. If you plan to store additional travel-related goods, extra space will be necessary. The storage space should be large enough to accommodate your vehicle and additional items without feeling cramped.
RV parked on the side of a house

Climate considerations

When searching for a storage space for your RV, motorhome, or travel trailer in Globe, Arizona, it's crucial to factor in the city's local weather conditions. The average high in peak summer is around 98°F, which can potentially damage your vehicle's exterior and interior if it's not adequately protected. In contrast, winter can bring lows of 34°F, which may cause freezing in your vehicle's systems if not properly winterized.

Consider choosing an indoor storage space that shields your travel trailer from the harsh sun, and helps maintain a stable temperature. Alternately, if outdoor storage is your only option, using RV-specific protective covers can help shield your motorhome from direct sun and severe cold. A good cover protects not only the exterior and roof from sun and weather damage, but also prevents interior fading and damage.

Renting RV storage in Globe

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Globe is a gem surrounded by natural beauty and rich history. It's a city where the old west meets the new, a fitting backdrop for those in search of a secure location to store a travel trailer, motorhome, or any other type of RV.

The city is known for its close proximity to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Tonto National Monument, and Roosevelt Lake, which are all excellent spots for outdoor explorations. There's also the Pinal Mountains, providing a scenic background and pointing to a plethora of potential residential storage options nearby.

Globe is divided into several distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own charm. Copper Hill, Miami Gardens, and Wheatfields are among the most noted. Nearby Cedar Creek and Claypool are also worth considering, offering potential storage spaces that can accommodate a range of RV sizes.

If you're considering residential storage for your RV in Globe, it's worth noting some user reviews. "Best," "safe" and "near our home" echo from one satisfied customer who found an ideal location for camper storage over winter. Another shares the ease of the process, stating it was "very convenient and easy" to secure 5th wheel storage.

"Our camper," "perfect spot," "last couple of years" shows how one individual found the perfect long-term storage solution for their RV in Globe. Another customer appreciated the "plenty of room to maneuver" their large 5th wheel, along with the "very secure" location. And lastly, "wonderful," "clean," and "easy to park" highlight the positive experience another RV owner had with their storage host and the space provided.

As you can see, Globe, Arizona, with its beautiful landmarks and accommodating hosts, presents a reliable and convenient option for RV storage.

FAQs About RV storage in Globe, Arizona

Various factors influence the price of RV storage in Globe, such as location, availability, and the size of the storage unit.

The size of RV storage needed depends on the dimensions of your vehicle. Make sure to measure your RV's length, width, and height before selecting the appropriate storage unit.

To prepare your vehicle for long-term RV storage in Globe, you should clean the interior and exterior thoroughly, protect the tires from sunlight, check fluid levels, and disconnect batteries to prevent damage during storage.

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Alternative RV Storage Options near Globe

Globe offers many different traditional self storage facilities for RV storage. Traditional self storage facilities, however, are often more expensive, less safe, and farther from home than RV storage on Neighbor.

See the list below for information:

Triple Nichol Storage Center (4.1 miles)

3586 US-60

Miami, AZ