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Semi truck parking in Globe, AZ

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Helpful reviews from renters in Globe, Arizona

45 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Queen Creek, Arizona

Verified Review

"Owner was very nice and accommodating of our parking needs. Great experience."

Natalie's profile

Natalie H.

Queen Creek, AZ

Aug 7, 2022

36 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Mesa, Arizona

Verified Review

"Awesome folks with secure parking. Couldn't have asked for a better host"

Vanessa's profile

Vanessa B.

Mesa, AZ

Nov 13, 2021

45 x 10 Driveway in Chandler, Arizona

Verified Review

"These guys were awesome nice little spot next to their house even being a food truck coming and going they were very good"

Jason K.

Chandler, AZ

Jul 21, 2022

25 x 20 Unpaved Lot in San Tan Valley, Arizona

Verified Review

"Grant was great, he was very helpful."

Kevin M.

San Tan Valley, AZ

Apr 19, 2022

50 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Florence, Arizona

Verified Review

"keldon was awesome. would check personally to make sure battery was turned off, etc also provided boards to place under tires so dirt didn't cause air to escape out of tires. very impressive. "

Russell C.

Florence, AZ

Sep 20, 2023

20 x 10 Garage in Scottsdale, Arizona

Verified Review

"Kind and tried to be helpful. Spot is semi exposed because of no garage door."

Matteo F.

Scottsdale, AZ

Aug 15, 2023

30 x 20 Unpaved Lot in Apache Junction, Arizona

Verified Review

"nice couple, friendly, nice piece of property feels safe"

James S.

Apache Junction, AZ

Jun 24, 2023

40 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Florence, Arizona

Verified Review

"Joe is a great guy. If you need a space would be the right place."

Rick Q.

Florence, AZ

Apr 13, 2022

40 x 12 Unpaved Lot in Florence, Arizona

Verified Review

"Very good host. Could not have asked for a better space. Great guy I just don’t own the camper anymore. "

Larry M.

Florence, AZ

Oct 30, 2022

20 x 10 Carport in Scottsdale, Arizona

Verified Review

"This space was perfect for storing my full sized truck. Great location and access. Safe and secure. Thanks so much!"

Mark's profile

Mark M.

Scottsdale, AZ

Aug 5, 2022

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Semi truck on the road

Types of semi truck parking

In the trucking industry, finding reliable, secure, and accessible parking can be a challenge, particularly in Globe, Arizona. Whether you're a semi truck owner-operator or run a small trucking company, leaving your tractor and trailer on the street or in free, unsecured areas is a risk that could result in unnecessary costs and damage.

  • Unpaved Lots: These are a great option for those hauling with a flatbed or dry van. In Globe, they're often located in residential spaces, offering a level of tranquility and privacy. The ground in Globe is typically sturdy and well-suited for heavy vehicles like semis, making these lots an affordable and reliable choice.
  • Commercial Parking Lots: These spaces are typically larger and can accommodate multiple trucks. They can be an ideal option if your freight route requires you to drop your trailer for a while in Globe, limiting deadhead miles.
  • Residential Driveways: These can come in handy when you're in need of a quick park for an overnight rest or a brief halt. Globe being a truck-friendly town, many homeowners offer their driveways for truck parking. It ensures a safe, quiet, and residential environment for your vehicle.
  • Unconventional Parking Locations: Similar to residential driveways, these could include spaces in farms or ranches. For those who prefer a more rustic and less urban environment, these locations provide a quiet safe haven for your truck in Globe. Plus, they often have plenty of space for big rigs, making maneuvering and parking hassle-free.

Each of these options provides a range of benefits depending on your specific needs, whether it's for a quick overnight stay or long-term parking. Leveraging these parking options can be a game changer, providing secure and convenient solutions for your truck parking needs.

Parked truck and trailer

Choosing truck parking

When scouting for the ideal semi or truck parking spot, consider the dimensions, accessibility, and location of the space. These factors can significantly impact the ease of parking and the safety of your vehicle.

  • Location: The geographical position of your parking spot plays a crucial role in your operations. For example, a parking spot in a residential area of Globe, Arizona can offer easy access to the freeway, minimizing deadheading. It's also important to consider safety. Are the neighborhoods safe? Is there sufficient lighting at night to deter potential thieves?
  • Access: The time and ease of access to your tractor or trailer could affect your haul schedules. Different residential storage spaces may offer different access times depending on the owner's rules. Some may permit 24/7 access while others may restrict it to daylight hours. Before committing to a space, match your business's operational hours with the access hours provided.
  • Size: Size matters. The parking area should be spacious enough to accommodate the dimensions of your semi or flatbed. You need sufficient space to maneuver and park without risking damage to your vehicle or others nearby. Confirm the measurements of the storage space, ensuring it can hold your vehicle comfortably, inclusive of any extended parts or attachments.
Semi truck storage and parking lot

Climate considerations

Globe, Arizona experiences a semi-arid climate, with hot summers and mild winters. During summer, the average high temperature reaches about 94 degrees Fahrenheit, which may result in hot surfaces that could potentially cause wear and tear on tires. In winter, the average low is approximately 34 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning freezing conditions are rare, but possible. As such, trucks parked outdoors might encounter issues such as sun damage or, less commonly, frost. Considering these factors, it would be advisable for truck owners to protect their tractors and trailers by using UV-resistant covers and considering tire protection methods. Additionally, routine maintenance checks should be conducted to ensure any weather-related wear is addressed promptly, avoiding costly repairs down the line.

Renting truck parking in Globe

Globe, Arizona, the county seat of Gila County, is a vibrant hub of activity positioned along the famous US Route 60. This key highway, often frequented by semi-trucks, connects the city to both the east and west coast, guaranteeing a steady flow of freight. Nestled in the foothills of the Pinal Mountains, Globe is also in close proximity to Interstate 10, an essential east-west link in the trucking industry.

Miamiville, Central Globe, and Copper Hill are some of the prominent neighborhoods within the city. In these locations, there are residential storage spaces that offer the peace of mind that comes with "flexibility", "ease of access", and "ample space" for both tractor and trailer.

The nearby city of Superior is another bustling transportation hub, and the US Route 60 offers seamless connectivity between Globe and Superior. Many truck owners have found this area to be a valuable resource for parking opportunities. As one truck owner noted, the hosts in these areas are "understanding", "accommodating", and even go above and beyond by offering additional conveniences such as "car covers".

The smaller yet important city of Miami, Arizona, lies to the west of Globe. This is another notable place to consider for truck parking or storage options. Users mention "great parking" combined with "great hosts" as the standout features of this location.

While considering residential storage spaces around Globe, Arizona, it's important to keep in mind the key aspects that truck owners have positively highlighted. These include professional and warm host interactions, clear communication, and the ease and convenience of moving trucks in and out. The availability of ample space to accommodate large vehicles like flatbeds, dry vans, or haul trucks is also a crucial factor.

Using residential storage spaces for truck parking has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective solution for many truck owners in Globe, Arizona. Reviewers highlight the flexibility, the communicative hosts, and the convenience of accessing the storage spaces as major incentives.

FAQs About semi truck parking in Globe, Arizona

The cost of semi truck parking in Globe is affected by factors such as location, availability, and the duration of the parking. Facilities closer to major highways and amenities may charge higher fees. Limited availability can also impact the pricing for parking spaces. Long-term parking arrangements may offer discounted rates.

To determine the right size of semi truck parking space in Globe, it is important to consider the dimensions of your vehicle, including its length, width, and height. Additionally, consider any additional cargo or equipment that may require extra space. Ensure the selected parking spot can accommodate your semi truck's size for a secure and comfortable fit.

When preparing your vehicle for long-term semi truck parking in Globe, it is crucial to perform a thorough inspection of the truck, check fluid levels, and address any necessary maintenance or repairs. Additionally, ensure that all valuables and important documents are secured, either in the vehicle's storage compartments or taken with you. When parking the semi truck, it is recommended to disconnect any batteries and engage the vehicle's security features.

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Alternative Truck Parking Options near Globe

Despite the fact that traditional storage facilities are common in Globe, Arizona, Neighbor storage often has reasonably priced, close by and secure truck parking.

If you'd like information about traditional storage units nearby, check out the below list of truck parking facilities for more details:

Triple Nichol Storage Center (4.1 miles)

3586 US-60

Miami, AZ