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40 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Boothbay Harbor, Maine near [object Object]

40’ × 15

Unpaved Lot

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

0.7 mi

near 143 Middle Rd

Private Space

$83/ mo

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Boothbay Harbor, Maine near [object Object]

20’ × 10

Unpaved Lot

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

0.6 mi

near 143 Middle Rd

Private Space

$60/ mo

20’ × 10


Wiscasset, Maine

11.9 mi

near 144 ME-218

Private Space

Pet Free


 1st month

$41/ mo

20’ × 20


Cushing, Maine

22.4 mi

near 75 Shibles Field Rd

Private Space

Locked Area

Smoke Free


 1st month

$116/ mo

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Helpful reviews from renters in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

22 x 10 Parking Lot in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Verified Review

"Nick was very accommodating and great to work with, we thank him so much! Great place to park our trailer for a month."

S David M.

Old Orchard Beach, ME

Sep 5, 2022

24 x 12 Garage in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"Frederick was extremely helpful and accommodated my schedule. Everything was extremely clean and well organized in the storage space. I highly recommend their rental for a safe and secure storage space."

Jessica D.

Brunswick, ME

Sep 14, 2022

30 x 12 Driveway in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"Morgan was great to deal with. She was responsive and accommodating and the spot was exactly what we needed. "

Martha L.

Brunswick, ME

Mar 29, 2022

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"Great secure storage spot for my car over the winter! Brett’s a great guy, very easy to work with and get ahold of :) "

Kathleen B.

Brunswick, ME

Apr 9, 2023

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"Brett is a great host. He goes above and beyond to accommodate his clients. He is constantly improving his property to make it more accessible. I will be back in the fall."

Erik B.

Brunswick, ME

Jun 13, 2023

40 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Verified Review

"Great host and great space!"

Anderson B.

Boothbay Harbor, ME

Aug 1, 2023

40 x 15 Unpaved Lot in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"We had a wonderful experience storing our car and trailer at Brett’s. He was very responsive and hospitable. We weren’t familiar with the neighbor app but found it online and saw good reviews with Brett. We trailered our boat to Maine to cruise around Casco Bay and Midcoast and it was helpful and reasonable to store with Brett. Thanks so much Brett!"

Jana T.

Brunswick, ME

Aug 25, 2023

20 x 10 Unpaved Lot in Brunswick, Maine

Verified Review

"Really great to work with."

Spencer W.

Brunswick, ME

Jun 25, 2023

85 x 20 Driveway in Falmouth, Maine

Verified Review

"Daniel was amazing! We bought a full sized school bus to renovate into a tiny home before discovering that conventional storage places refuse to store them as they are "eye sores" sight unseen and in good condition! We were incredibly grateful to find Neighbor and Daniel who was able to watch our bus for us over the winter while we searched for a more permanent place for us to work on our permanent home. Unfortunately the night I arrived it was raining and I ended up slightly off the roundabout gravel driveway I was aiming for onto more squishy dirt than I should have been while making my corner alone in the dark which ended up leaving a couple tire impressions on the yard that I felt absolutely horrible about but Daniel again was amazing about everything! We needed a place to go afterwards and when our family fell through Daniel came to our rescue again with a contact who had a contact and now our bus has a permanent home where we can work on it too! The entire experience was just amazing and we would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat if we needed storage!"

Terri's profile

Terri H.

Falmouth, ME

Mar 18, 2022

12 x 40 Parking Lot in Portland, Maine

Verified Review

"Good communicator. Clean and safe space."

Karl S.

Portland, ME

Sep 7, 2023

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Recommended storage options by RV type

Class A Motorhomes

Class A Motorhomes

Outdoor storage

Due to their large size, outdoor or covered storage is often necessary to accommodate the length and height of Class A motorhomes.

View Class A storage
Class B Motorhomes

Class B Motorhomes

Indoor or outdoor storage

Class B motorhomes, with their compact size, can often fit into indoor storage with height and length restrictions.

View Class B storage
Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes

Outdoor storage

Class C motorhomes typically have a size that only allows for outdoor storage options.

View Class C storage
Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

Indoor or outdoor storage

The storage needs of travel trailers can vary depending on their size. Smaller travel trailers can often fit indoors, while larger models may require outdoor storage.

View Travel Trailer storage
Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels

Outdoor storage

Due to their taller height and substantial length, fifth wheels generally require outdoor storage arrangements.

View Fifth Wheel storage
Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers

Outdoor storage

Similar to fifth wheels, toy haulers typically necessitate outdoor storage due to their larger size.

View Toy Hauler storage
Small Campers

Small Campers

Indoor or outdoor storage

Small campers, being more compact, can often fit into indoor storage units with size restrictions.

View Small Camper storage
Pop-up Trailers

Pop-up Trailers

Indoor or outdoor storage

Pop-up trailers, also known as folding campers, typically have a collapsible design that allows for easy towing and storage. They can often fit into indoor storage units.

View Pop-up Trailer storage
Truck Campers

Truck Campers

Indoor storage

Truck campers, designed to be mounted onto a pickup truck bed, can usually fit indoors which helps protect the camper from the elements and provides added security.

View Truck Camper storage
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Tips to prepare your RV for storage

Properly preparing an RV for short or long-term storage prevents damage, maintains its value, saves on costs and makes pick-up easier

Clean & declutter

Ensure a fresh and organized RV; remove personal items and tidy up the space for storage.

Drain water systems

Prevent potential plumbing damage by thoroughly emptying water tanks to eliminate any moisture.

Clean appliances

Empty and clean all RV appliances, including the refrigerator, microwave, and stove.

Pest protection

Safeguard your RV against unwelcome critters and pests during storage by sealing any openings.

Perform maintenance

Prioritize tasks including oil changes, fluid checks, lubrication, and battery inspections, etc.

Tire maintenance

Inspect tires for signs of damage or wear, and consider the use of tire covers for extra protection.

RV cover

Shield your RV from dust, harmful UV rays, and weather elements by investing in an RV cover.

Disconnect batteries

Prevent battery drain and potential electrical issues by disconnecting the batteries and power connections.

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Family driving in an RV

Types of RV storage

Embracing the adventure of owning an RV, travel trailer, or motorhome in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is exciting, but it also prompts the need for storage solutions. Especially during colder months or times of non-use, an optimal storage solution ensures the longevity of your beloved recreational vehicle.

Here are the three varieties of storage solutions you can consider for the safekeeping of your RV:

  • Indoor RV Storage: If you’re seeking maximum protection for your mobile abode from elements, indoor storage is the top-tier choice. Indoor storage can be found in structures like large garages, barns, or warehouses. These enclosed spaces offer comprehensive shield against rain, snow, wind, and often temperature fluctuations, keeping your RV in prime condition.
  • Covered RV Storage: A happy medium between indoor and outdoor storage, covered storage offers a canopy-like structure that provides shelter against harsh weather. This category of RV storage can be seen in carports or other open-sided structures. It’s an excellent option if you want a balance of reasonable protection for your RV minus the cost of an enclosed space.
  • Outdoor RV Storage: This is essentially a parking spot within a secured property. It could be someone’s spacious yard, an unused lot, or a driveway. Outdoor storage is typically the most affordable and easiest to find. It serves as a simple and cost-effective solution for your travel trailer or motorhome, especially during the mild weather seasons in Boothbay Harbor.

Each type of storage provides its own array of benefits tailored to different budget constraints and protection preferences. Consider your RV’s model, size, and your usage frequency to make an informed decision about finding the perfect storage solution in Boothbay Harbor.

Motorhome parked in the outdoors

Choosing the best RV storage

Choosing the right storage location for your RV, whether it's a pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, is crucial to ensure its safety and longevity. Here's what you should consider:

  • Proximity of Location: Consider how often you plan to use your RV. If it's frequently, then opt for a storage space closer to your home in Boothbay Harbor. Also, keep in mind the safety of the neighborhood where the storage is located. You want your travel trailer to be in a secure and safe location when not in use.
  • Dimensions of Storage Space: It's essential to calculate not just the size of your RV but also the size of the storage unit you'll need. This includes enough room for you to easily and safely maneuver your motorhome into the space, without risk of damage. Extra space for storing other travel items or accessories is also beneficial.
  • Accessibility of Storage Unit: Think about when you'll want access to your RV. Some storage spaces have restricted hours while others provide round the clock access. This can be important if you're planning a late-night departure or an early morning return. Consider the ease of getting your RV in and out of the space as well. A challenging turn or a narrow entrance could make storing your camper more stressful.
RV parked on the side of a house

Climate considerations

When considering storage for your RV, camper, or travel trailer in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, it's crucial to remember the diverse weather conditions throughout the year. In the peak summer months, the average high temperature is around 78°F. Protective measures, like UV-resistant covers, are recommended to safeguard your vehicle from the sun's harsh rays and intense heat. These covers can protect the exterior paint and interior furnishings from fading and damage.

As winter descends, the temperatures can plummet to an average low of 13°F. Insulated covers can provide an extra layer of protection to your motorhome during this cold period. These covers prevent freezing of water systems and maintain a relatively stable internal temperature. Indoor storage is an optimal choice for these harsher winter months, offering a secure and weather-resistant solution for your recreational vehicle.

Renting RV storage in Boothbay Harbor

Welcome to Boothbay Harbor, a cherished seaside gem in Maine, known for its bustling harbor, historic charm, and scenic beauty. Positioned alongside the Atlantic Ocean, it's a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom travel with their RVs, campers, and motorhomes, seeking storage options within reach of the great outdoors.

Just outside the heart of Boothbay Harbor is the breath-taking Ocean Point, a community renowned for its stunning oceanic views. RV owners have sung praises for storage options here, describing it as "the perfect spot...to park our camper" with "plenty of room to maneuver".

Inland is the close-knit community of East Boothbay. This area is not only cherished for its tranquil setting but its convenient access to storage. A 34-foot 5th wheel owner expressed gratitude for the "great spot" with "plenty of room...very secure, with cameras and a locked gate."

Further along the coast, you'll find Southport, an island community that's an ideal spot for those seeking to store their motorhomes without straying far from the saltwater breezes. A RVer mentioned the "location was safe and near our home" and how the area was "very clean and easy to park our RV".

It's not just the convenience and security that make storing in Boothbay Harbor a splendid choice, but the people you rent from as well. Many reviewers talk about their "wonderful" hosts making their storage rental experience even more "convenient and easy".

Come explore Boothbay Harbor, Maine, a city that offers more than just picturesque landscapes and quaint charm. Here, you'll find the ideal storage solutions for your travel trailers, campers, or motorhomes, paired with a community that truly enhances your storage experience.

FAQs About RV storage in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

The price of RV storage in Boothbay Harbor, Maine can be affected by various factors such as the size of the storage unit, the location of the facility, and the level of security provided.

To select the correct size of RV storage in Boothbay Harbor, you should measure the dimensions of your vehicle, including its height, length, and width, and then choose a storage unit that can accommodate these measurements.

When preparing your vehicle for long-term RV storage in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, it is important to clean the interior and exterior, check and maintain the tires, disconnect the battery, close all vents and windows, cover the vehicle, and ensure that your insurance coverage is up-to-date.

Alternative RV Storage Options near Boothbay Harbor

Although Neighbor usually features the most cost-effective, most secure, and nearest RV storage, traditional storage facilities may also be another choice for RV storage in Boothbay Harbor, ME.

If you'd like information about traditional storage facilities in Boothbay Harbor, ME, check out the below list for more information:

Woolwich Self Storage (9.6 miles)

26 Road B

Woolwich, ME

Rock Solid Storage (10.4 miles)

380 Route One

Edgecomb, ME

Bath Self Storage (10.8 miles)

18 State Rd

West Bath, ME

Spaceman Self Storage (11.2 miles)

48 Wing Farm Pkwy

West Bath, ME

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Brunswick (14.3 miles)

91 Gurnet Rd

Brunswick, ME

Cooks Corner Self Storage (14.5 miles)

70 Old Bath Rd

Brunswick, ME

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Arrow Hart (17.2 miles)

1 Cressey Rd

Brunswick, ME

Life Storage (18.3 miles)

11 Sand Hill Rd

Topsham, ME

Crafts Self Storage (19.4 miles)

7 Center Park Rd

Topsham, ME

KO Storage (20.7 miles)

728 Main St

Richmond, ME

Freeport Self Storage (22.1 miles)

2 Profenno Way

Freeport, ME

Crafts Self Storage (24.6 miles)

56 Capital Ave

Lisbon Falls, ME