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Storage near Suffolk, Virginia

7 x 7 Shed in Norfolk, Virginia
Austin's profileAustin S.

7 x 7 Shed

$24.50 • 1st month

Norfolk, Virginia

25 x 20 Attic in Portsmouth, Virginia
Tomas's profileTomas A.

25 x 20 Attic

$75 • 1st month

Portsmouth, Virginia

19 x 15 Attic in Portsmouth, Virginia
Tucker's profileTucker B.

19 x 15 Attic

$70.50 • 1st month

Portsmouth, Virginia

20 x 10 Garage in Portsmouth, Virginia
Corey's profileCorey H.

20 x 10 Garage

$75.50 • 1st month

Portsmouth, Virginia

24 x 12 Shed in Portsmouth, Virginia
Corey's profileCorey H.

24 x 12 Shed

$100 • 1st month

Portsmouth, Virginia

10 x 10 Bedroom in Chesapeake, Virginia
Sydney's profileSydney W.

10 x 10 Bedroom

$50 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

26 x 21 Garage in Portsmouth, Virginia
Mitchell's profileMitchell N.

26 x 21 Garage

$125 • 1st month

Portsmouth, Virginia

17 x 11 Attic in Chesapeake, Virginia
Uniqua's profileUniqua S.

17 x 11 Attic

$75 • 1st month

Chesapeake, Virginia

30 x 24 Garage in Newport News, Virginia
Calvin's profileCalvin B.

30 x 24 Garage

$375 / month

Newport News, Virginia

12 x 15 Bedroom in Norfolk, Virginia
Arron's profileArron A.

12 x 15 Bedroom

$50.50 • 1st month

Norfolk, Virginia

10 x 10 Closet in Chesapeake, Virginia
Camren's profileCamren S.

10 x 10 Closet

$33 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

12 x 11 Bedroom in Chesapeake, Virginia
Kay's profileKay W.

12 x 11 Bedroom

$99 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

25 x 10 Garage in Chesapeake, Virginia
Kushi's profileKushi N.

25 x 10 Garage

$125 • 1st month

Chesapeake, Virginia

10 x 8 Shed in Newport News, Virginia
Jonathan's profileJonathan D.

10 x 8 Shed

$70 / month

Newport News, Virginia

9 x 9 Attic in Norfolk, Virginia
Kiersten's profileKiersten K.

9 x 9 Attic

$55 / month

Norfolk, Virginia

64 x 10 Attic in Newport News, Virginia
Ivan's profileIvan R.

64 x 10 Attic

$250 • 1st month

Newport News, Virginia

10 x 5 Attic in Chesapeake, Virginia
Lukas's profileLukas W.

10 x 5 Attic

$100 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

16 x 7 Other in Norfolk, Virginia
Josef's profileJosef L.

16 x 7 Other

$100 • 1st month

Norfolk, Virginia

25 x 25 Garage in Chesapeake, Virginia
Kenny's profileKenny O.

25 x 25 Garage

$300 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

20 x 10 Garage in Chesapeake, Virginia
Laverne's profileLaverne F.

20 x 10 Garage

$150 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

10 x 12 Bedroom in Norfolk, Virginia
Justin's profileJustin J.

10 x 12 Bedroom

$87 / month

Norfolk, Virginia

50 x 50 Other in Norfolk, Virginia
Torkishia's profileTorkishia F.

50 x 50 Other

$325 • 1st month

Norfolk, Virginia

20 x 40 Bedroom in Chesapeake, Virginia
Laverne's profileLaverne F.

20 x 40 Bedroom

$500 / month

Chesapeake, Virginia

48 x 22 Garage in Suffolk, Virginia
Olivier's profileOlivier O.

48 x 22 Garage

$167 • 1st month

Suffolk, Virginia

30 x 30 Garage in Newport News, Virginia
Corey's profileCorey S.

30 x 30 Garage

$345 • 1st month

Newport News, Virginia

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Units in Suffolk, Virginia

On average, it costs $187 per month to rent a storage unit in Suffolk. The smaller the space, the less you'll pay.
You'll generally want a 5' X 10' storage unit to fit belongings from a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, while a minimum 10' X 20' self storage space in Suffolk will comfortably fit items from a home with several bedrooms. The size storage unit you need depends on the size of your belongings as well as what and how many things you're storing.
Use our handy map feature to help you find local storage units near Suffolk, or enter your preferred location in the search bar to get a list of all the storage rentals nearby. Whether you're looking in Western Branch North or in another nearby neighborhood, we bet you'll spot a self storage space in your community.
Depending on what, where, and the amount of time you are storing, different amenities and features may be important. Check out a few of Neighbor's most popular amenities:
  • Flexible Access: Want the flexibility of getting to your items any moment of the day? No problem. Rent a storage unit listing on Neighbor that provides flexible access.
  • Drive-Up Access: Usually garages or sheds near driveways, self storage units with drive-up access allow for easy drop-offs or pick-ups of your belongings right from your vehicle.
  • Climate Control: Provide your belongings the most protection with a climate-controlled storage unit. These might have both a humidifying unit and temperature control.
  • Security: Many storage units in Suffolk have security like an access code or padlock, while some even provide all-day surveillance or alarm systems. We have the best safe storage.
  • Yes, we suggest you rent a climate-controlled storage unit in Suffolk, where humidity levels in the summer can climb to over 80%. It will also be helpful during winter and summer when temperatures can get extreme.

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