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Jared J's profile picture

Jared J.  March 27, 2020

Great space and more importantly, great guy. Can't recommend high enough!

Bryan C's profile picture

Bryan C.  August 24, 2019

Great safe place for your RV. Host is very fast to respond to questions and very welcoming.

Vitor R's profile picture

Vitor R.  July 21, 2020

Great storage space. George is such a nice guy. Very helpful and honest.

Clyde M's profile picture

Clyde M.  November 07, 2019

Chase was great and we will definitely check with him again when we need storage for our RV in his area. We are telling all of our RV friends about this space sharing idea.

Shane M's profile picture

Shane M.  July 23, 2019

The storage was excellent. Great and secure location! Friendly hosts. They even offered to plug in our RV to keep the batteries fresh (which we gladly accepted and appreciated). We would definitely use again!

Wyatt W's profile picture

Wyatt W.  July 21, 2020

Ricky was a fantastic host. Easy to work with and communicate with. Would still be renting from him if it wasn't for moving.

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Overview of RV, camper, and travel trailer storage

Owning an RV means endless camping trips, traveling wherever and whenever you please, and miles of wide-open road and scenic towns. While your camper may be your constant companion during warm months, at some point that summer fun will come to an end, and you’ll need to put that big rig in storage.

The typical RV is 20 to 25 feet long and weighs over 5,000 pounds. That means you’re going to need a large, secure area to keep your vehicle protected all winter. The problem is that not everyone has that kind of space available near their home.

That’s where Neighbor comes in. You may not have the space you need to store your motorhome, but someone in your neighborhood does! All you have to do is enter your city, address, or zip code and you can browse secure RV storage spaces around the country. Give it a try!

Neighbor makes it easy to find and book a storage unit for your RV near you, be it for a few months, while moving, or just for the winter season. Unlike traditional self storage facilities, Neighbor connects people in need of storage space with other people who have extra room such as a driveway, covered outdoor space, or lot. Just type your location into the search bar and you’ll see a list of storage units in your area.

You can compare price, size, amenities, and location to find your ideal space. After you’ve selected your storage space for your camper, you can make a reservation request and get in touch with the host. Neighbor handles all the payments and provides a secure messaging platform for you to use. You handle the moving.

Neighbor RV storage

People choose to store their RVs at a Neighbor RV storage space because they are unable to store them at their home. A Neighbor RV storage space is worth considering even if you do have the extra space at home. Here are a few advantages to using Neighbor's RV storage:

1. Less damage

RVs are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, but being exposed to the elements for months at a time can cause serious damage. While you aren’t using it, you need to protect your recreational vehicle from humidity, extreme temperatures, and rainfall.

2. More space

Unless you have a huge garage or yard, trying to squeeze an RV on your property is difficult. You can save yourself the space and the eyesore by tucking your RV neatly away in storage with a Neighbor.

3. Convenience

Having an RV storage space located close to your home means you can get more protection and security for your RV without compromising on convenience. You’ll be able to pull your RV in and out of your storage unit as you please.

RV storage facility amenities

Depending on your RV and your situation, there are a number of features you should look for in a storage space. There are generally four standard types of RV storage: indoor RV and trailer storage units, covered storage, parking spaces, and lots. They each have their pros and cons. Indoor and covered units are more convenient but are harder to find and are more expensive.

Indoor RV storage units are extremely hard to find because homeowners rarely have a garage that would have the height and length needed to fit an RV. Trailer storage units are typically the easiest to find because they fit in literally every garage, open lot, and covered RV storage space. Here is a brief guide to common RV storage amenities you can choose from when you are selecting a storage space.

24/7 access storage

Most Camper storage spaces allow 24/7 access, meaning you can come and go as you please. This is good if you'll be moving your RV frequently. Several storage spaces also have an onsite manager or host for added security and convenience. This gives you the flexibility you need to pick up your camper whenever and it gives you more security so your RV is protected.

Climate controlled storage

Climate control is important if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, precipitation, or humidity. This option is only available for indoor motorhome storage units and typically is a lot more expensive. You'll find that these hosts have larger homes with specific motorhome garages built into the home or it is within a shed in their backyard.

Cheapest RV storage

The price of RV storage depends on the size, the length and height of your RV, but typically the cheapest way to store an RV is to use outdoor uncovered storage. Through Neighbor, you can find a variety of RV storage options including outdoor units like a driveway and indoor spaces for less than $100 a month.

Storage units with electricity

Some indoor storage units also include electrical outlets for added convenience. This way you can turn on your RV and check the electrical functions of your RV while it is storage and avoid many costly repairs during the summer months. However, plan on dishing out more money every month if you choose a space with this extra perk.

Indoor RV storage

This type of RV storage is the most secure and will keep your RV in the best condition. Indoor RV storage spaces are garage-like spaces sized to house big motorhomes. While this option will keep your RV in the best condition, it generally comes with the highest price tag. Indoor camper storage spaces typically have a large roll away door, are between 14-20 feet wide, and are of varying height and length. They are usually around 20 feet tall and 45 feet long. This allows a large majority of RV's to fit within them.

Size is the ultimate consideration you need to make if you are looking at enclosed RV storage spaces. The space is strictly defined so you need to know the dimensions of your RV, both the length, height, and width. Indoor RV storage offers the most perks though, complete protection from rain, snow, and the weather in general. You can have full confidence that your RV is safe and sound all year round.

You will also benefit from the added security these spaces offer. Your RV will be locked behind doors so only you and the host can access it. These units are usually the most expensive so if you don't care about these added perks and security then you should find and rent out the cheapest RV storage possible.

Outdoor RV storage

This typically refers to a paved area available for you to park your RV. While this is a cheap option and readily available at many locations, it won’t keep your RV safe from the elements.

Facilities will always offer cheaper outdoor storage for those who don't care about the extra security and the elements. The renter typically assumes this risk when renting out these units. Many are simply a paved RV pad, parking lot, driveway, or empty grass lot behind a home. They are easily accessed and the cheapest storage available for RVs, trailers, cars, or motorhomes.

You should always invest in protection for your car, RV, trailer, motorhome, etc. when storing it in an outside lot. Purchase a cover or shrink wrap for your RV and it will keep your car safe for as long as you want to store it there.

Covered RV storage

Canopy structures in outdoor RV storage spaces offer your RV some protection from the elements. Covered storage is less expensive than indoor RV storage and still shields your vehicle from sun rays and precipitation.

The next best and cheapest option for RV storage is a covered RV storage space. These provide a canopy or housing for your RV to protect it from the elements. You can rent out a stand-alone canopies, 1 sided canopy, walled structures, or simply a roof over your RV. These spaces are typically jam packed with RVs, trailers, cars, or motorhomes. You have to rent a enclosed RV storage space if you want to have your own area.

These covered RV storage spaces are more expensive than parking or an open lot space, but much less expensive than an indoor or enclosed storage space.These are probably the easiest RV spaces to find as they are common and the best of both worlds when it comes to being cheap and secure.

Open lot RV storage

Open lot RV storage is a field or other unpaved area you can park your RV on. This won’t offer your RV any more shelter than parking it in your backyard, but you can still count on the extra security. This is the most basic and least secure of all RV storage spaces available, but it is the cheapest by far.

Neighbor has Open Lot RV storage spaces starting at just $39/month. That is a screaming deal compared to the traditional RV open lot storage facilities that start at $60-$80/month. This type of RV storage is a open, unpaved lot, grass field, or area that is leased out to RV owners. It isn't protected from the elements, but it is cheap and will allow you to stay under budget.

Security features

They don't lack security. They typically have a fence with barbed wire and security cameras around the area so you can feel confident that they are being watched and cared for day in and day out. Nothing compares to the 24/7 surveillance Neighbor homeowners provide.

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